Questions only a Fiverr Seller Can Answer

I am just being a nosy :raccoon: , so a few questions if y’all don’t mind answering for me???

Q1: How often do buyers request a revision?

I seldom ask for revision because

  1. I received what I wanted
  2. It requires such a minor fix that takes 5 mins or less that I do it myself.
  3. It’s so horrible, that no amount of revision will fix it and therefore I scrap it as "cost of doing business.

Q2: How often do clients ask for cancellation and do you find that seller/buyer or just buyer ask for cancellation more often?

I’ve never asked for cancellation from a seller. I’ve had 3: 1-by customer support (seller was banned -weird, was a good seller) & 2 by the seller for weirder reasons.

Q3: How often do clients try to negotiate your price?

Q4: What is your pet peeve about clients at (Low) price point and at (High) price point?

I guess I’m wondering if the clients that pay more are more of a royal pain than the ones who pay less or is it the other way around?

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Q1: Almost never. :slightly_smiling_face:

Q2: Every time a buyer asked for a cancellation I suspected it was to get their work free. I was always a smallish order. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have been forced to cancel at least two orders where the buyer booked the gig and wanted me to proofread homework.

I also had two orders by mistake! :rage:

Q 3: When they do I say “nope” and use the old “It would not be fair to my other buyers who have paid full price.”

Q4: I have found that the buyers who pay less are more of a royal :crown: pain.


Q1: Rarely, but almost always (when it happens) because their brief was patchy to start with.

Q2: Cancellations come in waves. You can have none for weeks or months, then 3 in one day. The most common reasons are “it’s not what I wanted” or “I ordered by mistake.” This makes me regard Cancellations with a lot of suspicion.

Q3: 50% of the time, though, not overtly. It goes from a question about how much an article or video will be, to can’t you do this for $5 or something ridiculous. I basically don’t work with anyone who doesn’t order directly for this reason.

Q4: Clients who pay less are the biggest pain in the A. They are more likely to ask for revisions, less likely to treat you like a human being, and more likely to have an epic superiority complex.

My craziest buyers (think tracking you down on social media to tell you they are going to trash your career) have all been $5 - $15 buyers.


Q1: How often do buyers request a revision?

Rarely. The last few I talked out of, the few before that I had an evil color coded revision scheme (NB: only for the ‘you obviously can’t speak English’ brigade’) and, er, well, let’s just say that anyone who has ever asked for revisions will get them ASAP if they’re pleasant about it, or I’m going to drag it on for months otherwise. Very easy chaps: work with me, not against me.

Q2: How often do clients ask for cancellation and do you find that seller/buyer or just buyer ask for cancellation more often?

The ones who request cancellation are usually the non-native speakers who get my color-coded revision request from H-ell [why is this word censored?]. That’s post-work. My last cancellation was a few days ago: someone sent me $500 to make them a website on my SEO website copywriting. I noticed immediately, told them, they took a prod and 24 hours to say ‘plz cancel’. plz b. It took every ounce of nice in me not to chew them out. First cancellation this year, my stats affected, voller arschloch.

IDK, I am noping everyone in my inbox at the moment. I don’t even read them. I am planning an 'accept everything month starting in a week or so, so stay tuned for my pain and misery. The annoying ones shall get a price spiralling up, up, up. Mind you, it’s mostly spam so no rugrats ignoring my inbox bur for stupid metric points. plz, gamification of the workplace is uncool Fiverr. Don’t think I don’t see what you do.

Honestly, I have no real complaints. Aside from the cancellation last week it’s pretty calm. I’m sure there have been problems but I just forget them after a couple of days. People seem to respect me more, and I’m happy to work hard and deliver more than advertised. Everyone’s happy, except the Bad Ones.

Overall I’m pretty happy I guess. 99% of my price and customer behavior is, I’m pretty sure, down to how people view me and my position. I have tried to pick up my game massively to match my own expectations of what any job should be worth from my end, as that’s the only thing I know how to live up to. Seems to work. (I have crazy high expectations, which is useful)

Anyone who tells me I am obviously not a native speaker of English and a scam goes straight into the village communal :poop: bucket on diarrhoea day.

(I did a bad job of quoting/copypasting this, but never mind)


The following numbers are averages.

About 3-5 times a month, but only to ask me a general question or to say thanks, every single darn time! (worst thing is when they do it just an hour away from the order getting auto-completed, thus reopening it for 3 more waiting days :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: )

Less than 3 times a month - usually I’m the one asking for a cancellation, for the same old reasons (most notable: not reading what I do and asking for something else)

Previous clients? Less than 3 times a year.
Potential clients? About 5 times a month.

Outcome is always the same: I don’t negotiate; I’m tired of living in a country where everything must be negotiated in order for things to work, and where all prices must be increased to have a negotiation margin, when they could just be lower & fixed and not negotiate the heck out of everything! AAAgh! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Low price clients: “give me your best work” (like I don’t do that already, for crying out loud :smirk: ) and, of course: "I want this, that, can you also put that in between while giving me another this and that?"

High price clients: “Oh, there are too many reports in here, what do I do with all this?!” (then why the heck did you order the most expensive package with all bells and whistles?!)

