Summer Crazy? - Or are People Just Like This Now?

I seem to be attracting far too much crazy into my life at present. Both online and offline, people are approaching me as hostile, psychotic weirdos, and I’m starting to wonder if this is just the new normal.

The most recent event happened a few hours ago. I was walking Chico down the street outside when a man in a white car pulled over and started yelling at me in Maltese. Switching to English, he told me I can’t walk my dog up his street, as it pees everywhere.

Being thankfully quite quick-witted, I shouted back that I’d stop walking my dog up the street when all the local Maltese stop scattering food everywhere for the stray cat population, which is also known to urinate. Then as I was pointing out how leaving piles of pasta and fish everywhere in summer also attracts cockroaches, he sped off shouting, "I’LL JUST CALL THE POLIZ!"

This though was relatively minor compared to some other events.

I went out for dinner a few nights ago at my local Indian restaurant. It is the best and I think only Indian restaurant on my island. It’s not strictly Indian, though, as its actually owned and run by a Pakistani family.

During my meal, I noticed a tall bald bodybuilder walking past and glaring at me and my friend Kerry. (We were sat outside.) Later, we finished and went for a beer with another English bloke in a bar on the corner which we had all to ourselves.

Shortly after, Mr. Bald Bodybuilder struts up and started shouting “you people English?” He also said, “if you’re not English, it doesn’t matter.” However, I wanted to know what his obvious problem was. In this case, I said we were English and asked what he wanted. Then the madness started.

He asked if we knew that the Asians working in the restaurant we had just eaten at only get paid 5 Euros an hour. I said yes. Then he started asking how we could eat there. I told him 5 euros an hour is normal for any restaurant. In response, he freaked out and started shouting in my face that "IT’S NOT RIGHT!"

He then started ranting about how a business is only the product of its workers and all your usual communist stroke victim nonsense. Then he started making up random things up about how the poor Asians are kept under the thumb of slavemaster rich Maltese people and "IT’S NOT RIGHT!"

Getting a bit sick, I asked him what gave him the right to tell someone else how to run their business. I also pointed out a few things he might not be aware of. Namely, the fact that the restaurant in question is only open for half the year, probably costs more to run than other restaurants (due to there being no local distributor of Indian foodstuffs/supplies), and that a lower cost of living means you can actually live more comfortably on 5 euros an hour than you can on triple that in the UK.

As the ultimate logic bomb, I asked if he knew the restaurant was Pakistani, not Indian or Maltese owned? - But at that point, he wipped out his phone and started recording me, shouting "EXPLAIN WHY YOU THINK IT’S RIGHT THEY SHOULD TREAT ASIAN PEOPLE LIKE SLAVES!"

At this point, my utter nutter alarm bell was ringing. I said to my friends we should go and we did. However, all the way home this guy followed us talking into his phone in what I presume was some kind of insane SJW live stream.

To top all that, I was walking yesterday (again with Chico) and had to stop for Chico to rest on the side of the road outside a different restaurant near where I live. The road was empty but for a white van which came racing up the hill blearing its horn at me.

It was obvious the van wanted to park up outside the restaurant. In this case, I held my finger up to say “1-second” and went to pick Chico up. Instead of waiting, though, the van started pulling into the curb anyway, just missing Chico, and hitting me on the back and shoulder as I tried to step out of the way in time and prevent Chico from being run over. Then this fat grisly English guy with a cockney accent jumped out, sarcastically asking if I’m alright.

In short, it seems like a people around me are becoming dangerously blooming insane. But is just this in my wee part of the world? Or are there more nutters than usual everywhere at the mo?

My theory: Once South Slavs start taking over some place, the nutters are spreading like crazy. We are like a virus infecting people with bad behavior, crappy manners and similar things. Plus, add all of the migrants to this - and you get mess.

In fairness, all the crazies I meet are supposedly woke/entitled Brits and Maltese. The Slavs here are loud and a bit uncouth. As are most of your Africans. However, they always make a big effort of introducing themselves as “MY FRIEND!” - And usually just knuckle down and work and enjoy life.

Hee, hee, hee! :smile:

I’m on a 4 day R&R for the 4th and I must say everyone around me is nice. It’s hot as all get out but otherwise, it’s a nice break from work.

It must be something in the water there. :grin:

Weren’t you gonna get out of there? Maybe it’s a sign for you to pack your :shopping: !

I’d say it’s just a confluence of c-words, myself, rather than summer crazy. The type of man who will follow you down a street on some sort of social crusade over something that none of the parties involved cared about very much is clearly a nut with nothing better to do, while douchebag cockney driver is just living up to his rep. Probably a sexually frustrated white van man.

I can’t escape. I have a new wife now. Possibly I might be renting and opening a bar later in the year if I can stumble upon some free crypto cash. - And the back up plan when everything inevitably falls apart is to leg it to an ex Soviet state. In this case, you never know.

I wouldn’t say it’s more, exactly, it’s just that they need something to make them act hostile. And “something” is pretty much becoming “anything at all”.

Have you seen the latest storm on the internet? Folks going nuts over the fact that an African-American R’n’B singer got to play a half-fish in yet another :poop: LA remake, and screaming that she’s of the wrong skin color for the role?

To be fair, that’s exactly the sort of thing the internet goes crazy over.

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Meanwhile… In the real world.

I don’t believe anyone gets outraged about nonsense like this. Someone manufacturers the outrage. Then the hive mind of social media users picks it up and runs with it.

That’s how it starts, and then some of them stay outraged about it in the real world, too. I’ve seen it.

And I don’t mean permanent residents of certain institutions, either.

It might be worth also noting that the chickens are coming home to roost on a couple of decades of education (in the west, at least) where children are special, nobody is wrong (unless they wrongthink), and everyone gets a prize, which has led to a certain culture of entitlement. Among other things…