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Why on earth would a supposedly university - go around downloading forum posts as lecture for students? The whole thing was something I typed up with responses . What the heck are they teaching at this particular university? “How to sell on Fiverr?” :confounded:


Here’s an old but still relevant article for freelancers.

Reselling Clearance Items


Oh, my gosh, I was lurking on 5r forum and ran across this in the first post I clicked. I laughed so hard!

5r Forum Post


And when the seller complains to 5R and tries to get the review changed he will get in trouble.


I do hope they will post that on the forum! :laughing:


Another ha, ha, ha moment! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Hot off of Quora! Had me rolling!


If anyone else has a profile on Quora, maybe you can answer this question. The person specifically asked me for the answer - maybe because everyone else is rambling and didn’t answer the OP’s Q. I guess I’m getting a reputation here. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, since I do not sell on any micro sites, I do not know the answer.


I don’t, so I could not view the answers to the question.


My various answers on Quora have been viewed 1.7 thousand times.

That nuts! :crazy_face:

That is the most any of my forum post have been viewed, like ever - more than Fiverr, Amazon forum, writer’s forum - :scream:

People are directly requesting me to answer their questions. I guess I must have made an impact in the few days I’ve been on there. :grin:


Don’t get your hopes too high :eyes: I thought the same, until I started getting requests to answer questions totally unrelated to anything I had posted, questions that I had no idea how to answer, to the point of the requests becoming regular spam :expressionless: Quora, like F, is filled with spammers and meksel mekask & mekanswer :stuck_out_tongue: (so many ask dumb questions just for the sake of asking or spamming)


Yup, I noticed that too.

Several of the request had nothing to do with freelancing, books or editing. :grin:

I just pass on those questions. I answer less than 10 a day. I don’t really have time for anything more than that.