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Well, I like Trump because he’s a Gemini like me - we’re… creative/resourceful :eyes:, we don’t like being like the rest of the crowd, we’re forever kids on the inside, always trying to put the adult mask but most of the time failing even at pretending we’re adults :smiley: But still getting things done in the meantime! #doers :smiley:


What I like about Trump - He is a fighter and never gives up. Everyone thinks they are smarter than Trump, better looking than Trump, more refined/sophisticated than Trump, but he is President and they are not. There is a reason for that, and no, it’s NOT R U S S I A

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Careful people, there’s a surge of spam emails that, at first sight, originate from your own email accounts, obviously asking for money in some bitcoin cash otherwise they release pics of you browsing some illegal or adult sites (here’s one more reason to cover your laptop’s webcam if there weren’t enough already)

The tricky thing here is that these spam emails don’t always get caught because they show up as having been sent from your own email account (technique called email spoofing) - most of the time it was not sent from your email account, though :wink:

You should all start learning how to read an email message’s headers, where you can track the IP address of the true sender who used your email account’s ID to claim they hacked your account and have your password, which they don’t, most of the time :smiley:


Teach us! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just covered mine. My sister rents out apartments short term to workers on the cell towers in her area. The workers told her to cover her phone camera because the cell companies have the power to look at you through that lens. :scream: I have heard that about televisions too, but I am not sure I believe it. :thinking:


Better believe it - I heard of a case where the perpetrator would spy on a family and their kids through the TV, although I have no idea what kind of TV that was :confused: I also heard of identity thefts facilitated by webcams and microphones - people who woke up on the Interpol list for crimes they never committed… #sickworld (btw, microphones can still be spied on #micdrop)


Anything with a microchip can be hacked by anyone with a wifi dongle. Its like when you find a stray dog or cat and the vet scans for a microchip. The wifi pulse from the scanner is converted by the microchip in an animal into power and it uses that power to carry out a command. - In this case, broadcast back its serial number.

Remotely hacking TV’s phones, computers, whatever, all works via the same principle. The difference being that it is backdoors in a persons home wifi router which criminals and government spooks used to broadcast the power up and record/transmit command to target devices they want to hack.

Sadly, all the above makes powering off and removing batteries from devices pretty pointless. You have to physically disassemble devices and remove things like cameras etc. You can also just get rid of your home wifi and use a program called WireShark to monitor all your wired network traffic.

Sadly, (again) modern Intel CPUs have inbuilt 3G and 4G capabilities just in case you decide to try and hide from THE MAN but he wants to snoop on you anyway. Then you have 5G which is actually a form of military radar. This allows intelligence agencies to render a real-time 3D image of your house, meaning you can be watched 24/7 no matter what you do.

The only way around that one is to keep a sprinkler going 24/7, as 5G gets confused my fast moving tiny particles. Or you can cut up some long strips of tinfoil, attach them to a fan and have this automatically move from side to side. Naturally, you will need one in every room of your house. - Or you can just paint your walls with good old lead paint.

In the end, you just end up looking mental…

Anyway, you live in the middle of the woods don’t you? If so, you will be fine just going wifi-free. Just watch out for the miniature drones disguised as mosquitoes. - I wish I made up that last part. :frowning:

Edit: Another reason why you might want to ditch the wifi and steer clear of 5G


Conspiracy theory 101! :grin:


Hairy Ball Theorem: somewhere on the surface of the Earth, there is a point with zero horizontal wind velocity.

Who names these theorems? :rofl:


So, Latin was the most spoken language for some thousands? of years. Now English seems to have taken its place and is probably the most spoken language - I wonder for how long and what language will take its place just like it did with Latin :thinking:

Pitty that Latin is kind of dead - it sounds really cool, like magical, alchemical, sacred and what not :eyes:


Latin isn’t dead! It just evolved into most of the languages spoken in Europe today. - This is why most of us all use the same alphabet. You also still need to learn Latin or Greek before you can make sense of any pre-medieval history.

Latin itself came from the Etruscans stealing a few Greek alphabet letters and building a mini trading Empire. Latin was simply displaced as the best language to do business in. Even in Roman times, most Romans were already speaking Greek as a second language to facilitate better trade.

In future, the best languages to do business in will probably be Spanish and Russian. You can argue Chinese. However, I have doubts about the future greatness of China.


You might like ‘Last Thursdayism.’ It’s a pretty old theory that the universe as we know it only came into existence last Thursday. Interestingly, the theory becomes harder to disprove as Moore’s Law sees computers advance to the point where it is already possible to simulate complex systems with the appearance of being billions of years old.

i.e. Last Thursdayism overlaps with the theory that our entire existence is a simulation similar to a real life computer game. The simulation characters don’t know that they never existed before you booted up Grand Theft Auto. - Just like you wouldn’t know if you weren’t originally booted up last Thursday.

(Or like the poor people in Westworld didn’t know they were robots. :frowning: )


Brilliant animation idea with the Santa/Satan typo :smiley:

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Schweppes just created a sensor-based dress for women, and the results are :scream:

Extra fun facts:

  • if you type “calculator” on Google, you get a working calculator :smiley:
  • if you type “roll dice” / “roll a dice”, you get a rolling dice :smiley:
  • if you type “toss coin” / “toss a coin”, you get a coin toss :smiley:
  • and if you type “fun facts” / “random facts”, well… :smiley:


Ok. Now compare that the rampant sexual exploitation of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Men go predominantly for the arms. Women on the other hand… :eyes:




It’s a serious matter. - Or should be. :slight_smile: If you’re a young woman and you work in hospitality, millions become outraged if you get your bum pinched by a dirty old man. If you are a young man, you literally get your bum pinched and propositioned on a weekly basis!

I have toyed with setting up a GoFund me page to raise funds for sexually harassed men in the F&B trade. However, I imagine it would go nuclear for all the wrong reasons.


Yup, I’ve noticed around here that nothing happens and nobody says anything when a guy gets touched or molested by a woman, except some laughs (true, it happens less often, but still), as opposed to the opposite apocalyptic scenario :eyes:

Perhaps when women will finally rule the world (for now they rule it behind the scenes/behind the men), men can use the #me2 hashtag :eyes: - yes, I’m all for women ruling the world! It’s time for a big change.


Yeah, it’s pretty sad as far as double standards are concerned. From experience, I’d say men are harassed more. However, a lot also don’t mind, even though they should.

I worked with a guy once who got propositioned by a much older woman who was a guest in the 5-star hotel where we worked. He did the dirty but then she wanted more. When she didn’t get it, she turned nasty and started accusing him of short changing her and generally failing in every aspect of his job. It was a very interesting week…

People in general are just crazy. That’s why I don’t date anymore and don’t plan to until I find somewhere sane in the world to settle down in.