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I couldn’t even try - I just took a peek, made big, scared doggy eyes, then turned around in a heartbeat! :smiley:

Do you want me to bring some meksell or a serial spammer to make this place warmer? :sweat_smile:







What a pity. On that note, though, do you remember Writer99025? I recently discovered that he has been shadowbanned from Reddit and I feel quite bad about this. I have messaged him to let him know he has been shadow banned. However, I have no way of knowing if he received this.

I know that he really misses being on the Fiverr forum. However, he does seem to have this way of turning everything he posts into political essays. (Hence why I presume Reddit has Shadowbanned him.)

I don’t have any other way to contact Writer directly, but if I could find one would you be okay if I invited him over? It’s potentially having to moderate a lot of posts which is why I’m asking. - Or just let him post whatever he wants to… Unless somehow could be found to persuade him to not deviate wildly off topic once and for all.


Absolutely! I like Writer!

He’s welcomed to post about as much about Modi as he wishes here. Matter of fact, it’ll be fun to have the Writer’s politics vs everyone else’s! Heck, it may even entice others to join just to prove him wrong! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome. I will send him a PM on reddit. As I say, though, I don’t know if his shadowbanned status there prevents him from receiving PM messages. The other alternative would be to message him on Fiverr but… Yeah, that would an immediate Pete ban.

I think Emma(ki) has direct contact with Eoin who I believe might be able to get in touch with Writer. Barring that, someone might need to light flaming beacons on a mountain somewhere in India. They’re just very hard to add urls to. :wink:


He always told me how I sounded like him or like the better half of him, so yeah, of course I can’t wait to see him here :grin:


Done, with extra flares just to be sure - let’s hope meksell haven’t seen them :smiley:


You see, the url just isn’t clearly visible. This is why in the early days of the Internet, they stopped lighting beacons on mountains altogether. :slight_smile:


Come on, @cyaxrex , you’ve been typing for 40 minutes :sweat_smile: Hit some return keys once in a while :smiley:


Ok, my attempt to reach out to Writer is done. In the meantime, if anyone uses Twitter (I don’t) I know he uses that regularly.

In the meantime, I might as well mention an idea I have to get some feedback on it. I think it will be okay to put here, with the thread being ‘anything goes.’ However, I will make a proper thread when I have more time.

Basically, I’m really exhausted with Fiverr and all other freelance platforms. I was doing reasonably well on PPH before Fiverr. However, after not loging in for a while, I had to start all over again and a lot had changed. (In my opinion for the worst.) I was also banned from Upwork recently. I have not made a sale on Upwork for 2+ years. In this case, I was bemused by this.

As it turns out, someone reported me. Specifically, someone who was sending me messages every couple of months wanting me to be their home help. (They live in my area.) Then there is all the Fiverr bans because of bugs (and apparently in some cases no reason), not to mention how these are handled. I did get my Upwork account restored. However, I am doubtful this would ever happen on Fiverr.

Long story short, I’m toying with the idea of starting my own freelance platform but one which isn’t a clone of Fiverr. For one, the platform wouldn’t process any payments. sellers would basically have listings detailing what payments they accept and one of these would preferably be a form of cryptocurrency.

Buyers would then negotiate payments with sellers directly and all communication could take place wherever a seller would like it to. Email, Skype etc.

Of course this system would be open to abuse by spammers and meksellers. This is why it would be an invitation only freelance platform with a maximum cap of 100 freelancers. Also, to pitch the platform to the right sellers, it would not be commission based. If you want to work there, you would pay $250 which covers 6-months membership and payments would only be accepted in cryptocurrency.

This might seem like a lot. However, $250 over 6-months is nothing compared to sites like Fiverr. Having to pay upfront and in a non-reversible way would also deter opportunist people. (Who’s membership would still be revoked if they could be proven to have abused the platform).

My thinking is that by putting a strong cryptocurrency angle on such a platform, it would be easy to generate PR. Also, while there are a few fledgling crypto freelancing sites out there, none of these allow buyers to pay with regular cash. This one would and would, therefore, serve two target markets at once. Zero commissions and fees would also be an incentive for buyers.

Of course, no one is going to cough up $250 for 6-months membership to a completely unknown website. This is why I would be looking to raise funds via a fundraising campaign which would cover the first two years of running costs, a decent marketing effort, and let interested users use the site for 1-year fee free.

Now, as freelancers/freelance clients, does my idea sound crazy and unworkable? Or do you think it is something worth investing time in?


