Reviews, Reviews & More Reviews

How often do you pay attention to reviews?

Do you read the reviews on Amazon, eBay or other online freelancing sites before making purchases? I personally only read the negative reviews or 3 star ones to see what the issues were.

If it’s silly like (yes, I’ve seen this one), 3 :star: I stepped on the hose and it broke." :roll_eyes: I blew it off and bought the product. If it is more along the line of, "this seller gave himself fake 5 stars - - I read more to see if there are other verified purchases that say the same thing.

On 5r, I do the same thing. The thing is, I rarely read reviews on 5r anymore. I only look at the gig. I’d it’s good then I look at the description, if it’s short or too mangled, I move on. If it’s good, then I message the seller first, if I’ve never worked with them.

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I no longer experiment like I used to. Ya know, buy bunch of $5 gigs to find out who is good. In the olden days, I can buy ten gigs for $2.50 transaction fee, now it would cost me $20 trans fee.

Do you actually read the reviews? Are they useful to you? Do you find it annoying that everyone from restaurants to grocery store to hotels and even vendors ask for review?

Do you make more from repeat or new customers?

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When I buy tech, I do pay a lot of attention to reviews. However, I try to read the review on multiple blogs and media outlets which I trust.

  • Monitors, Headphones, TVs on Rtings. They have a interesting review system which is among the most objective ones that you can find.
  • Hardware - I watch DigitalFoundry as they do wonderful benchmarks.
  • Cheap items - I do not read any reviews and I know what to expect.

When it comes to freelancers. I do not bother reading the reviews, I just have a glance at their portfolio and then hire them on a small test project. However, that’s viable for me as we are looking for long term partners to design covers for my client, which is a publisher.

No one asks for reviews here. However, a word-of-mouth-marketing is widespread here. Usually, bad and good experiences are shared on local forums.

Maybe businesses that work with foreigners do ask for reviews on Booking, Airbnb and etc.


Yes - a bad Tripadvisor etc. review, and how the business owner replies to it (probably more important), can literally finish a business here.

We even have a long running TV series based around bed and breakfast/hotel owners staying at one anothers’ properties and reviewing them. How the owners respond to criticism is again really important because their potential guests are watching the programme! ‘Four In A Bed’ - there are bound to be some clips around of some of the better moments! :wink:


I like that show, but I’ve stopped watching it. It always makes me crave a fry up. :sweat_smile:

I like to read 1* stars. They give me an insight into recurring problems a product or seller might have.


It’s got to be a fry up - woe betide any B&B owner who does a Continental buffet breakfast! Worse than a shared bathroom. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most of the gigs I buy are from sellers I know, so I do not look at their reviews too closely.

On Amazon, I always read one or two 5 star reviews and then look at the 2 and 3-star reviews. I do pretty much the same for hotels and eating establishments. The only reviews I write are for eating places.

It does not bother me if I do not get a review anymore now that I am more established.


I just got an email from the gas station was at for a review and the fast food place. I guess these places are hooked to my CC.

I look at 3 to 1 star reviews as well. The professionalism in the response, wordings, and the explanations to the criticism goes a long way into giving me an insight into the product and/or the seller.


I read reviews, both the good ones and the bad ones. I also check out local forums to see the experience people in my area had with a certain product, because brands don’t offer the same quality for every region.


Inever get those. Interesting what different parts of the country do.

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