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Well, to be fair…only 0.1% of the world’s population (the smart ones) know who is Tito, while 0.1% of the world’s population (who live in the Amazon forests) don’t know who is Trump.

Anyway, looks like it’s gonna be a Trump & Tito show here on Gina’s forum going forward. Haha.


My family is ex-socialist, and many of them were members of KPJ (Communist Party of Yugoslavia) - some of them were partisans, and I was raised in a culture where Tito was praised. That’s why I have a huge respect for that man. Did he do some bad things? Yes he did, but he is still a badass. I was in Belgrade in September, and had the change to visit the “House of Flowers” - the final resting place of Tito.

Yep, Trump is known everywhere. That guy definitely knows how to use the media to get free publicity. Doing controversial stuff. He is fun to watch.

Trump and Tito world’s finest trolls and baddasses.


So, here’s what I can conclude from all of your profile pics:

  • @Value_Investor & @TheFreaky are set to duel on all things politics, either in your face or through deep invisible roots, both great leaders should they choose to set on that path, able to make a difference by not repeating the bad examples of history, though they might repeat some of that history once in a while either for the kicks or to reboot things;

  • @RegiAdd has elegance written all over her photo, reliable and warm, yet sharp and to the point, expecting the best in people (or getting out the best in them without them knowing they had it in them);

  • @cyaxrex is an out-of-this-world mystery, his words having several edges to them, enticing people into a beautiful abyss that either holds a treasure of joy, or a box of twilight horrors, depending on what force you’ve awaken in him; and with his four-legged companion, there is nothing he is unable to achieve, for he is the bringer of Faith: a two-headed creature that can make you or break you;

  • me, @razvan, well (besides Not being a Linux fan, despite the Linux substrate in the photo), he’s pretty much a show-stopper, putting that Death Scythe on the ground to trigger a massive wave of disappointment that spreads across all parties involved whenever he’s being summoned against his momentary will; and with a constantly flipped “talent toggle”, it’s hard to rely on him at times, because he likes pushing buttons like a mad dog

OK, story time is over now :smiley:


I don’t know Goofy, the kid from Macedonia got it right.


Right, wasted enough time. Will see you lot in about 16 days from now. Got lot of work to do. Have fun!


Hey, me and Value_Investor mostly agree on politics. :joy:




Okay, see you in a bit or this afternoon, whichever comes first. :laughing:

Hum, a psychologist on the side, huh? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is how I see him too!

BTW, Miss Lilly @glacierlily has joined us so you have to do her profile! :sunflower:


Look at all these people chatting! :slight_smile:

I do think that we might have the start of our very own little freelance community.

That said, I am at a loss as to why anyone would use a Trump profile pic. It’s not about politics. He just makes my hair cringe.

Tell me about it. I have to live with him. Now Ssshhh! I think I can hear him coming :scream:


And when you think that it started getting chattier ever since you joined :wink:

Welcome, dearest Vickie @glacierlily ! :hugs: Let’s see if you figure out who’s who around here :smiley:


To be honest, I have no idea who these people are. :frowning:

Aside of course, from Mr. Investor. I’d hesitate to guess he brought the others. He does have a way with the ladies you know!


Don’t you know GigFreak from 5forum (@TheFreaky) and VickieSpencer from 5forum (@glacierlily) ?

And don’t tell me you don’t know @RegiAdd :scream:


Oh. Well, that clears things up. :slight_smile:

I did know who @RegiAdd is. However, I was initially “is it her?” Now I wish I had signed up with a different username. As it is, I am the only one exposed here to the wrath of Fiverr Big Brother. I’m actually quite fine with that though. I have pretty epic countermeasures in place in case they ever decide to Pete me. :slight_smile:


You can still change it under preference in your profile! Maybe a good idea!


I used “TheFreaky” so people can get a hint on who I am.


It’s okay. I know that Fiverr monitors Reddit. I prefer to be more bemused by their paranoia than part of it. I sell stuff on Fiverr. I do my best. If they feel a need to go beyond their duty and spy on me online, they will only embarrass themselves when I (if I ever need to) I shine a light on the matter.


I think I know everyone, at least @RegiAdd, @razvan, @TheFreaky, and @Value_Investor. If there are more, will have to check out the older posts. I did not go back to the beginning. :thinking:


Hey Aunt Vickie! Good to have you here. Very cool!

  • President Trump

(Vote for me in 2020. WTF happened in Montana? WTF did Tester win? My guy should have won. Jeez.)

(Please accept my humble apologies for my rather intemperate language. I mean, I can act Presidential if I want to but that’s so boring.)

(And Arizona is truly a meth lab…they’ve just proved it…LOL)

Florida? Haha…Florida :smile:



Tester won because of the college towns and the liberals that live in them! They are mostly immigrants from California. :unamused: The rural areas and non-college towns did not support Tester as he is too liberal for Montana natives.

President Trump is never boring! :laughing: Nor is he very presidential. I do not always agree with the way he does things, but I like most of what he is trying to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am glad we can communicate again. :kissing_heart:


Yeah, I know Aunt Vickie…the liberals have made a mess out of California and are moving to Red States and trying to make a California of Red States as well. Texas was saved, but only just.