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It is pretty complicated - Cy is likely the best informed out of all of us on the forum so I would listen to him. The nuts and bolts of it is the personal data of all EU citizens is now protected by GDPR, and any business operating in the EU - regardless of the business’ home country - must now abide by GDPR and protect EU citizens’ right to data protection and privacy or risk 4% of their annual global revenue or EUR 20 million, whichever is greater. So basically, a multi-million dollar/euro/pound fine if you don’t GDPR too good.

There’s much more to it than that basic thing, but you are now entering the European Union’s corridor of woo-woo, which is not a nice place to be for anyone. The biggest risk these days for any biz in the EU isn’t GDPR itself (I personally feel it’s angled more at the Googles and Facebooks of the world, rather than small biz), so much as consumers who know about it and who aren’t scared to use it. You can see this from time to time online…


Why thank you. It was a bit challenging because since I could not use MS Word Track Changes I had to italicize each change, but Joe figured it out.

I have two orders to complete, so I haven’t time to read anything after your post Andy. I will be back later. :wave:


Alright @cyaxrex, i feel lost. :rofl: I still don’t understand what am i suppose to do with the GDPR or what to get if i want to work with citizens located in Europe. Please, when you have the time, how about lecturing all of us about GDPR? :thinking: Perhaps link us to a post you wrote or something.


I used this plugin for my (WP) website. It seems to tick all/most of the boxes of things you need to do to be GDPR compliant…

If you’re on WP, it’s a useful quick fix as a small biz owner rather than e.g. a large company juggling the private data of hundreds of thousands/millions of users.


Unfortunately, i do not use WordPress.

I found this piece of information while searching.

So basically, i need to let them know why i’m asking for their email address? Since this is the only important data i’m asking from my clients?


Yes, kind of. I just PM’d you with the longest PM in history. I hope my info/guide helps. :slight_smile:





What’s that for?

Geesh! Ineed.


Anything top secret you can’t post in open forum? :wink:


It was top secret. I included a couple of articles which (because copyright has already passed to my clients) I can’t publish publicly myself. :wink: