Social Media Dilemma

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As I mentioned previously, I had a YouTube channel terminated without any warning. I appealed but to no avail.

Many other channels have been terminated or demonetized (for some reason I always misread that as demonized! :smile:) - some for obvious reasons, others like mine where the reason hasn’t been so clear, but ‘ToS’ are always mentioned.

When discussing YT terminations in a very respectable FB group, one poster said this:
I think sometimes, when it comes to manual reviews, you get one person who reviews it and thinks it’s all fine. You get another who doesn’t like it.

A very understandable response.

My confidence with using video on YT as a marketing tool has taken a battering and it got me thinking. If it’s so easy to lose a 3rd party marketing channel, should I still continue to think that offering services dependent on any 3rd party channel is a good idea?

Not just YT - I’ve seen a friend lose a Twitter channel, again ToS cited.

So -
Is using 3rd party websites as part of a marketing strategy worth doing at all when they can be deleted on a whim?
Should I still be offering video services to clients, when I know they could also have their channels closed? I understand that all activities in life carry an element of risk, but I’d hate to pass that risk onto paying clients.
Should I still be posting articles on my blog etc. that video and social media marketing are the greatest things since sliced bread, but fail to mention that it can all go horribly wrong?

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You can always just start looking into more censorship resistant social media channels. There is an upcoming platform called howdo (I do not have the link to hand.)

I gave up on social media when FB requested a copy of my passport. Then I told you about my own YT dilemma.

There is a huge risk relying on traditional social media at the mo. On one side there is increasing censorship of certain thoughts and ideas. Then there is the fact that people now realize they can use saying they feel offended as a reason to takedown anyone they do not like.

I am 99% certain my YT woes are the result of a single person I continue to argue with in his video comment sections.

As for feeling bad for continuing to promote video marketing etc, don’t. It’s up to individuals to remedy problems they encounter with video removals and third party TOS breaches.


Thank you @henryboyd! :slightly_smiling_face:

Remember that people can upload videos to their own websites, or send them through emails as a part of email marketing.