That's it! I'm Doubling My Prices

I have almost snapped yesterday.

I’ve been getting many buyers ordering my largest packages, with a lot of extras, plus purchasing the “1-day” delivery option. It’s really difficult to do such large orders in just 1-day, especially, since those require a significant amount of work and some going back and forth with the client. Setting up the social media pages for them requires two-step verifications, identity verification, and whatnot). Not to mention, that I should design the banners - and then wait for their approval. And at the end, when everything is ready and approved - I have like 2 to 4 hours to complete the order. Usually, that’s after midnight in my time zone.

Luckily, all of the clients were understanding and they accepted a short extension of 1-day. However, that isn’t a solution to this. As I still stay up to 2 AM to finish the packages, make spreadsheets with the passwords and usernames, a zip library with the designs organized, etc. Yesterday, it took me almost 4 AM to finalize two similar orders.

I’ve been getting a lot of headaches, I am nervous and I don’t even have the power to do my daily cycling or walking tours.

I decided today to double my prices on both of my gigs.


Unfortunately Freaky, this might not work with you. Your top-notch service is totally worth investing in, what can i say. 🤷 (Couldn’t find a boy emojie).

Did you try the order limit before? I did it for a couple of times and it helped me a lot when my redesign gig picked up. But i guess since you’re a TRS, this might not be a good idea to get your gig removed from the search result when you reach order limit.

Ah, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

However, with my prices doubled it is still a lot cheaper than an agency would charge for this service. I just saw local marketing agencies in the US charge $150-250 for setting up a fan page. I think that $40 is a decent and fair price. Heck, just look at my competitors and how much they charge for this service.

For the banners, $20 is more than fair. On Upwork, I have charge more than $50 for just one banner and people didn’t mind.

Nah, limiting the orders in my queue, wont’ solve the issue. As the idea is to get less orders, but those to be higher priced. :wink:

Overall, my pricing is still pretty cheap and affordable. That ain’t the problem. I just can’t possibly do this with people that order 1-day delivery options on weekends or late in the night on Friday. It is stressful.

I think it would be better if Fiverr can let you set a limit of how many orders with one-day delivery can you accept in a day. I don’t have a problem on my orders with longer delivery times.

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Can you get rid of the one day option and double your delivery days?

That would give you extra time and people will know better than to order at the last minute.

Your health and personal well being is way more important than any job. You need exercises, good sleep and good food.

I highly, double highly recommended you increase your delivery time.

:hugs: !

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My delivery time is super-manageable. Let’s see how the price increase would pan-out. I can risk it for two months. As I have a lot of work for the publisher in the next two months.

If I start getting the 1-day delivery, even after doubling my prices for those gigs, and for my gigs. I will take out that option for good.

Hug back!

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