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May I see one of your artwork or animation?


I haven’t done anything in the animation area, that’s why I’m still dreaming of becoming one :smiley: I have all the resources I need to learn what I need, except time and survival money.


Google ‘Bitcoin Cash Fork’ if you do you will find lots of stories concerning how Bitcoin Cash is forking in a few days. The price is going up, but no one really knows what is going to happen in the next few days.

Bitcoin Cash is not the same as Bitcoin

If you are completely inexperienced with regard to any kind o cryptocurrency, now is really not the time to buy Bitcoin Cash. You might buy it today but find that the market price halves before you can use it. In fairness, it could also double and you could double your money on places like Fivebucks.

If you still feel like taking a chance with Bitcoin Cash because of the mentions on Reddit, Medium, and Steemit, I’m sorry but I probably wrote a lot of what you have been convinced by. I would hate for you to lose money by buying Bitcoin Cash at what is coincidentally the worst time in Bitcoin Cash history for us to cross paths once more. Just wait 10-days. This way, you won’t make any money like investors might hope to at this time, however, you will not lose any either.


You drive me crazy! :pleading_face:

I remember reading about that somewhere!

I was just going to buy $50 USD today and spend it all today buying gigs on 5b. I wasn’t going to keep it for investment.

I am lucky enough to have a financial advisor who invests a portion of my income on a bi-monthly basis. She’s been very good to me. I’m not a millionaire like Writer - where is that invester guy?


But I do have artwork. Here’s one I did for my 1-year old nephew’s birthday:

And here’s the framed painting:

Took me a whole month to do this, but it was worth it! I’ve made some subtle composition tricks there, where everything flows towards the baby or revolves around him.



Razzy, that is awesome work! I mean like WOW - awesome work!

I would love something like that with lion cubs in the forest playing with mum & pop lion/lioness! Wanna give it a try?


I suck at drawing people and animals. It was quite the effort to draw that baby, and those animals are bad caricatures :smiley: Anyway, I don’t really feel like spending another month to draw and paint at the moment, too much stuff going on in my life lately, and I haven’t touched a pencil in a very long time :sob: sorry to disappoint once again.

But here’s another one I made for my mom (the space addict), to put some salt on the wound I just made :stuck_out_tongue: Colored pencils painting only, another month spent on it.


I like black to be honest. Howeever, I’m not colorist. Anything is fine with me as long as its not dreaded white with indistinguishable colored text. Maybe a white background would help entice users from regular freelance forums. I’m new here tho! I get panicky when I’m asked to make big decisions. :frowning:


I understand. I’ve been through months of hard times and depression. It’s hard to get out of bed and talk to anyone during my tough times.

:heart: Hugs


– you, me & Andy :smiley: too much? :sweat_smile:

Darn, it’s nearly 3am, still have work to do, need to take a bath, too… ugh! I need more hours in a day…


I don’t know if I have ever told anyone my true background. However, I first learned to love art and writing when working in a ceramics workshop for… Well kind of lost people. Get your hands on some clay. It’s free if you are willing to find it. Alternatively, find discarded / smashed terracotta plant pots and reconstitute them to clay by soaking them in water.

All you need after that is a decent camera and green screen.


I’m so confused about time in Europe around this time. For me it’s still an hour before,

As for your photo, my Chi has a strict rule against me fraternising with other dogs. In this case, sorry, I can’t hug or do friendly things. If I do, who the hell knows who will be making my dinner or taking me for walks tomorrow!


How about changing that big


to an avatar!

Here is a picture from the past that I had zeus do for fun. You and your pup!

Oh, I’ll change my background to white with black lettering as soon as I get another logo. I guess that is the standard on forum. I have to search for someone that can create a logo for me.

Off to search the internet!


Use Canva (the free version) it’s pretty awesome for making logos.

As for your pic…

There he is. My old nemesis, Woody. Clearly, he has a job in the city these days but he ain’t fooling anyone. Also, he needs to lay off the wheat. I’ll upload a profile pic once I’ve followed all my own advice.


Who? (20 characters or whatever)


Hello Stranger!

Good to :eyes: you here!

How is Modi doing these daze :dizzy_face: ?


I don’t know. Decided to stay away from Indian politics and anything I can’t control. Haven’t followed the news for more than a month now. No Twitter, no nothing. Followed US politics for midterms and it was crazy. Trump is crazy, nuts, but he is the leader you deserve. Man for the times. The right man for the job. A crazy man for crazy times.


Ha! Ha! :laughing:

I haven’t followed politics in over two years so, I’m sure you are more versed in US politics than I am right now.

I’m reposting all my articles here on the forum. You may find a few familiar articles! :slight_smile:


I know more about US politics than those idiots on CNN and MSNBC. Or NYT, WP, Slate, Huff Post or whatever.


Well, not just that, but when Trump become the president it was great for us freelances. The value of the USD has risen for a couple of denars per dollar, which is great for me, as that means earning more without doing anything just because the USD is stronger now.

Oh the irony, a man with Tito on his profile photo, praising Trump and capitalism.