Starting my new business


So as you all know, on December 18, I have officially announced that i’m no longer going to work on Fiverr and named it as “The Final Day” for me as a freelancer. My main reason on why i wanted to stop my current work and start something new, was to take things to a whole new level. And by whole new level, i was thinking about new & better opportunities, problems to solve, adventures to take on & skills to obtain.

I was really fed up with freelancing and how it limited my opportunities. (At least on Fiverr) And it was that time for me to move and try something new. This could be, working with a real company, starting my own web design agency or work on other professional freelancing platforms that doesn’t have crappy buyers nor crappy sellers and that actually review freelancers before accepting them to the platform.

With that being said, you already know from the title, i chose the path to start my own web design agency. (This doesn’t mean tho that i’m neglecting the other two options i mentioned. I’m just waiting for the right moment.)

So for the past couple of months, i have been working on my web design agency non-stop trying to make things work out. So far so good, got my business & marketing plans ready, website hooked up & everything settled down as a beginning. Today, i could officially say that with the least costs possible, i have came up with this

Devs on Duty is currently a Beta version as it’s not yet complete. There’s still a lot of things need to be done before i could officially release it to the public. So for now, my web design agency is functioning but with limits. I’m not even accepting projects at the moment, i’m only inviting some people to test my service out. So all in all, this is how it looks at the Beta version.

Why i’m sharing this here. Well, you guys are the only people i talk business with. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My friends don’t care about these stuff, my family doesn’t understand most of what i say and it ends up as a weird cringey situation. So who do i turn to when it comes to business? :blush:

I would truly appreciate you guys’ feedback regarding the website. Criticism is certainly accepted, i would like to know what you guys really think of it. (As in Beta version)

That’s pretty much it!


Well done! This looks very sleek! I’d like to be able to click on your example sites. Also, you need to add a tick box to your contact form to make if GDPR compliant. (It sounds silly but I’m guessing your clients will look for this.) Oh, and I’d also change Free Inquire to Inquire Now. :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t take these points as criticism. On the GDPR side of things, I’ve got what (I think) is a cast iron privacy policy which you could adapt to your site quite easily. Just say the word if you would like a few tips on it and the GDPR side of things. (Just be aware I’m a bit busy at the mo :slight_smile: )

All in all, great job and I wish you the best success. Also, well done on picking a catchy brand name and getting a nice logo! It lends you a lot of legitimacy!


I really like your website. It is sleek and well organized. I hate going to a site that is too “busy” and clutter with so much stuff I have no idea where to look. What I like about Google search engine is that it is simple and clean - which is what you have.

The colors are well done, not too bright and not too dull but just right. I love your logo on the top left - nicely done! :clap:

I was dying to check out some of your designs but the links aren’t working yet! :smile: :upside_down_face:

Here are a few suggestions that I have:

A minor typo:
help grow your businessess should be
help grow your businesses

Your description is concise and understandable; however, I feel like it could be rearranged to make it sound more businesslike. There are a few sellers on 5r that are masters of word manipulation, a measly $10 or $20 maybe well worth it for the right seller.

You should replace the “Our Duties” with something else.


Hey Joe,

I want to add my congrats to you on your new website. I agree it is very sleek and organized looking. Orange is one of my favorite colors, so that works well for me.

One question. :thinking: What is a “Dev?” Maybe I am out of touch with the techno-talk, but I have no idea. Or is “Devs” short for developer?


Looks good! I’d probably ditch the & for “and” though - there’s nothing wrong with them, I just don’t think they work on a professional site. I’d definitely second linking to those websites in your portfolio as the images don’t really show much - if you can’t for various reasons, you could just lorem ipsum the text and use the design?

A few other grammar issues too, but they’re not huge and could easily be fixed by a proofreader when you get around to that, and I don’t believe that you need perfect English to sell web design; communication is more important. So, you might want to add a benefit about your amazing communication (so far it’s really only highlighted post-sale, but it won’t hurt to add a pre-sale comm message too).

Everyone else has pretty good advice so far, so follow the bits you can when you have time, and you should have something even better for alpha! You can avoid GDPR with Cloudfare, I think (server error 5xx, I forget) which would essentially block the EU. You’d still be free to focus on the rest of the world! If you do want to do EU GDPR and work with EU clients, you better bone up, because helping small bizpeople to create GDPR-compliant websites (even with just plugins) could be a nice little earner.