You will always lose me on this one :eyes: Whenever I hear of payment via bitcoin / cryptocurrency, I close the site without a blink. I don’t know, the whole idea of virtual currencies just cannot pierce my brain :smiley:

I can’t even start to imagine the efforts, costs and time needed to invest in such a platform. If you have human powers, or a team of humans to back you up, it could be possible, I guess…

And there’s also the risk of failed investment, and with it, a lot of time potentially lost when it could’ve been used in another direction. Just like there is a chance of a big win :smiley:

I don’t know, I guess it all comes down to what priorities you have in life :slight_smile: My priority is mekmoneyz to survive :smiley: :neutral_face:


This is why I would want to start a fundraiser and tap the crypto market. The biggest problem facing crypto is lack of adoption. However, using it is easy. I picked up a lot of Bitcoin paid work at the start of the year. I have a Skrill account and I can load £500 to it in Bitcoin whenever I like and then it just becomes cash you can withdraw and spend as usual. There are also other cards like Revolut which give users this option.

Payment services like this and groups who promote use of cryptocurrency like the Litecoin Foundation, would be the people I would be looking to get support from, even if just in the form of some free PR.

In my mind, building the site and the first years running costs could be done for $5K-$10K. The administration side would be a full-time job and this is where I would struggle.

Yep. Me too funnily enough. I wouldn’t mind being homeless and destitute if I had a pet Alsatian. However, chihuahias are very needy creatures who like their home comforts. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry! I didn’t realize! I will say no more, promise. :slight_smile:

Have your Fiverr orders showed any sign of picking up btw?


I’m more of a…


…kind of guy. Sorry if this comes as a disappointment :smiley: (@RegiAdd you should increase the max gif size limit, it’s currently at 4.5mb :weary: :stuck_out_tongue: )

Oh, no, I didn’t mean that I close this site. If I see a site that requires bitcoins for payment, I close it :stuck_out_tongue: Call me old fashioned if you like :older_man:

Yes, they have, but not in the good way:


(8 cancellations since the beginning of Nov :expressionless: )


What? Are these chargebacks or CS cancelled orders where they just chew gum when anyone asks for a refund and click the ok button?

I thought my cancellation rate was high but yours is already landing on Mars. (Say “Hi” to David Bowie from me.)

Does your gif mean you are a small fury man who prefers pet tennis balls? Or are you just a small dog lover? If the latter, I have to say I am too. I would love a big dog to do exciting things like running and super long mountain treks with. However, I’ve kind of got used to having a tiny portable friend I can take anywhere.

My orders have stagnated. I was about to put a few new gigs on Fiverr for niche writing services. Mainly, Medical Marijuana article writing, Flippa website descriptions, YOAST SEO article writing. However, the Pete situation has scared me off the Marijuana idea. Also, I would have thought there would already ne a lot of Yoast SEO writing gigs. That there aren’t have my paranoid brain thinking, “does Fiverr see SEO and flag gigs as selling dodgy backlinks?”

At present I’m okay financially, as I spent the whole year saving to get to Cyprus. Now though, I’m just hoping that as well as cancelling plans, I don’t have to start dipping into savings. Also i am a bit sad as I really really wanted a change of scenery. :frowning:


Actually, those are orders from buyers who don’t read what they buy or make demands outside the scope of my gigs (those people who like to blind-purchase products at the local store and then go back to ask for refunds), and I refuse cancelling such orders, which is why I have asked CS to cancel them :slight_smile:

I did, and he said: “I never really felt like a rock singer or a rock star or whatever.” (get it? Mars is a rock, he said ‘rock singer’, ‘rock star’… :smiley: No? Nothing? :neutral_face: )

Uhm, no, it meant that I’m a frenchie person :smiley: I want a small frenchie really bad, but for now I’m still living with a large Goldendoodle (yeah, that’s a breed from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle)

Well, if you search for “marijuana”, you’ll find quite a lot of gigs :eyes:

They started removing backlinks gigs once as you probably remember, along with some very famous hardcore-cash-machine sellers, then all of a sudden they stopped removing such gigs - I think they’ve lost too much money after removing them :smiley:

That’s exactly what I said before starting to dip into my savings, and now I have no more savings :pensive:

I haven’t changed scenery ever since I joined Fiverr. And after 8 years, I’ve become quite a :crazy_face: caveman :hole:


Ahhh!! Don’t say that! I have been there and I really can not bear the idea of revisiting that time. Luckily, I have super low living costs. If need be, I can survive on $600 a month. Should that not work, I’ve got 2 x pristine condition kidneys. :slight_smile:

I can completely understand why you are looking to downsize your dog breed. Also, Frenchies are remarkably cute. :slight_smile:

Have you thought about shaking up what you offer on Fiverr? I’ve found a reputable freelancer on another site selling press release syndication to major Fox, CNN, etc affiliate news sites for $75. Pros on Fiverr are offering the same for $200 - $500. I plan to set up my own PR gig for $150 and see how it goes. i.e. Basically start reselling.

There is also Esther from Kenya who frequents the forum. She is selling web design for a very competitive price but not getting great exposure. As a TRS seller, you could maybe reach out and ask if she would be happy with you reselling her service. I did hire her once and she is really friendly and quick to communicate. (I can’t vouch for her web design skills but she has good reviews and has a degree in computery things.)

I float that suggestion as web design already ties in with what you offer, like press release distribution ties in with what I offer. Also, a lot of the Pros are just winging it in the same way. Apparently, there was even a Pro writer spotted on buyer requests a while ago!

Also, what about offering translation services? I’d be happy to look over any Romanian to English translations for you FOC to make sure they read correctly. (If you would need that kind of help, as I see it you probably wouldn’t.)

Just ideas.

Tell me about it. My last year has been the ultimate caveman experience.

My apartment is horrible (but cheap) and I’ve spent most of the year being a recluse trying to save $$'s. Now I’m eyeing cheaper countries to move to where I can live better on a minimum income if necessary. Cyprus was my first choice but now I’m eying The Republic of Georgia. There if need be, I could also teach there which is a bonus.

Possibly, I might also eventually swallow my pride and get a proper job in the UK.

That said, after this long, that prospect is utterly terrifying. :scream:

I will be back in these fair parts tomorrow! Now I should really attend to an order I’ve been putting off, before I hit the hay. (Literally, I’m so poor I sleep on hay :slight_smile: ) - Bit of an exaggeration.


After reading the last few posts, I can actually :eye: Writer on this forum telling everyone how “Rich” he is from all the money dad left him and the endless line of 5r work he does just to fill the void in his mansion. :rofl:

He would be fun to have around.

I haven’t been keeping up on Fiverr platform in the past few months and I noticed the site has changed a wee bit. They have something called a “Discovery” - - I got an email on but it didn’t really explain what it is, just confusing. I guess they are all PRO sellers.

That would be heaven :angel: . With the shopping basket and Team Account, I can make multiple $5 to $10 purchases to try or test a seller at least twice before adding them to my list of favorites, but now to test 10 sellers would cost me $20 in transaction fees - for my small side business would come out to a lot of money; let’s not mention more transaction fees for tipping the sellers. :frowning_face:

I can understand them raising fees to encourage buyers to make larger purchases but that also deters people like me (which I’m sure there are many) from making small test purchases from various sellers.

I thoroughly like your idea!

I don’t think this sound crazy at all! Like all business, it may be a slow start and you may have to give the sellers a trial period of xx months or until they make xx sales before charging them.

You do know it may require some vetting on your or your teams part to ensure these sellers are indeed reputable. When I say reputable, I’m talking about the Regular Joe off the street who does great work; not the guy who invented a one time logo for a mega-company many :first_quarter_moon_with_face: ago.

Is this US currency or equivalent? Just curious to know if your budget includes advertising? I think that would be the biggest expenditure to creating a freelance site.

Well, off to do some exercise here in the CST! :running_woman:


Yeah, to be honest, I’m annoyed by the 1,000-yr Fiverr forum ban they gave him and even more annoyed with the Reddit shadowban. I didn’t even know what this was. Apparently, though, he might now be posting and replying to comments without realizing no one can see him or get in touch.

That’s a bit cruel. For as much as he can be annoying at times, he does keep actively trying to be a part of an online community of fellow freelancers and he is an interesting character to have on your Xmas card list. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t figure out what this is. They also now have ‘Learn’ for sellers, where you can take video courses, get a Fiverr certificate and apparently improve your gig placement. The thing is, many of the same courses are offered by the same people on Udemy for less. Then there is ‘And Co.’

To be honest, they just keep throwing up new window dressing everywhere while actual problems like bugs and bans spiral.

I’d hesitate that there is a new post every day on the forum concerning someone being banned or receiving a permanent account warning for no reason. In fact, there are two now. One from a girl who’s seller left a review in error and asked how to change it. (Resulting in her receiving an account warning for review manipulation.) Then another from a 3-year long seller who has apparently been banned for ‘being in the same location’ as another seller. (He insits his IP is not shared with anyone.)

Of course, the same “we don’t know what really happened line” keeps getting used over. However, when you have experienced things like delivery bugs which drop your files instead of sending them yourself, you realize that there really is something more going on.

I think it has deterred a lot of buyers. A lot of buyers order different gigs from different sellers. No shopping cart means they now get hit with considerable fees. I was having a good run with my cryptocurrency writing gig. People ordered daily to have relevant daily news on their sites. When the fees went up, buyers started asking for bulk orders. This resulted in my volume going down and content being out of date before I could deliver it. Now the only people I have are regulars. - Almost.

Just US currency and that figure is only really representative of hosting and building costs. Since there would not be any in-built payment system, it would really be just like a gig-looking classified site.

Have a nice run!