Safest way for freelancers to get paid


What do you think is the safest way for freelancers to get paid?

Credit Cards/PayPal have that whole ugly chargeback. As an online freelancer, you can’t really accept check or cash and cryptocurrency hasn’t really caught on with the public.

I read an article where a guy did a chargeback on an airline. The airline sent a collection agency after him for the money. :astonished:

Apparently, the flight was delayed several hours for some reason and although he did fly, he felt that the airline owed him for missing whatever event he had lined up in New York. The airline proved to the collection agency that the customer received the service and therefore by doing a chargeback, it was, in fact, a “theft of service received.”

I had no idea that, at least in the USA, you can have the collection agency go after you for a chargeback if you can prove the receiver or client did indeed take or receive a product/service.

How do you feel about this? Do you think that Fiverr and other freelancing agency should implement this type of aggressiveness for those people who do chargebacks? You may not know what the client’s real name is but, Fiverr does, because the chargeback would show up at their end.


It would be difficult to do, with Fiverr being a global company. How do they send someone to collect from a scammer who lives in a tiny village in India (just an example), in the middle of nowhere, and how much would it cost them?


I was thinking about that. If I am not mistaken, Fiverr has an office here in New York. It tells me they have license, pay business fees, etc. to have business here.

Far as a collection agency in the US, from what I understand, the company doesn’t hire a collector to go after someone.

  • Jane bounces a check or (I guess nowadays) do a chargeback on a service received of $1000 from Gina’s Art Gallery.

  • Gina’s Art Gallery would “sell” the debt to KittyKat Collection Agency and receive say $600. Gina lost $400 but got some money out of it. KittyKat now goes after Jane for the whole $1000 + fees (just like 5r does).

  • Now the fight is between Jane & KittyKat Collection Agency. :smirk_cat: and Gina is drinking :tropical_drink: on a :beach_umbrella: somewhere.


Or Fiverr fights for the chargebacks and keeps the money for themselves. :thinking:


Actually, I think that sellers should have some form of protection from chargebacks.

Businesses have the right to fight a chargeback with the credit card company. Prove the service was given. Fiverr has a reputation of being easy when it comes to this so it’s an open market on scammers to get free service.

If they fought :tooth: and nail people would think twice before doing a chargeback on services there.

It’s all in how people perceive the company. As an example, Walmart never ever settle any lawsuits, therefore, no lawyer goes after them unless they are ready to go to court. Walmart would rather go to court and pay more. This works better because no one will go after them for easy money.

Fiverr is a big company, international at that. They can and should fight harder for fair compensation of their sellers. That response, “if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid,” is bull :poop: . They didn’t do the work, they take 20% from sellers and up to 40% from buyers.

All that transaction fee and no protection at all.

Okay, time for me to get off my high :horse: .


Would the agency accept to buy that debt, if they had to go after someone half across the planet, in another country with, possibly, quite different laws and regulations?

If Jane is American, sure, they can find her and collect, but what if she isn’t?


The collection agency works within the boundaries of the USA.

Well, I think they should at least attempt to collect from the cheapskates for the expensive gigs. Perhaps that would help to alleviate some of their cash burden and stop raising the transaction fees.

Sticky point, I guess.