Should You Buy Crypto Right Now or Not?



The site logged me off, when I didn’t upload the ID on time - probably a good thing.

A pending transaction charge is not appearing on my credit card, so probably another good thing. Learning, here.

My first order will be, “How to use bitcoin for beginners!” :grin:



This has BSV - can I also buy it from coinbase?


Well, that’s a revelation. Thank God your buying failed.

No. Coinbase does not support Bitcoin Cash SV. It is also not possible to buy Bitcoin Cash SV on any reputable exchanges which I am familiar with.

You can buy regular Bitcoin on Coinbase, then open an account on an exchange called Binance, then trade your Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash SV there. However, I really wouldn’t recommend it. (Since you are completely new to all this).


YUP. That’s what I said.

Shucks! I guess no buying on 5B.

I’m off to Legiit. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.


I have a very philosophical way of looking at things. If I was in the U.S. my approach would be the same as yours, but I’m in India.


Wait! How do you know my approach? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Based on what you said in your comment.


[Anyway, doing your order today and tomorrow. Sending a request for 1-day extension, please accept!]


:slight_smile: Done!