Random YouTube Videos That You Enjoyed Today

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to relax and unwind watching YT after taxing my braincells with whatever a client has thrown at me on that particular day. This isn’t so much a thread to share channels, but more a thread to share things that you enjoyed after working all day on a @#%^ project which helped your brain to get out of that awkward work zone into ‘yay, free time!’.

Also just random vids. I, as always, shall start off with something. Like this.

And, my newfound addiction for men with superb workshops restoring random old junk they purchased from eBay with some manly ASMR. Very soothing.

I like videos like this because I don’t really have to pay attention. I can just watch and turn into a tired potatohead.

So, let’s git vidya sharin’ motherlovers! I am going to watch more videos of guys spending days making trash look awesome with added ASMR now.

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STOP IT! How the F do you follow the same YouTubers and watch the same random videos as me? I’ve so far let it pass but this is getting beyond a joke!

That said, since I only discovered this channel recently, I’m pretty sure that whatever cyber stalking tactics you are using won’t have put it on your radar just yet:

There is basically a real life version of Austin Powers out there, who is sickeningly wealthy and goes out shopping for new luxury watches, cars, clothes, and private jets every day.

So far, I’ve only been able to watch 3 or 4 ProducerMichael videos in a row, before I feel like a complete failure in life who should have committed suicide yesterday. For this reason, I am trying to stop. It’s just annoyingly difficult.

We clearly have amazing taste in videos. I also enjoy Memelogy 101, but he basically slags off hypocrtical YTers from his safe location in the Honduras (I imagine - I know he’s LatAm) which can make a lot of his content dull when I have no idea who anyone is or why I should have had my pitchfork out last week.

“Can you believe this guy?”

I like the owner - he reminds me of a lot of Greek men boasting about their souped up Daihatsu Cuore. It also helps that Austin Powers is being groovy in it, baby.

As for you Andy, you missed Being Human’s burnt sausage woman (and wannabe chef) from Birmingham, who due to [spoilers] could only eat char. Don’t worry, she recovered and cooked a meal after being taught how to identify several veg and having the traditional bath of oil and pile of salt poured out to her!

Do you watch my favorite angry taxi driver, then? His content is hit and miss, but he’s a great shouty cockney taxi driver.

I like ChunkyMark calling out Farage as a Nazi. However, I’d feel better if he was leading the Labor party rather than just advocating Corbyn for MP. Labor will never get in again without some kind of miracle.

I must admit though, I usually go for less politically charged on the road Youtube comedy. My fav at the mo is Dave2D:

When did I become Andy? Just stick to Cy or something. It freaks me out when I see my name in type.

I like Dave2D’s arch eyebrows and disdainful commentary for the buttiful people - I’ve subscribed. ChunkyMark would be amazing in parliament, especially if he really started shouting at everyone and throwing yesterday’s headlines at them. And cackling.

A new discovery: AP does foreign language clips of dictators doing mundane things like cementing, accepting gaudy diplomatic pretend ancient vases, doing a Queen Mum wave at overjoyed, singing children, and carrying out other acts of Arab dictatorship in the late 80s/early 90s. The comments are pretty damning, too.

I felt like calling you Andy, but I shall restore you to Cy :frowning:

I think I may have found a new addiction. I never watch you-tube unless I am looking for a specific how to do something video. But this looks like something that would be fun.

i find these videos so satisfying.


I thought that this would be the basis of some epic practical joke. Create a sink made of ramen noodles, then atch as it dissolves and expands in a big gunky mess when someone tries to use it. But, no. People really do just fix things with noodles.

I’m still not getting how this is okay in the long-term though. :thinking:


Perhaps the noodles set like some sort of concrete? Although they were dry, so thereotically wouldn’t it be a bit crumbly if you leaned on it or something? I’m assuming that was glue he poured all over it before sanding the noodles, rather than expoxy or something like that…

Today, I discovered the world’s smelliest scam:


Now what is this?


I gotta say, that was HELLA smart… disgusting tho…


Yeah, I mean this scam basically involves collecting and walking around with doggy do-do and having the balls to go around squirting it all over tourists. I wonder if the cleaner is also the one who has to pick it up as well as clean it off? I liked his little chapatti joke though. I hope it was a joke…

That Omozoc has some weird videos - I watched one not long ago where he did cooking with a rock. It’s strange, artsy stuff…

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shoe cleaning is like 25-30 rs mostly. So basically they say 2500 and then the poop dropper comes and bargains for the tourist and makes a deal at 900. Tourist is ecstatic seeing he saved 60% of it. little does he know, he is being scammed. :clap:


I always like to try and scam the scammers. There was an old scam in Thailand here a Tuk Tuk will offer to take you anywhere for 50 Bhat (50p when I was there) before exponentially hiking the price. I managed to beat it with a friend by pretending that I had just moved to Thailand to join the Tourist Police to help prevent tourists from falling victim to scams.

I dropped it in as small talk after getting in the Tuk Tuk and we ended up getting a completely free full day tour of Bangkok. The driver even paid for his own gas.

Sadly, the universe got revenge eventually.

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$35 bucks for cleaning squirty poop off your shoes, though? IDK, I guess the scam also relies on tourist naivety, ecstasy at saving all these dollars and even if they do twig that this is a little suss, they don’t want trouble and just want the nasty stuff off them.

Quite clever, really. Apart from the whole :poop: part, but we all must make sacrifices when it comes to earning a living.

Great success! Apart from the karma bit later, but still…

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This is absolutely dreadful writing, which is slightly improved by the gentle narration and animation - I am now wondering if there might be any KDP profits through poor AI writing and generic plot books, though. :thinking:

I had to stop Spaceship Day after 3-minutes. I do like independent animation/creative stories, though.

Maybe you guys will like this one:

Those little baby bitcoin are incredibly cute!

I like animal stuff! :lion: :tiger2: :bear: :leopard: :zebra: :horse: :hippopotamus: :deer: :elephant: :gorilla:

I’ve gotten addicted to watching a baby hippo being born. I’m dying to try chunky chunky hippo!!

Then just random stuff like this! You just gotta :heart: kids!


Cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That is okay to watch say, every ten years. :thinking:


Very clever for when you are fixing things up to sell your house.