Basically, all my advice falls on the writing and marketing side, so its probably not useful so much now…

@glacierlily: you got it right - dev = developer


I proofed your website, Joe and sent it to you in a PM. The & is one of the things I corrected. Plus as @Locusta said there was at least one awkward sentence.


You are quite lovely @glacierlily!


@JoeKamel I didn’t have time to reply yesterday, except with our small conversation on LinkedIn. I love your website. You can play around with the sections to create a slightly better UX, although it is great as it is.

My only suggestion would be for the “Why Us” section. It might look a bit better if you align the text centrally. Also, try the text to be the very same size as the photo box.

My third suggestion would be fixing the kerning on this text:

“When hiring our team for your next project, we don’t only deliver a website, but we deliver a complete service. Here is why you should choose us for your next project!”

I don’t like how sans serif fonts look like with large kerning value. The same thing goes for the “Free Inquiry” button, you can try two options:

  1. Scaling down the button, and making the kerning normal.
  2. Capitalize “FREE INQUIRY” as it would look better with large “VA” (kerning) value.

You have totally nailed, all other design elements, font pairings, colors, spacing, the logo. They are phenomenal!

I had watched this video recently, thought it would be cool to share it with you. -


Thank you all for taking the time and writing your feedback, i really appreciate it and i’ll put the things you mentioned in consideration.

I honestly added them just so they could be a placeholder for the Portfolio section as i didn’t yet work on any projects for the business. I don’t want to put my own work in there, but instead i want to put the business work. I’m going to offer some freebies anyway so this way, i would be able to build my business portfolio and also let some peeps try out my service. I got a plan tho for this!

I don’t really understand this GDPR part. So as for now, i’m unable to work with people who are located in Europe? Most of my target clients are actually in Europe and North America, what should i do? :thinking: Is there any legal work i should do?

Thank you so much! I did receive your message and i honestly don’t know what to say. Thank you is just not enough. :heart:


When I have time I’ll give you a crash course. I’ve wrote hundreds of GDPR articles for a GDPR based UK web design agency. Once you get your head round it, it’s all quite simple.


Hey Freaky!

Photo box? :thinking: What Photo box?
I honestly hate the centered text when it comes to long paragraphs. I might give each element a higher padding and make the text center, this might work properly.

You know, i personally think that the Why Us section is probably the worst section i currently have. I feel like it could be redesigned to better but i’ll start off with this. I also hate the fact that i used stock images.

By kerning, do you mean the letter spacing?

That was interesting! Thank you for sharing it. I like to read about how big companies think when it comes to design. They take it to a whole new level and it inspires me. Also, great ways to stop mobile addiction. :smile:


Thanky you, Cy. I know you’re pretty busy right now and i don’t really want to overwhelm you. I’m going to do some research on that topic and if i perhaps found it difficult to understand, i’ll drop you a pm!


It does look a bit more balanced centrally aligned.

Yep! :slight_smile:

I think a smaller box, like in the middle looks the best. It’s still an attention-grabbing color so that would lead the eye directly to the box.


On another note, all of us are great sellers. We can setup an agency on Upwork.


This actually looks pretty good. What font are you using tho? This doesn’t seem like Open Sans.

I’m always down when it comes to teamwork, this indeed would be a great idea.


@JoeKamel - I just remembered, make sure that you own the commercial rights to use the “Gotham Black” font. If I am correct it might be a premium font that costs around $25-35 per one weight.

I used the font that was left from my last design - “Poppins”.

This is a great book on fonts. I’ve got it yesterday at a local book shop for $4, it’s old, but it covers the basics for text layout and etc.


Gotham Black font is free to download. I guess this gives me the commercial rights to use? :thinking:


Many fonts are free to download on Dafont, Fontsgeek, and similar websites. However, they are either demo versions or pirated ones. You would be able to find free fonts on Google Fonts, and if you have the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use their fonts on Adobe Fonts for free.


I searched for Gotham Black but couldn’t find any website offering it paid except for one website offering the full Gotham package. I only have the Gotham black, am i allowed to use the demo?


Use Montserrat instead, it’s free and super-similar. It’s better to be safe. :slight_smile: