So basically Brother Eoin

…lost TRS but got laid

Awesome! Somebody get him here.

Wow - I just realized I’ve been TRS since 2015…almost 4 years…am I one of the longest serving and still active TRS there?..How did that happen…I guess it’s the TRS thing that’s holding me to Fiverr…

But given a choice between a “stunning” “bae” and TRS, I know what I would opt for. :confused:


CAN SOMEONE GET EOIN HERE? I gotta congratulate him!

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See, all you need is love… To slowly dismantle your career before your eyes.

This is a big problem for me. Real life socializing and dating just doesn’t fit with freelancing. Normals finish work at set hours and can plan life around their free time. Freelancers never really have free time unless they are willing to sacrifice something.

In a way, old Eoin has struck gold by grabbing a fellow kind-of freelance worker. That said, I don’t think I could live with someone like me. :frowning:

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Nope, that must be me, since 2011 and counting (basically since the TRS feature was introduced), if my memory is still kicking :smiley:

Not bragging about it, I just… oh, whatever: I am bragging :smiley:


Keep bragging! In fact, given how many cancellations you had this month, you deserve to brag! I’m pleased you made it through!


Amen to that! But I’m still feeling like someone’s constantly tying up my hands behind my back :eyes:


You’re telling me!

The other day I received a notification that my best selling gig has been moved to a new category. - Like my best selling gig before that and like my best selling gig before that.

Now sales and messages have slumped and I have a suspicion that Fiverr doesn’t want regularly selling, high-rated gigs appearing next to their precious Pros. Climb the ladder, get thrown back, over and over.

I say this as hundreds of sellers selling the same service as me still appear in my old gig category. It’s just a joke to be honest.


If someone gets him here, perhaps you and Cy will want to delete your comments about him in another thread. :flushed:

Do you recall which one I am referring to? :thinking:

Of course I will have to delete this one too! :wink:

If you are referring to the jest I made about an imaginary EOIN turning up at my house at 3am dressed as a Viking wench soliciting romanticism, no. If he dos stumble upon this comment, he will likely find it as entertaining as a comment in which I once detailed him as living with a unicorn inside my home air-conditioning unit.

I have a photographic memory and pretty extraordinary psychic powers. Thanks to this, I rarely say anything I regret later. - Aside from the word ‘Pineapple’ when it clearly isn’t appropriate.


Congratulate him on what? << insert highly confused emoji here >>

:confused: ? ?

He’s in love.

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Middle aged freelancer finds a girlfriend after years of reclusive living. Something worth celebrating :smiley:

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Oh! :slight_smile: He has a :woman: in his life?

Well, I’ll be. Congrats to our Irish native! :couple:

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