Swallowing Your Pride & The Importance of Your Own Brand

Well, I am order-less. To be quite honest though, this is a blessing. I’ve needed a break for a while to set some marking and self-branding wheels in motion and now I finally have the time. The thing is, it’s not going to be easy.

A few months ago I set up a cryptocurrency blog and so far, I’ve done everything wrong as far as maintaining and marketing it goes. Worse, I had a big name in the crypto-sphere reach out to me shortly after it went live to ask if I could syndicate some of their content. I said yes, but then quit when they started pushing certain boundaries. Since then, I’ve realized (to my horror) that the company I gave the middle finger to is actually owned by the main crypto blogger and Youtuber I follow.

Talk about burning bridges.

Because of the above, I will be tomorrow writing the most sycophant “please forgive” me email the world has ever seen.

As well as this, I will be padding out www.cyaxrex.com with content which points to my blog and here at My Buzz. However, doing this is no easy task. For one, right now I’m finding the best freelance writers who come up in a Google search. I’m then right-clicking in Chrome to see the HTML of their sites and tweezing out tips to modify my own meta and opengraph details to rank highly in corresponding searches.

Will any of this work? I don’t know. What I do know is that for me, 2019 is going to be the year of being my own brand. What is more, I am going to start strictly budgeting my time on freelance platforms altogether.

For me, the same issues keep repeating. I have a sales slump on a platform like Fiverr. I mitigate that slump with work for off-fiver clients. I start feeling confident. Then suddenly Fiverr sales skyrocket. Then I have to turn away work or abandon personal projects. Then another Fiverr sales slump hits and it affects me more because I’ve burned my off-Fiverr bridges.

It’s not going to happen overnigt. However, by the end of next year, I want to be my own brand in the sense that if I ever get banned from Fiverr, all my clients will still be able to find me.

Now, is anyone else up for the challeange?


Same here :weary: I had a big sales slump, started creating a project of my own totally unrelated to what I do on F, and when I had a bit left before launching, F sales skyrocket and I dump everything I did.

Now it’s another sales slump, and I’m honestly scared to even resume where I left off with that project, because another sales boost might be around the corner forcing me to dump that project all over again. This hole sinusoidal path is getting really tiring!


My problem is that I just recovered my sales on Fiverr, only to get hit with an impossible to avoid cancellation and a potential scammer. The cancellation (for a service I do not provide) has already reduced my messages and orders. The scammer was delivered a video 2-weeks ago. Since then, they have published my work on several social media channels. However, minutes to the order automatically completing, the buyer asks for a random revision. (And they keep doing this every three days.)

I’m just done with being treated like filth. It’s not a healthy life choice to keep on repeating this pattern week after week. I’m going my own way in 2019 or just quiting freelancing altogether.



Don’t do that.


I have to. But I am still pitching myself in a “hey, you need me way.” I’m not begging. I’m just saying “hey, I’m back and things are different now.”

Also, I have good reason to sell out if I need to. I’ve done sweet F-A with my blog but still made some affiliate ad revenue because of traffic coming from re-posted articles from my original partner. I thought they were a nuisance, but as it turns out, they were driving my money train better than I was.

As my imaginary wife Seven of Nine would say. “Sycophancy is logical.”

Oh, that’s cool. I’m down for the ole Machiavelli apology.