The Beauty of Planet Earth (Show Your Stuff - Guys & Gals)


What’s the most beautiful place you’ve been to, seen or like to brag about in your country. I love driving up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachian in the East Coast of the USA. There is nothing like pulling over on a mountain top, get out of your car and stare into space for hours. I feel at ease, happy and just the most relaxing thing in the world.

I like sightseeing and amusement parks but that’s what I call stressful, but fun vacation. Peaceful of the mountains or the ocean is what I call relaxing and stress-free vacation.

I took these pictures on my vacation last year. I know the timestamp on one of them is 2016 but I set the date of my digital to the wrong year.

So, boys and girls, show off your stuff. What is the most magnificient thing in your country?


McDonald Lake in GNP. (My photo) You can rent boats, paddleboards and kayaks. (we have our own kayaks)

This is an image taken by the side of the Going to the Sun Road.

Taken from the top of a mountain, Mount Oberlin. It is one of the two mountains in GNP that can be safely hiked without special gear.

This is the underbrush in GNP. There you can find ferns and in the spring the Bear Grass blooms.

Rapids in GNP. Taken at the end of October when we were there last.

This river is full from bank to bank In the spring and summer because of the snow melt from the mountains. However, I the fall most of the snow has melted and the river gets smaller.


Are you sure we are doing this? Cuz it will become tough for you guys to win now… :wink:

Here are some snaps of northern areas that we went to last year.


Baragali Campus.



Next I want to visit Skardu-hunza and Of course see the mighty K2 (second highest peak of world)


OK, so here are some pictures CRETE, or το μεγαλύτερο νησί ("the big island) as it is known. I have stolen all these photos off the internet, so all credit to those people instead.

Balos Lagooon & Gramvousa

Balos Lagooon & Gramvousa is popular with tourists. Not featured in this image: lobster-red tourists, billions of boats, and beach umbrellas, AKA this place used to be nice before the tourists ruined it! There’s a Venetian-era fortress on the island (Gramvousa) for the adventurous.


This cave, also known as Dikteon Cave, is the mythological birthplace of Zeus, so it’s probably better than your local cave. Other than that, a pretty standard cave experience on rails. Go in winter, when it’s dark, cold, and you won’t be surrounded by tourists!


This beach is home to Europe’s largest natural palm forest (see center-image). It’s generally thought that the palms (not native to Crete) grew after Saracen pirates/Romans littered the beach with their dates. Typical bloody tourists, eh? The area is also known for producing tiny bananas, which you can buy on the roadside around there in season.


There are a lot of gorges on Crete. Samaria’s probably the most famous. It’s a total tourist trap in summer as people saunter down the ~16km (~10 miles) of mountain scenery to the beach in unsuitable footwear.


Yeah, we have mini-deserts too. In the winter and up to around April/May time, this is covered in snow. In the summer, it looks like a good place to stage your spaghetti western, particularly with Vai across the island for those “oasis” scenes.


This used to be the islands capital (it’s now Heraklion, home to Knossos and ugly as sin) and a town full of history from Ottoman and Venetian invasions. I’d recommend anyone coming to Crete and looking for “one town” to look at to go here.


This is my local big smoke. It has a big castle which sometimes smells of urine in summer (tourists) and also hosts music and stuff. Like Chania, signs of the past are everywhere, but I think Chania has it beat for prettiness.


I’m skipping Knossos with its blinged up Minoan history and archaeology reconstructions in favor of Phaistos, which is where the Phaistos disc was found. Nobody is quite sure what it means, so it must be important and Minoan.


If you go to the Zeus Cave, you’ll have a view like this. It’s spectacularly cold in winter and nice and cool in summer. This is a fertile region that is famous for its potatos, which makes it the Idaho of Crete but more interesting to look at, possibly. Idaho doesn’t have any God birthplaces, after all.


This is just of the south coast of Crete, and the souternmost point of Europe. On a clear day, I can see it out my window. The chair is there for reasons and is not human size. You’d have to climb onto it. Gavdos is a biblical island - St. Paul got shipwrecked here en route to Rome. It’s also a candidate for Kalypso’s Island from the Odessey (that’s the one where O gets stuck on an island with the ultimate clingy woman for 7 years). Today it’s home to a lot of hippies and two mad Russian scientists (from Chernobyl, no less!).


This is the highest mountain in Crete - I see it a lot en route to Rethymno. It’s covered in snow at the moment, as helpfully illustrated in said image. This mountain has another claim to being Zeus’ birthplace, but with an additional “he was raised here, too”. Where was Zeus born? We may never know!


AKA “pink sand beach”. Don’t got in summer if you want to look at the pink sand. That’s a winter thing. Also, even if it was pink in summer, you’d have to step over the hordes of lobster-red tourists and flotilla of tour boats to get a nice picture.


What do you do when you have a leper problem? You ship them all off to an island! That’s the history of this place. The lepers are all dead now, but the history of this place is very interesting, and it’s a good day trip if you like that sort of thing.


This is a fortress on a beach. It’s most notable in my book for its sexy ghost legend of “dew men” - an ethereal ghost army that’s doomed to march in the early morning mist at a certain time of year having failed to defeat the Turkish invaders. They do not fend off the new touristic invaders :wink:


This is a special monastery for Crete; during the Cretan Revolt of 1866 (against the Turks), the monastery was beseiged. The situation was rather hopeless for the 1,000 inside, who opted to blow themselves up rather than surrender to moustache-twirling Ottoman villains. Their death was not in vain; the rest of the world sat up and noticed, and it was very bad PR for the sick old man of Europe.



Some photos from my trip to Germany.

I can share more, once I edit them all. I do have a tons more photos from different interesting places, but not from nature.


I forgot the altitude of the mountains in Pakistan is about double of those in Montana. However, to me, they are pretty impressive. Except for the difference in altitude of your mountains, @CroftGirl, there are some similarities to where we live.


Oh yeah my country has been blessed with natural beauty. Be it mountains, plain fields, rivers, beaches any kind. It is pretty amazing. I personally belong to mountainous area hence my most vacation pics shows mountains etc. Though I live in a developed city but my parents and grandparents’ home town was among mountains … Then later they had to migrate to cities for education and jobs etc.

You can check Eva’s channel to see the other places. Her travel vlogs are amazing.



I think this is by far the best photo from my trip.


Here is a view from Mount Vodno, which is a mountain super-close to my city. This shot was taken, from the opposite side, as I wanted only nature in this shot. I’ve done two edits, one is with the sky in more teal-y color, and the other one is in its natural one. I am happy with the result, it’s taken with my entry-level (4 years old DSLR) and ultra-wide-angle lens.

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Wow! Really nice. I love blue skies. I spend days driving through green mountains, for me it’s really relaxing to admire such beauty.

It’s not spamming when you’re on topic. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not in superb quality, it’s taken with a mobile phone. It’s on the same mountain as the previous photo, just this time the photo is overlooking the city.

I hate the over-sharpening that Samsung devices do in post processing.