Quick 2018 Review

Financially a good year.

  1. Made my usual $20k+ from freelancing.
  2. Stock markets had fallen by a bit, but have recovered somewhat.
  3. End of the year saw me looking at real estate seriously.

So 2019 will see me divide my time into freelancing, stock markets and real estate. Real estate and freelancing will take most of my time, stock markets not so much. I have a “hold” strategy in place there.

Healthwise, a very good year. Finally started going to the gym. Spend 60-70 minutes there every day - 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weights. In the best shape of my life. Lost most of my skinny fat. 2019 is when I start putting on muscles.

And yeah, follow a strict keto diet.


My only real family, my mom is happy, in good health and living independently. Still in her 60s, I may not have to worry about her for at least another 10 years.

Yeah, she wants me to find a nice girl and get married. Well. Not so easy.


Made a few good friends/contacts in the real estate business. Know who to contact and who to hire and for what job.


Not so good. Remember Hugo Chavez came to power in 1998? Before that Venezuela was the richest country in South America, almost a middle income European country.

India in 2018 is like Venezuela in 1997.

Our people will vote for anyone who gives them maximum doles/freebies/etc. It doesn’t matter who the prime minister is, whether he is honest or corrupt or whatever. The public itself is corrupt and just wants a government that waives off their loans, provide them with free this, free that. They think money grows on trees. They hate work, they are lazy to the core, especially the younger generation and are an entitled bunch.

Anyway, I’m no longer worried about that. I will focus on my life and being the best I can be under the current circumstances, whatever they are.

This is my prerogative also. At present I’m working on my tan and manicuring my nails more. When Brexit comes around, I plan to secure my place in Europe as as a Syrian transvestite called Claudia. Also, if that seems wrong to any of you, shame on you!

Who are you to say I wasn’t born in the wrong body to start with?

More seriously get a girl, Investor. - Not Claudia, she’s taken. I sense it is the last missing puzzle part of your life. Get that and be happy :slight_smile:

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Not until pre-nups become legal in India.