Saying No to Tech - At Least Just Try It!

By the time most people have finished reading this post, they will likely think I am mad. However, I would urge anyone reading this to seriously consider going (almost) tech cold turkey for a while. When you do, you might be surprised by the benefits.

To start, I am what is some people call an electromagnetically sensitive person. I don’t like this term myself. I am just a person. However, what this means in short, is that I feel physically ill when in the presence of most of the gadgets people fawn over these days. I am also going to chance to guess that you do too, but simply don’t realize.

How it Started

Back in 2012, I had no idea what electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) was. However, 2012 was the sickest year in my life. I constantly had a headache. I had arthritis symptoms which were so extreme I couldn’t screw the cap off a bottle. I felt fatigued all the time, and I was very depressed and a bit fat.

I put all of this down to stress. However, I started to notice something. Every weekend me and my ex would camp somewhere spectacularly beautiful in Scotland. (Albeit in the rain most of the time.) During this time, my symptoms would almost vanish. When they returned, it was then always at work and it wasn’t just stress.

There could be no one in the hotel but me and a few staff rattling around. However, this slow creep of aches and fatigue would come over me. Then in 2013, I and my ex moved to Malta and something extraordinary happened. I started sleeping better and all my aches, pains and fatigue went away. - And then I started to realize why.

When we first moved into our apartment, we got a wired Internet router (not wifi). At the time, this meant saving $30 or so for installation. Later, though, it became a pain not having wifi to connect our phones to. In this case, we upgraded. That same day, I was hit with a head-splitting migraine. It was so bad that my mind started screaming at me, “It’s the Bloody WIFI!” So I turned it off. Then, whallah!

Ever since then, I have only used wired routers, my cellphone has always been turned off and used only for emergencies, and I have lived without a microwave, bluetooth speaker, or regularly used wireless device of any kind. There is just one problem.

The WIFI Soup We Live In

When you realize that you are an EHS person, you realize that the world we live in is hell. You see, you can’t not just have wifi. When I go house hunting, I have to take my rarely used phone with me and check to see how many of my future neighbors’ hotspots it picks up. Too many signals and too many bars, mean that a house or apartment is uninhabitable. On that note, houses themselves are not an option due to smart meters, while any apartment ideally needs to be on the third or fourth floor to avoid the smart meter bank at ground floor level.

See. Doesn’t this all sound crazy?

Sadly, avoidance doesn’t always work. Last year I had a bag stolen containing my tablet and phone. (I still use them but at home, aways in areoplane mode). I replaced the phone and a few days later started to noitice an ache behind my right eye. Over the next few days, this ache became unbearable and I knew instinctively that something in my environment had changed.

Could it be my new phone? Double checking to see that it was indeed in airplane mode, I convinced myself that it wasn’t. However, then I started to notice that when it was switched off completely, my symptoms would subside. Then, through research, I found that even when in airplane mode, most modern phones still attempt to connect with Google, even when they are out of credit or don’t even have a sim inside. My phone has been switched off ever since and used only when needed.

And now for the big one. This time last year, I used to have a local bar I’d frequent at least 2 or 3 times a week in the main city where I live. It’s a brilliant place, all oldy and locally run, where all the expats and locals congregate together. This year, though, something changed in that environment.

I didn’t feel ill while there catching a coffee in the morning or a beer in the evening. I just felt uncomfortable. The only way I can describe it is like going from a world where the power has gone out and you can feel the silence, into a world suddenly alive with electricity. I also found myself becoming agitated there for no reason and later, subconciiously avoiding the place.

I did not know why this was at the time. However, later I became aware of the fact that the island where I live is being used as a 5G (next generation cellphone signal) testiing ground. Because of this, I started to research 5G and I was horrified.

Quickly, I pulled the shutters down on a large portion of my social life. However, the test area for 5G eventually came to the area where I live. In fact, last week a transmitter stated looking over my apartment. This isn’t causing me too much distress at present. However, my skin and eyes feel constantly itchy and… Well, it seems like my days of trying to escape the unseen electromagnetic smog of the world are over. That is unless I can find a backwater place in the world free of other people’s deadly infatuation with technology.

All the above being said, the most important thing I have learned over the past 6-years, is that everyone is electromagnetically sensitive. In most cases, they just don’t put 2 + 2 together.

