Taking advantage of good buyers & sellers

Hey freelancers,

Have you ever had a good client turn on you? Like after a long term relationship, they just decided to screw you out of money, time, etc?

Just curious.

I had a good seller do something bizarre. He asked for multiple extensions, yet delivered several orders for other clients. It took over 3.5 months for me to finally get my product.

It’s weird. This has happened to me few times with various sellers on 5r. He was beginning to get on my nerves and I almost cancelled on him.

Like someone said, great sellers are hard to find on 5r and I stick to them. I feel like some are taking advantage of the fact I won’t cancel on them. I’ve even had long term sellers demanding a review when I’m sure they would never do that to other buyers.

I’m kinda annoyed.


A seller would have to be stupid to screw you around. You’re like the perfect buyer!

I think I agree with you when you say these people are taking advantage of your kind nature. I don’t know why they’d mess you around otherwise.

You know what they say. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sometimes being considerate can backfire. :confused:


There were some who seemed to think that, because they bought from me several times, they’re entitled to guaranteed delivery within a few hours, discounts, rewriting everything from scratch for free… Some of them act disappointed/offended when I tell them that it won’t be possible, and some just leave and never come back.


And you’re right to be annoyed. Ethics and honesty are so scarce these days…