Selling my business domain name. Is it worth it?

I’ll try to keep this a bit short. As most of you guys know, i’m currently a senior at high school. I have thought about it for a while, but i’m actually thinking about pausing or perhaps shutting down my Web Design business. It actually did pretty well as a start, but I don’t think i would be able to manage it beside my studies as i will have to stop any work-related stuff by December since exams will be getting near.

So long story short, i was thinking to sell the domain name. But i honestly don’t know if it’s even worth it? Or should i just keep it until perhaps i finish my high school and get things back together to it’s normal state?

So here’s the plan i have in mind. I currently have two months only before i stop any work-related projects. In this two month period, i’m planning to save my tuition fees for the rest of the year. So that after December, i could be able to pay off my tuition fees for the rest of the year.

I have already saved a good amount, but there’s still a couple more to go. So this is when it came to my mind to sell the domain name i currently have. I have no clue if someone would actually be interested in buying it, if it’s even worth it or how to do it.

I have tried to add it to GoDaddy’s domain value and it’s estimate value was $663. If this amount is true, this would certainly help out.

I’m having a difficulty taking a decision here as i have no clue how selling a domain works and if the estimated value is actually something to rely on. I forgot to mention, my business domain name is

Any suggestions?


Hi Joe!

Domain valuations are notoriously over-stated, and most domains will struggle to make anything like a GoDaddy etc. valuation.

I’ve only ever sold domain where potential buyers have contacted me asking to buy them, rather than actively selling them. When I did sell them, it was for much less than any evaluation.

For the sake of a few quid a year, that’s what I’d do - you’ve worked hard on getting it up and running, it would seem a shame to lose it now.


I’d try and sell it for $7K, then if it doesn’t sell, keep it.

Software development as an industry is on steroids at present. It’s also going to be for the foreseeable future. Added to that, it’s an industry where everyone wants to carve out their own brand.

Your domain name is awesome. It’s so awesome, I want it. I’d, therefore, think very carefully about selling.

P.S. If you do sell, I hear that a guy on Fiverr called Cyaxrex offers to write professional Flippa site sales descriptions. :wink:


I’d say keep it. Just the domain name by itself isn’t costly and you may want to pick it up later on.

My thrilled you were able to make a good profit from it. That is awesome. :hugs:


I’ve had a new idea. Possibly, it could help you make some $$$'s too!

Why not tun Devs On Duty into a online portal where people can connect with the best freelance developers, marketers, etc?

You could join the Fiverr Affiliate program and pick some developers to feature on your site. Write a short bio and link to their Fiverr profile. Plus you could feature a few non-devs like… Oh I dunno… Copywriters. bloggers, grahic desiners, etc… :wink:

I could help you with writing the copy and ranking for relevant search traffic. If it worked, you would have a petty cool passive income generator. As a plus, you would also be building the authority of your site, making it easier to sell and for a good markup in the future.


I actually agree with all of your points of view. So in a nutshell, it seems like it’s not that easy to sell a domain name and it won’t even pay off as i thought.

Do you think online portals do actually work? The main issue is that in 2 month time, i won’t be able to work. So if building something like this will require weekly effort and time, this might not help in the current situation.


All you would basically be doing is creating a landing page with links to say 10 or so developers. Maybe add an about page and a couple of pages about how to hire a freelance software developer. After that, though, you would just be sitting back and leaving your website to either attract traffic or gather dust. - You wouldn’t need to work on an on-going basis.

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So cy, from your past experience, dou you think these type of stuff actually generate something? :thinking: How do they even work. Like am i supposed to advertise? Or does it mainly depends on SEO.