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@TheFreaky is it true there are no McDonald’s in Macedonia?

@glacierlily, @KissMyPeach did you know a certain Easter egg is banned in the USA?

I was watching vids on Facebook while eating dinner and I was surprised by these supposed facts.

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Yep, there used to be though. However, the owner lost the licensing agreement due to not adhering to the franchise contract.

We have Burger King, Dominoes and KFC.

That’s the Kinder Surprise which is banned in the US.

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Ooh, now I’m curious!

Unless you’re talking about Kinder Surprise?

They redid the packaging and came out with the Kinder Joy. (Very Legal to buy in The States!)
I’ve bought them from Wally world! Yummy
I gave away the toys.


My grandkids love Kinder Joys. They are cheapest by the dozen at Costco


Erm, so the Kinder Eggs have been redone so they’re not a choking hazard anymore?

Says quite a lot about America that the rest of the Kinder-loving world is allowed to eat them the regular way, but Americans apparently have such an inability to eat that they need to be protected from themselves…

Land of the free, home of the brave, nation of people who cannot distinguish between food and non-food objects when mixed together :thinking: - it’s a miracle that America got so fat, really! Well, that’s more on the unhealthy foodstuffs lobbies in DC, but that’s a story for another day.

The US Kinder Egg is a misshapen abomination compared the one that the rest of the world gets. Here’s what I would get if I went to the supermarket now anywhere in Europe, Asia, South America, Australasia, or Africa:


As you can see, it’s a bit of a mystery to the rest of the world as to the choking hazard - the toy is in the yellow container. According to Wikipedia, this dangerous mixed toy and chocolate abomination has killed 10 worldwide to date. Of course, we will never know how many unfortunate Americans choked on illegally smuggled regular Kindle eggs, so this is an incomplete statistic. It could easily run into the millions!

What a scandal.

At the same time, pretty much anyone can buy firearms pretty much anywhere in America.

Of course - firearms are clearly less lethal than Kinder eggs. Won’t anyone think of the children?

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Especially of toddlers accidentally killing people with firearms…

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Both Kinder Joy and regular can be bought here.


8 days later…

In Russia sushi is more popular than in Japan.
There are more sushi restaurants than McDonalds.
You can find at least 5 different sushi restaurants at each corner.