Reflections After the Defeat




I want to see the crooks in power…

They have promised all sorts of doles and stuff…

Rs. 10,000/per month to unemployed youth. Maybe I will sign up for that, I’m technically unemployed and if that product of a lucky sperm Rahul Gandhi is a youth leader at 49, I’m definitely an unemployed youth at 38 :wink:

Like Rahul, India’s next Prime Minister, I too have never really held a real job and am vague about my educational qualifications :grin:

Loan waivers for farmers. Technically I am a farmer as I have a farm in my native village where my father was from. At least 20% of “farmers” are like me. Maybe I will take a 2 crore rupees loan ($300,000) and exercise my right as a farmer to get that waived off.

Home loan waiver, perhaps? Another idea for the opposition?

Guaranteed government jobs for jobless people? I should qualify, as I am technically jobless. :wink:

LOL…I thought I was going to dread seeing India become a Venezuela, now it’s looks like I’m gonna have fun until the Titanic goes down. When everyone decides to be a crook, when you put crooks in power, then it would be insane not to be a crook yourself.

Well, at least I’m gonna laugh all the way while these people cry, as they are bound to. Let them enjoy their win for now, I’m gonna celebrate with them. The mourning is going to start sooner or later, at what point I’m gonna have fun.


Well that gives me a warm and fuzzy! :roll_eyes:


Duty comes first for this humble freelancer.

(But I am surprisingly calm on the worst day of my life. Spent almost 2 hours at the gym. Worked out extra hard to get my mind off the election stuff.)


I’m not sure how I feel about you waiting until last minute, after the election (which didn’t go your way), to write my articles!


Did you check the article I sent? You can just post it here to let the folks judge for themselves. Anyway, back to work.


Um, I don’t see anything.


I attached an article. On your order page.



The main election isn’t even until 2019! There’s more drama in this Queen than there would be in a shootout between Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Abba.


2 articles sent.


Right, 9 pm here, off to sleep. Will do the rest of the articles early tomorrow morning.


I hope you didn’t abuse the delivery button


MEME IDEA: Photoshop him abusing the deliver button while the Indian farmers are protesting.


Funny you should mention that - someone sent me this photo yesterday.

(I gave them 3 stars for a satisfactory experience - or did I???)


Nope. There’s still time for the deadline. I usually attach the articles as soon as I complete them on the order page. I deliver after completing all articles.

Anyway, I woke up earlier than expected thanks to the jubilant firework display by the opposition supporters here. F them.

3rd article sent.


Ooh, now there’s a tempting photoshop, but it’l have to wait.



To be honest, I think everyone just needs to calm down here…


To be fair, that’s tough to photoshop.


Okay, order completed and delivered. Now let me reflect.