Stuff from Other Forums, Sites, Blogs! 😆

I took a peek :eyes: at other forums/sites/blogs and found a few interesting stuff. I’m guessing these are old news to everyone here except for me.

This one, I thought was funny as heck. Did this really happen to anyone on 5r?

Post links to any fun/interesting stuff about freelancing or things happening on freelance sites here.


Yep, many people were coming to the Forum to either warn about the scam, complain about it or express their concern over the scam.


I’ve heard this happen before to others on F, but here’s the thing: out of 10K+ websites I’ve reviewed, a few hundred had porn spam text hidden in the source code of each and every page - that is alarming, and imagine Google seeing viagra & boost-your-P-length text on an elders volunteering site :roll_eyes:

I reckon this happens after meksells get their hands on the user/pass of their b’uyers’ websites, and then create other accounts to threaten them, and even be able to access their sites and do it if they don’t pay :grimacing:

I’m sorry to say it this way, but I was born in a f-up world with some really f-up people :weary: :cry:


Sounds like someone should have asked Santa for a pair of ruby slippers this Christmas. :wink:

Maybe if you’re really good next year… :slight_smile:


What? :grimacing:

You mean no more cursing buyers? no more imaginary beating them? no more near-hitting the mouse, keyboard and screen? not even dry-spitting the screen imagining I’m spitting that unbelievable prick of a buyer? :scream:

I’m doomed :roll_eyes:

(oh my, did I just say all that out loud in a public thread? :smiley: )

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. . . And, this is why I painstakenly learned to design the blog myself. Granted, it need some pizzazz but at least I know there is nothing illegal hidden. I read one too many on 5r forum.

One guy even openly told everyone he had put a backdoor to a client’s site. He went back and did something to it - apparently, he was mad about something.


In fairness, web design does seem to be the sales category which suffers the most chargebacks. There have even been cases where buyers complain at a later date because they have broke something on their site or a plugin needs updating, but sellers won’t fix problems FOC.

If I was to offer web design, I’d put in place measures to kill a site if a buyer cancelled their order or used a chargeback. It is a lot of work to end up giving away for free.

Just imagine how you would feel if one day you found out that you have negative $500 - $2,000 balance in your account, while your buyer is still using their website as the front of their business.

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I would never do a chargeback.

I also don’t trust my own mother with my bank, atm pin either. I’m just an untrusting person.

I understand what you are saying, but I also think it’s naive for someone to give a total stranger online access to your whole website. I’m not certain, but I think you were right.I vaguely recall him saying he lost money or that the client owed him more money, something along that line.


Razvan, that reminds me…Do you offer only post-website consultancy or also pre-website creation consultancy? I’m planning to start 6-7 websites in different niches, would like to hire you as my SEO/web design consultant for that. Will discuss later once the plans are finalized. Let’s take this to private chat if you don’t mind.

I’m the same. I don’t even trust my bank. I’d like to think that if Chico was human, I could trust him but… Nope, he’d blow every penny I have on chicken and leave us living on the streets outside a squeaky toy factory. :slight_smile:

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What’s wrong with that? :laughing:

:chicken: :baby_chick: :hatched_chick: :hatching_chick: :dog2:

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As much as I love my dog, I do worry that one day when he wakes me up at some un-Godly hour after finding his squeaky chicken and attacking it in a bout of ear-piercing play, I might just lose it and throw him out the window.

I used to put it on the chair out of the way. Chico would sneakily retrieve it after I fall asleep and attempt to hide it in his own secret place under the bed. Have you ever been woken up to the scream of a rubber chicken being murdered at 3am underneath you? It’s not pleasant.

After I got wise to the chair trick, I’d start putting the chicken higher up on the dining table. Que Chico sneaking out of bed to jump onto the nearest dining chair, then onto the table, and in the process send everything flying. - Which is worse, as naturally you assume you are in the middle of some kind of late night home invasion.

Now the squeeky chicken sleeps in the cupboad. :slight_smile:


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! I can imagine this in my head and it is hilarious - obviously, not for you but imagine it from a 3rd person perspective! :laughing:

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New Levels (well, sorta)!

Discourse Level & Trust System the 2018 Version

Just found this!

Well, I’m not sure how I feel about this! I mean, I kinda feel ripped off! :angry:

Course Hero - or Is it?

I don’t understand. It’s a forum link obviously, but is somebody trying to pass off elderly forum tips as their own inspired genius for a paid course?

Wow. Talk about lazy, low effort, BS.

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I think someone is trying to pass off old forum conversations as reviews of the course they are selling.

One can only imagine the brilliance of the course they are selling. Actually, I looked at their other stuff and it’s all screenshots of different websites and stuff. To conclude:

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