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Yeah, but apparently it can go horribly wrong:

Its not only the risk of a fatal overdose that makes this plant dangerous. Under the influence of these alkaloids, one completely loses touch with reality, which can result in, well, basically anything. A 2006 article published in the European Archives of Psychiatry and Neuroscience gave an account of an 18 year old German boy, who amputated his own male apendage and tongue under the influence of merely one cup of tea prepared from two xxxx xxxxx blossoms.

In many ways, I’m very pleased that I never always bowed to peer pressure in my youth. :slight_smile:


Does it say whether doctors managed to sew him back together again? Poor lad.


No. It’s just a passing mention. You would hope though, wouldn’t you?

That said, they can do transplants now. In this case, it could’ve all work out well in the end. He might even have got a free upgrade!

This is why people shouldn’t do drugs. It’s one thing to think “OMG What did I text last night?” But quite another to wake up minus your manhood, tongue, and literally any possibility of a love life.

Kids these days…


That used to get me in so much trouble lol. One time I told someone on FB that their baby was ugly (it was) because they had been spamming the wall with pictures of their little hobgoblin. A world of hurt and pain - and blocking! - the next day.

Hopefully it was a case of the ugly duckling…


Ya know, with all the weirdos out there, I am shocked at the number of people who are way, way, way to frivolous with pictures of their kids. I guess they need attention with all the coos and ahhs at how cute their little one is but geesh - after like the first 2000 pictures, it’s boooooooooring!


Ugh another friend had a picture of Dad in the bathtub (fully clothed) with his 2 toddler-age daughters. Yes, it was a cute picture and a lovely family moment, but is it really suitable for your open Facebook profile?


I hate baby photos, holiday photos, and selfies. I tell people not to show me holiday photos, as I just find them incredibly boring. They still do anyway and then it becomes:

"Look at this one. Oh wait, here’s this place."

"Here, just look at this one. Isn’t that nice?"

"You know you could try and pretend to be interested!"

"God, your just so awful. Is there any need to be so rude?"

Babies I find cute but almost all identical in nature. In this case, I’d happily take photos of my own child to document their childhood. However, I’d never upload their childhood to FB. In fact, it’s quite scary to think how now some people are literally born and die on social media. :frowning:


I take pictures of ugly things and/or interesting things. I’m not going to take the zillionth photo of this world-famous landmark. No. I’m going to take a picture of the couch with a tree growing out of it and a random comatose tramp just under the landmark. Or the interesting, badly-drawn cockenball graffitti that is the universal language of lols.

For this, I get “Why can’t you be normal and take photos of nice things like everyone else?” to which I retort, “Why don’t you go and look at the professional photography of the nice things then?” The good news is that nobody in my social circle asks me about my holiday snapshots and doesn’t trouble me to look at theirs, because I invariably ask them where the interesting shots are :slight_smile:


I think I just found out what’s with the Perseus thing.

When I blocked someone from contacting me or ordering from me, I was shocked to see there was no indication whatsoever on their profile page that they cannot order from me anymore (previously, blocking a user would show on their profile that they cannot order your gigs anymore because you blocked them)

So I took a quick look in the source code of that profile page, and behold, the message banner was still there, but in the form of an empty container. Then below that I saw something that kept occurring throughout the code: “react-empty”.


It seems that v4-Perseus is 5r’s attempt at redesigning the whole website using React, the popular web framework from Facebook, because why not introduce a bit more crazy bugs in the new year :roll_eyes:

I’m afraid of the chaos such a redesign will create :grimacing: And that “bomba-message” thing, that’s scary, too :scream:



Is the block feature only available to sellers or can buyers block as well? There are a few past sellers of mine that I’d rather never communicate with again - but I don’t see that option on my message box.


On the 5r forum a seller was complaining today about being blocked by potential buyers, Therefore, I would say you can block any past sellers you choose. :wink:


Hum, I don’t see it.

How or where do you go to block buyers? Maybe, I can duplicate it.

Edit: Never mind, figured it out! :smile:


Best. Mathematical. Formula. EVER!

Pizza as art and science. Marvelous :grin: