Recent Revelations & Discussions

I was going to make this into a private topic but then decided it may be better to be open to freely discuss the good, bad and ugly.

I originally created this forum to go hand in hand with my blog site. It was then, and it still, is a place where I wanted to gather all freelancer in every corner of the world; regardless of your area of focus - authors, micro gigs, independent freelancers - to come and vent about anything on their mind. I also wanted it to be somewhere people can get away from freelancing to talk and mingle with like-minded people on movies, personal life, holidays, etc.

This site is designed for everyone to discuss practically anything and have fun while doing it. I created unique badges, from what most of you are familiar with, so that you can see your status grow with the community. I’m planning on creating a “Leader” badge to go beyond the “Regular” status - why? Because, it’s fun - you can show your stuff to new members and be more than just contributors.

The fact that I have fewer constraints than most forums means that there is even more leeway for us to have some minor heated discussions. I believe most of us can be professional and keep topics civil. If it goes out of hand, we can moderate each other and end the discussion quickly.

I want everyone here to feel relaxed and talk about anything on your mind with minimal fear that a hammer will go down on you for small infractions. There is, however, professional ethics that should go without saying . . .

Enticing, baiting or posting things you know are inflammatory, sexual content or violence, is wrong in so many levels. When things like this consistently happen, it brings down the morale of all members and then you all have a tendency to leave. I wouldn’t blame you. I have to, unfortunately, take drastic actions to ensure all members feel safe and welcomed.

I want everyone to be happy and want to be here. I want everyone here to help me grow this forum and this time next year to have hundreds of members and newbies looking up to you, the senior leader for guidance.

I am working exclusively this weekend to update this forum to have some pizzazz - instead of this boring black background. If any of you have any ideas, create a topic and help me to change it to make it better! I want us to be a team as a few of you may just end up becoming a moderator later on, when we have more members than I can handle by my lonesome self! :slight_smile:

:heart: Regina Addison Riley ::heart_eyes_cat:


The joke is on you @RegiAdd! I saw your goons waiting outside as I was walking home tonight. It was obvious who they were. No ice cream man works evenings. Needless to say, they have both now become part of my underground patio furniture collection. :sunglasses:

More seriously, yes, we all need to be civil here. I personally do not feel barred from saying anything or making posts on any topic. That’s a world of difference between some other places where a passing mention of words like ‘Skype’ can get posts and comments whisked away for manual approval.

Anyway, back to my Colony marathon which I probably should have put a stop to a few hours ago. It’s just so addictive…