Should I? Should You if You Want to be a Writer?


I just found this:

Basically, it’s a super pimped up version of Learn from Fiverr… And I’m thinking about it.

100 Euros is kind of a lot for me though and I hate courses… But it’s Neil Gaiman.

I hate targeted marketing. :frowning:

This could be good, though, if you too are an aspiring writer. Also, if anyone has done any MasterClass courses, do review your experience!


I have torrented a masterclass once (Steve Martin’s one) but never got to watch it.


You stole from Steve Martin? I doubt he’d find that funny.

I’m actually liking the idea of the MasterClass. Unlimited access to courses for 200 Euros works our as a hell of a lot better value than Learn.

Anyway, I’ve decided not to sign up for the Neil Gaiman course until I have 40,000 words of a book to use as a draft. i.e. Write first, polish later.


Considering it’s Neil Gaiman, it could be a lot better than just “good”.


I wanted to make sure if MasterClass is worth it. Sadly, I didn’t watch it, not even a minute from the course. However, I’ve read some reviews that the photography classes are :poop:.


I’m signing up! :slight_smile:

It only $180 USD for a year’s worth of valuable information from so many established writers! I suppose I could just start off with $90.

Maybe we can all go in together as a group and they will give us a discount??? :thinking:


Perhaps, we can buy a prepaid Visa/MasterCard and share an account, of course if it’s allowed to be accessed from a couple of computers. We can share one account between 2-3 people. it’s just a thought.


I just read their TOS and it does not allow for shared account. It does give you a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.

I watched Dan Brown and his methods got me really excited! There are several other ones than looks really awesome! :slight_smile:


Hold on. How can you start of with $90? A single course for me would be 100 Euros? Are you getting preferential pricing because you are in the US? If so, I could paypal you $90 and you could ‘gift’ me a course. - If you wanted to off course. :slight_smile:


Margaret Atwood would certainly be a great choice.


The website has $90 for a single course or $180 for one year. I’m guessing that’s equalivant to whatever Euro exchange rate is or is it? :confounded:


She really intrigued me!! I also liked Dan Brown & James Patterson!

OMG, I’d kill hee, hee :wink: to write like Patterson or even be able to get a scoop :ice_cream: or two of his flavor or flavour for you all partial to British English - eh!?!? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nope! That means you pay 78.55 Euros for a single course while I pay 100! You get an 11.45% discount just for being a hop skip and an Atlantic Ocean away!

Anyway, I figured out out how to use some VPN magic to scan for the best prices. In this case, don’t worry, we’ll leave Neil Gaiman money laundering for another day. :wink:


AHHHH! :scream:

I signed up. It was so enticing I couldn’t help myself. I figured since they had a 30-day money back guarantee, I’d just go for it. I got the 1 year access.

Okay, about to watch my first lesson! So excited! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Awesome, what did you choose? Tell us all about it! :smile_cat:

I see the same prices as Gina, and I’m in Serbia. Perhaps what you see is a EU thingy?


I think from now on, I’m going to start negotiating my referral kickbacks before I post the product plug. :wink:


I have no idea where you find these things but I’m so glad you posted it here. It’s something I’ve needed for a long time.

I chose the 1 year, unlimited view for $180. There were several authors that I wanted to view so I figured it was better than paying $90 a piece. I haven’t watched yet, but it automatically enrolled me into Neil Gaiman for my first instructor/lesson. Could be that I looked at him last before signing up or he is the latest instructor.

Well, as a certain humble writer from India used to say, "I’m off to my writing . . . lesson! :slight_smile:


I think I will eventually do the same. However, I’m being logical and reminding myself that it would be silly me splashing cash on this now, when my biggest problem is finding time to write in the first place.

I look forward to hearing how this goes for you. Also, do remember my selfless MasterClass suggestion when the Neil Gaiman marriage proposal and royalty cheques start flying in. :wink:


Well, I’ve had writer’s block for couple of years now. I haven’t published anything in :two: :heavy_plus_sign: years now.

The more I write and the better I get, the more I hate my style. I am “telling” the story and not “living” it. I have a hard time putting into words the emotions - the sight - the sound - the aroma - the fear - the anguish - in an interesting, enticing ways.

I read Grisham, Patterson and few others. They are masters of it all. Grisham can spend two pages describing a character where I can visualize the character’s face. attire, voice - and I wouldn’t even be aware that he did. He does it so well, so intriguing that I get immersed into his world.

Patterson is the master of places and sound. I can feel it, I get anxious to “see” what’s coming, it grabs my attention. I can visualize the place, the smell, feel my heart pound.

My words are bland, boring, sometimes when I go back to my earlier writing, it’s like a 3rd grader wrote it. Like I said, the better I get at fiction, the worse I feel about my style.

I want to get some lessons to see what I can do to improve upon my novel that I wrote 4 years ago before I write the prequels and sequels.


The below is an excerpt from Neil’s Lesson guide.

“Provide specific, concrete sensory details: You can make up an underground tunnel that doesn’t exist, but if you describe the smell of sewage and the persistent dripping of water, you draw your reader into a concrete experience that contributes to the sense of reality.”

Coincidentally, I actually have a tunnel in my novel. I described it but it’s telling more than anything. Gosh the miracle he can take my thoughts into another dimension!