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I didn’t know what a shadowban was until I googled it. I don’t ever recall Writer doing anything so egregious on 5r forum. I know he goes off topic quite a bit, but so what? It’s a public forum. A 1000 year ban should be for people that post Rated X material, hostile - name calling, nasty behavior, etc. Oh, well, hopefully we’re see him here soon.

From purely a buyer’s perspective, this is frustrating as heck. Fiverr keeps changing, removing and adding features without any warning to buyers at all. Oh, believe me, they have no problem spamming me with “You haven’t completed the purchase” or “Here are other gigs you may like” quite often. Why don’t they email me with “Here are some new features coming your way.” :expressionless:

They asked me if I’d consider doing a phone a survey on the shopping cart feature after it was removed. I told them “Heck, ya!” They never contacted me.

:thinking: I can’t seem to vision this in my head. How would the gigs be featured?

Do you have an outline?

Time for you to go on vacation or as people on the Eastern part of the hemisphere like to call it “Holiday.” :wink: , :wine_glass: , :beach_umbrella: .

On a serious note, are the PRO’s doing any better? So far, the Discover Fiverr has taken me to PRO Sellers, perhaps there are a few non Pro’s but I haven’t searched too far into it.

I have a bunch of stuff I need to buy specifically in the writing/proofing/ebook area, but I’m bundling so I can place one big purchase vice several small purchases. If I were a once in a while buyer, the fees wouldn’t matter that much to me but since I am running a business, it matters quite a bit.

I used to hate those people on the Fiverr Forum who used to say, “I don’t want to work with cheap people who complain about $2 surcharge.” It’s easy for them to say when they aren’t buying 50 to 80 gigs a year + tip = up to $320 in transaction fees (or more). The average price of my gigs purchased is about $36 a gig.

I hate those who put all of us buyers into a bucket. Everyone likes to save money and I’m no longer experimenting to find sellers - because it’s too costly - money lost for Fiverr and for newbie sellers! :frowning_face:


Hopefully, after tomorrow I will have a few days free. I’ll make a mockup on my site and try and outline my whole concept there. (Plus finish it, finally :slight_smile: )

Well, if that’s not an excuse for shameless self-promotion I don’t know what is… If you need anything on the writing side of things, I have a link for PPH on my site which if you buy through that (I think) you pay zero fees, and I think that is for life. Don’t buy though. Tell me what your budget and preferred delivery schedule is. It doesn’t matter to me really. However, I can then amend my prices on the PPH side to match what you expect to pay before clicking.

That said, I will absolutely not be offended if you don’t take me up on that offer. :slight_smile:

To be honest, I think yes and no. Emmaki makes regular sales but apparently has the same headaches as a lot of as us normal sellers. I would hesitate that Emmaki makes more sales due to having years of fantastic 5-star reviews. If you look at Pro, though, a lot of Pro sellers score consistently lower when it comes to reviews than regular sellers. To me, this is a red flag.

My main argument against Pro is that it does not reflect real market rates and needs. This might sound hugely hypocritical in respect of something I have just posted on this forum. However, what things come down to eventually is ROI for the buyer.

Most non-business websites generate income via ad and affiliate marketing revenue. Even mainstream blogs like Buzz Feed don’t pay their writers $100 a day. Posting 6-7 articles comes to $600-$700 which is way more than the ad revenue most single blog posts will bring in on a monthly basis.

Copywriting is different as if your page sells, it really is an investment. However, other platforms like Writing Bunny which hand vet sellers and vet content before it is delivered, already charge between $35 and $100 per landing page.

Then there are the video ad makers. Some of them are real Pros. However, I found one selling a $50 stock video with overlaid text and music which I could make an exact replica of for $200. They were selling it for $1k.

This is why I don’t buy Pro as a concept and why I think buyers aren’t buying it literally. - Unless they buy from Emmaki and get out of this world copywriting. :slight_smile:


I just signed up for PPH. I filled out my profile twice and now it’s telling me to fill out my profile again! :roll_eyes: It’s asking me for my phone number - I hate giving that out to anyone, although I did give it to Fiverr for verification purposes.

I’ll have to try back on PPH later to see if, I’m guessing a bug has been fixed!

Ha! Ha! Ha! :laughing: Nope. I was going to order through Fiverr!

Fact of life, if you pay more, you expect more. If I pay $500 for an article, I want the bibs, the links, source materials, pictures, zero spelling errors, etc. etc. on a silver platter - maybe a gold platter. If there is one error, I will reject it for a revision. Why should I pay $500 to fix the error myself?

Getting a cheeseburger at McDonald’s means I serve myself.

Getting a cheeseburger at Outback Steakhouse means, I get served and they asked me how I want my burger cooked! :slight_smile:

. . . And, that is why I do not trust 5r’s ability to hand vet anyone. Some TRS they have labeled are stellar & professionals others with the TRS badge are Really Really bad, not even worth $5, yet they are still holding onto that badge. How can I trust their PRO’s are any better.

I concur that some PRO’s are indeed real professionals with exceptional quality work but then I’m not all too certain that few are not worth the nickel that I have to pay. I’m not willing to experiment and risk $100’s of dollars to find out.

Fiver needs to spend more money and time investing in TRUST from buyers before advertising their PRO Hand vetted sellers. If I do not TRUST their ability to pick quality sellers, then I do not TRUST them enough to spend lots of money. Somes the more you pay won’t necessarily get you better.

There is a seller who is selling art that is about the same quality as Zeus777. The difference is she is charging over $100 for less work. I can get the full monty with color background from Z for $50.

@razvan must be getting in his puppy nap! He’s been awfully quiet.



Yes, wake up @razvan we can’t dream of French bulldogs all day. Of course, if you are busy, keep on up the good work. :slight_smile:

Of course, puppy addiction is a pretty tough one to crack. This time last year, I had three Chi’s running amock. (As soon as you pair them they turn into Gremlins). I don’t think Chico has ever met a French Bulldog. In this case, when you adopt your new Frenchie, we will have to schedule a play date! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, guys/gals, but I’m growing tired of people, to the point of having some really dark thoughts!

Earlier I received two orders, which are now pending cancellation - one who ordered without reading and expected something else, and another who ordered something and asked for other services instead. This makes 10 cancellations in 12 days!

I’m just so tired of all this nonsense, of all these idiotic people who don’t have anything better to do than destroy my sanity with their ignorance and sheer stupidity!

Two days ago I had to use VM (vacation mode), and ever since I’ve gotten back all I got was 3 cancellations and no actual orders! THIS IS A F. HORROR MOVIE!

And to top things: I just received an order from a buyer who never leaves more than 4 star reviews!

I’m dying here… this is getting unbearable :sob:


You know, I honestly thought I was doing something obviously wrong myself to attract this kind of buyer behavior. I haven’t experienced it this bad in a while. (About a month) and in fairness it never got as bad as 12 cancelled orders in a month. I feel your pain and understand you growing of tired of people though.

Because I know what this is like, I don’t know what to suggest. However, if you ever fancy a holiday as @RegiAdd suggested, let me know and I’ll see if I can get the spare room to a livable standard. :slight_smile:

It kills me that Fiverr treats cancellations like this. My orders fall off a cliff after every one. Is Fiverr making more $$$'s by doing this? I think not. One thing I have experimented with is lowering my delivery times to 1-day on basic orders. This does seem to be bringing in more messages and sales. However. you also risk being stung by a late delivery and cancelled order if buyers who miss-order don’t respond in time to cancellation requests.

As a last note, what happened to that Pro selling your gig? Are they still around?


I used to have 1-day delivery on basic orders, until I got tired of people who ordered and immediately vanished leaving me with incomplete instructions or other misunderstandings.

Are you referring to the one who offers the same service but with a lot of $$, and who had the balls to ask me for a sample? Honestly I have no idea, because I forgot his username, and it’s too buried in my inbox to resurface it :grimacing: I also cannot search him, because the “PRO” filter was removed from my side of things, and I won’t dig through all that meksell crap to find him :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I have already had this happen myself.

Yes! I had a Pro also try and outsource work to me, however, he isn’t a Pro anymore. If you like, I have a web design/SEO agency video I created a while back which I could repurpose for you to use as a gig video. (There would not be any copyright concern). - Also, you could pay me in a pass if forward kind of way.


In my country, every period of free days (even if it’s just a single day, either legal or forced free days) is referred to as “holidays” :smiley: I guess we need vacations so bad in here that we see them as happy holidays :sweat_smile:

Not to brag or anything, but my mugshot video does wonders :sweat_smile: it pops out quite a bit among the crowd, as some of my buyers told me, so I won’t change it :eyes:

And someone even told me I look like young Sean Connery :eyes:


Shhhh… Mugshot videos usually do…:slight_smile:


Alas, I too once fell victim to unlicensed beauty admirers.

For a whole year I thought I was James Dean. As it turns out, they meant after the car wreck. I stopped going to parties after that. I mean what if Sean saw me?

In real life, I apparently look like Woody from Toy Story. You might like your look-a-like fame, but I could never realistically hope to work again if I published images of my celebrity namesake. :frowning:


Holy, shmoly! What in the name of JMJ! :astonished:

I’ve never heard of such a thing before!

I wish I could give you a hug and take you out for :coffee: and chocolate :ice_cream: !

Razzy, you too are very talented. You need to expand beyond Fiverr. Take charge, you have it in you. The key to survival is “diversify” - do it!

I’m about to do something I’ve never done before in the next few minutes: buy Bitcoin Cash. It is the wave of the future, so I might as well experiment now with a few folks I know will take good care of me. I’ve been eyeing some gigs on fivebucks so now is the time.

I don’t even know what the service charge for buyers is there but I’m about to find out.

Open gigs on other sites like fivebucks and legiit. I know they are clones and some have stolen your gigs, but show them what the real deal is. It won’t cost you anything, so what have you got to lose at this point.

Are you still in Malta? If so, I looked that place up last year when I was going to do a European tour. It looks so serene and beautiful. I guess, if you live there, it would get boring after a while.

:thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hum, girl buyers or both gals and dudes? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Honestly don’t do it!



Isn’t that how I can make purchases on fivebucks? :confused:


Wait. Wait 1- 2 weeks. I really don’t want to write an essay to explain why. I can if you want, but just wait. Now is a really bad time to buy Bitcoin Cash


Fiverr doesn’t allow being in multiple places :wink: there’s a reason why they ask sellers to mention “exclusively on Fiverr” :stuck_out_tongue:

Both :eyes: Is that bad? :grimacing: Oh my, it’s bad!

:scream: <- that’s my reaction when I hear ‘bitcoin’ :smiley: I don’t like it, I’ve heard too many bad news about cryptocurrencies, too many cheats/schemes, etc.


Okie, dokie! :ok_hand:

Just give me a heads up when it IS a good time to buy.

BTW, do you two think this site would look better with black background/yellow lettering instead of white?


I crave white! White is my watter, my aer. It makes everything so legible, so clean, so perfect and pure :smiley:

There’s a reason why newspapers are white/lightgray :stuck_out_tongue: OK, I guess it’s a bad analogy.


Well, I’m only going to buy stuff from fivebucks from Emma, Andy & Chris. So, I wouldn’t have to worry about cheat/schemes. :slight_smile:

May I point out that you have skills in writing? Which isn’t and hasn’t been, as far as I know anywhere on 5r?


I may have that… but my dream is to go back in the art niche :slight_smile: I’m still preparing to launch myself in a special niche where there’s only one big-selling competitor, though it takes more time than I anticipated.

And I still dream of becoming a traditional animator as I have so many ideas that need to be awaken (I’m the kind of person who would draw 720 frames by hand to obtain a minute of animation - I’m that patient and passionate; but no time, no money, so I’m still in the dreaming stage - perhaps I’ll have a better chance in the next life…)