Shadow People & The Dangers of the Dark Arts

While scanning through my backup folders today, I stumbled upon a photo which I thought I had lost years ago. Specifically, a photo which I accidentally caught years ago of what some people refer to as a Shadow Person.

For those not in the know, a shadow person is an entity which manifests in the form of a three-dimensional human shadow. In many cases, this shadow will appear as if it is wearing a fedora hat, almost like a government agent. As for what shadow people are, my understanding after several direct encounters with these entities is that they are demonic, highly intelligent, highly pervasive entities, and you probably have one somewhere near you right now.

Anyway, on to the story of the photo below. Several years ago in Scotland, I bought a £25 digital camera from Tesco (basically Walmart). Needless to say, the camera was a piece of junk. Every photograph taken turned out grainy and instead of 1 photo, the camera would take 3 in quick succession.

While trying to find a fix for the aforementioned problems, I spent a day off work playing with the settings while home alone. There was absolutely nothing remarkable about that day. However, after viewing the photographs taken while testing my potato camera, I stumbled upon the following:

As you can see in the first photograph, something solid can be seen emerging from the left side of my then bedroom doorframe. This mass then disappears in the second and third photo. However, if you look closely, you will see that whatever this mass is, seems to carry the darkness surrounding it with it as it passes the door. i.e. the wall seen through the open door becomes brighter as whatever the phenomenon is, presumably proceeds out of sight up the corridor outside my bedroom.

Of course, I can’t prove that I was the only person in my apartment that day. However, the above three photographs were taken by me of what I genuinely thought was nothing at the time. Moreover, the only reason there are three is because of the fault which I mentioned earlier and which I was trying to fix at the time.

As for what shadow people are, they are essentially entities which attach to people and often spend the duration of their victims’ life existing literally in the shadows. This being the case, they know more about you than you know about yourself. They are the things that go bump in the night, and should you ever visit a medium or psychic, it is they which use what they know about you, to impersonate dead friends and relatives and make you believe that you are receiving signs and messages from loved ones from beyond the grave.

If you ever feel like you are being watched, it is because you are being observed by one of them. Moreover, if you ever experience sleep paralysis, recurrent (and particularly disturbing nightmares), a haunting or poltergeist activity, it is always one of them attempting to get your attention with the intention of influencing your beliefs and behaviour for their own agenda.

Naturally, all of the above can be somewhat disturbing, if not seem completely preposterous. However, if you ever decide to buy a psychic reading, spell, or spiritual service on Fiverr, (or involve yourself in the occult in any way), it would be wise to keep in mind what you might actually be about to open a door to. :wink:

Anyway, does anyone else have any spooky photos?


My dear one used to have this issue years ago. He would fear there was something evil just outside the door and that someone was waiting to get him. :worried: Then he would wake me up and have me change places with him. :joy:

However, a priest that was a family friend had him make the sign of the cross everytime it happened. (I know some of you are agnostic) Besides that, he and the priest friend visited and discussed times when my love had been young where he was extremely scared.

It turns out my dear one’s mother used to tell him a bedtime story that he remembered from when he was about 3. She thought it was funny and would laugh after telling it.

In the story, a boy had been sent to the store to get liver for supper. He played long past the time for the store to close and stopped by the graveyard on his way home and relieved a newly dead person of their liver.

That night while the boy was trying to fall asleep he heard a low creepy voice saying, “I want my liver, I am coming to get it.” Then the voice says it is leaving the graveyard and repeats the line about wanting his liver and he is on his way to get it. This continues and there are various stops along the route until the person is finally outside the bedroom door and then beside the bed and then the storyteller, (my dear one’s mom) grabbed my love’s 3-year-old self and screams. “Gotcha!” She laughed he tried to sleep but was terrified and always lay awake for long after he was “tucked in” for the night.

So sometimes the monsters may have been created in your mind as a child.

Ever since he recalled the reason for his recurring bad dreams my hubs was free of them and now sleeps soundly every night.

Be careful of which bedtime stories you tell your children. Hmm, I wonder how many children were scarred by The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood?

PS. What is that picture on the wall of? :thinking:

It was a print of a Maori chief I had as a souvenir from NZ. - Just very badly framed because it was a new apartment and I’m very cheap when it comes to decorating. :slight_smile:

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I don’t really have spooky photos but i do have spooky stories to tell! (Real ones).

This month, me and my sister were getting ready to get out of the house and head to my grandma so we could spend the day there. My whole family was there already so nobody was at the house except for me and my sister. Anyway, i made sure to close the windows and curtains in case of a bad weather and we both got out. Before i close the house door, i checked my last check and then grabbed the keys, closed the door and then headed to my grandma’s house.

Nothing was spooky really until we came back home and found that one of the room doors got closed while we weren’t there. I didn’t close it, my sister didn’t close it either, there was no strong winds neither any of our house windows were open. How did that happen? we still don’t know to be honest. I thought someone was inside the house because i was 100% sure that nobody got near that door. We checked everything but nothing from the house was missing so it’s not even a thief.

Same thing happened two days ago. Me and my father weren’t at home (nobody was at the house) and when we came, we found some stuff in the kitchen fell on the floor as if someone just bumped into them. Needless to say, these stuff were situated perfectly for months and they never fell actually.

I do actually believe in ghosts and their existence since i have came across more creepy situations. But these were the recent ones to tell.

And also, i really like to dig into creepy, hidden and weird stories.

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They’re not ghosts! They’re Shadow People! - Though you might call them Djinn? Closing doors, breaking things, and bumping about is usually a sign that they want your attention. Alternatively, you might just have mice. - As long as the mice aren’t possessed by shadow people, your fine. :slight_smile:

If you like creepy stories, you should think about writing one. You are in Egypt after all. I particularly liked that story from Cairo last year when people were petitioning to drink the red juice of a mummy.

I’d write one from the angle of someone who did drink the juice and became addicted. To get their fix, they would have to keep exhuming mummies, before gnawing on them. Then when the mummy supply ran out, they’d start on unmoisturized humans. It would probably a woman and she would probably have to vomit poisonous millipedes occasionally to keep people interested. However, I think it could work.