Do you keep paracetamol in the cupboard because you have a killer headache once a week? Try turning off the wifi. I haven’t yet met anyone this doesn’t work for. Are you always feeling fatigued and/or operating at a high-stress level? Ditch your wifi, phone, and microwave junk, and you will feel instantly better.

I rarely talk about this issue openly. As soon as you open your mouth, you are annoying and possibly deranged. However, so were qualified doctors prior to 1996, before a man called Jeffrey Wigand blew the whistle on the tobacco industry. Before that cigarettes were legally not harmful. Now they are human health enemy number one.

It is my belief that most people have forgotten how it felt just to be before we were connected to everything and surrounded with all these devices which if you look, do include warning labels. Try tuning out of the maddness for a while and see if you feel better, even if you didn’t realize you weren’t sick to begin with.

Wow, Cy! Interesting. I do not get any of the symptoms you described. Lucky me! :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I once had a student who could only use certain computers in the school because others would :zap: shut down as soon as she got near them. I do not know how she faired with cell phones and such. :thinking:

Also, my sis and her ex-college professor husband are mostly anti-tech people, but not for the reasons you described. They are the outdoors type :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: and would rather be camping, :tent: hiking or just plain walking :walking_man: :walking_woman: than sitting at a computer. They have one PC :desktop_computer: in their house and no other tech. Heck, their phone is even the old model. :phone: They still use an antenna for their television reception; no cable or dish for them. :wink:

This is me. I actually have 6 laptops/tablets and a smartphone. However, everything but the laptop I use is an emergency backup device. The outdoors, I love. In 5 minutes walking, I’m on rugged clifftops with no sign of civilization. I’m there 3 times a day for an hour or so.

I have to surrender FB and all the other apps people use. However, I am happier this way. Much happier!

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I wonder if this is related to the “I was talking about X, then I got ads for X” thing? (as in FB or whatever shows you an ad for goldfish food after you were chatting with a friend about goldfish, that kinda thing)

Speaking for myself, I’m pretty sure I don’t have EMS, so your experience is alien to me, but it’s also something I’ve seen other people reporting, so no, I don’t think you’re crazy. Well, maybe a little bit, but for separate reasons :wink:

There must be a reason that some individuals are more sensitive to this invisible bombardment and others aren’t (or simply don’t notice or feel the effects). The same could be said for much of the modern world and other modern diseases (gluten intolerance, autism, etc.). Those are often explained away by science getting better at identifying stuff, but what if it’s actually just the local environment of the modern world we find ourselves in?

If you watch Better Call Saul (the prequel to Breaking Bad, highly recommended etc), Saul’s bro has EMS and lives in a tinfoil house and acts like a generally crazy person (although not all of that can be blamed on the EMS, imo). So, that’ll be the mainstream experience, and I’m sure plenty of people would rather jump on other bandwagons of health rather than ditch the tech. Which is unfortunate, really, as it leaves those who have identified it and how to get rid of it lumped in with the crazies.

I wouldn’t apologise or make excuses about my “craziness”, I’d just be direct about it and say “this is a thing - and there are may others.” I’ve just remembered the Asperger’s specturm - surely EMS is the same… which is why many might not ID it because the symptoms kinda fit this, that, and the other.

Give it until 5G is global, but our robot overlords may be in control by then.

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From my experience, you get more sensitive when you remove yourself from things like wifi. I used to use my cell phone all day. Now if I use my 3G dongle to connect to the net in power outages, I have to have it on a 3 meter usb extension cable running from my laptop and hooked out of the window. If I have it plugged in directly, I get aches in my eyes and the hand closet to the side of the keyboard it is attached to.

Of course, you could say in his case that a person could gradually immerse themselves back into normal life. - And you can. I have done it. Let a few weeks pass, though, and you get headaches and other things which you realize you NEVER have without tech junk. As I say, though, you only realize yourself when you create a benchmark for how well you can feel normally, by switching everything off.

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All that just indicates, then, that our brains are all being fried like a frog in water that’s gradually boiling up. Or boiled, even. Microwaves do excite water molecules, after all… Frog could jump out, but doesn’t because it doesn’t know, after all…

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