All clients: lack of communication, it literally kills me! :sob: If you purchase a service, don’t just throw the money and come back after a week when it’ll be too late, respond to the endless friggin’ calls!

P.S. sorry for all the anger show, I’m going through some of the above mentioned things as we speak in the first day of work after a week of sick leave :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Why do I never have a smooth start? It’s always a bumpy ride right from the beginning! :sob:


It depends since my work is in the design field. I tend to receive more revisions than any of you here. Usually, they are really simple like changing the color and etc.

I got 1-2 buyers that just keep asking for changes “Let me see how this looks like” and then always reverting to my first design. This is an unwritten law.

Rarely, as I always request cancelations. At least 2-4 a month for the following reasons:

  1. The buyer looks shady to me (you know why).
  2. Buyer not buying the necessary package.
  3. When the buyer asks too much for the price.
  4. Ordering things that I don’t offer.

In rare occasions, as there is a discount calculated in my packages already. In most cases, I reject. Of course, there are some regulars which order in bulk, and the work I do for them is templated so they get a better deal. However, for those people that contact me in my inbox for a discount, I just reply something and block them from the app.

Usually, the buyers that order my basic package are a pain in the :peach: - higher paying buyers always know what the want and what they need. While low price point buyers, always say “Surprise me, use this and deliver something amazing”.


Those are the main reasons why I’ve stayed away from the design category - I don’t deal well with those matters when I get several buyers who keep asking revisions, it’s just too much for my sanity.

I always wondered if blocking from the app has the same effect as clicking the “spam” button on the desktop site :thinking: Ignoring the button titling, it feels pretty much the same outcome to me :eyes:

Speaking of low priced gigs, I literally hate it when a $15 order is for a website with 10,000+ pages, and I have 2 orders right now like this. It drives me insane that I have to put an excessive amount of work & effort for $15, because I don’t have any gig options for small/medium/big websites, and thus I have to treat every site the same :roll_eyes:

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I don’t know, that’s true probably. However, something gotta pay the bills, all those cool gadgets, and my trips. :joy:

For me, the app blocks the buyer, so they can’t contact you nor place orders from you anymore.


Clicking “spam” on the desktop site does the same thing: you’ll see a message that the user can’t contact you nor place any orders, so it’s pretty much the same.


Scratch that - it seems that there’s a new trend with high paying clients: because they pay a higher price, they expect that you do way more than advertised :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: kind of like those cheapsters who think they’ll get high value for almost no money, only in this case it’s at another scale :expressionless:

For example, I’m currently dealing with a $85 client who keeps asking me after every hour of work “does your service also include this?”, then after another hour “I’m unsure if your service also includes that?”, and finally “surely your service includes this, correct?” – and of course all the this’ and that’s grow into additional requests that I never advertised to offer. UGH!

Just because they pay $85 for premium SEO analyses, many also seem choose to believe I do full SEO site work as part of that $85, like SEO is that cheap - yeah, per hour perhaps, not for the full service! :smirk:

So yeah, I dare to say that many high paying clients are just like cheap clients, only at a bigger scale.

I hate money, I hate world. I want life!

But sir you are from Eastern Europe that is cheap. U should be cheap chap. - Meksel Buyer.


I love money. I sometimes hate world. I definitely need a life!

Friday, and I am once again home instead of out on a date. :cry:

Ya know some believe the more they pay the more they are entitled. Your price point is rather good/low end for the amount of work you described. You can politely give them a long stick and tell them to take a long hike in a dark forest! :laughing:

I chose writing because I don’t have to deal with people! My first review was a 5 :star: and I was in 7th heaven. She wrote me a great write up as well.

I haven’t gotten a 1 :star: review on any of my books, so far - I am bracing for the day.


Yes, I love money, too, if it provides me with things that make me happy. But that stopped happening a long time ago, so now I hate money because it’s there just to barely survive :frowning:

They should be entitled to get what they purchased, but mostly feel entitled to play me like their puppet :frowning:

I was having much larger prices, but all those “free online SEO reports” websites have dropped business like hell, because why pay for a proper premium service when you can get something free, although really bad and useless? And not to mention the fierce meksel competition in my niche, because meksel = SEO exparts, this is the original definition if none of y’all knew.

I did, not those words exactly, but he doesn’t want to respond even though he comes online several times. This is what I hate the most: bad or lack of communication, it just kills me from the inside.

You are very gifted & lucky then, considering the vast amount of books I’ve seen with poor reviews :eyes:

This is getting very worrying!

I’ve looked at all orders from the past week: every single large order resulted in a cancellation because of nightmare clients, and the only orders that I wasn’t forced to cancel were the cheap $15 ones.

WTH is going on with the high paying clients?! The whole world is turning upside down for me :sob: I’m going to enable VM, I can’t take this :poop: anymore :cry:

I went to VM after a week of large order cancellations and no deliveries, and guess what happened after I resumed from VM?

Another cancellation to deal with!

$500 went right past my eyes this last week, all because of high paying clients who either wanted more than I advertised to do (things that I couldn’t do since it was not part of my services – and I even asked in each of my instructions “NO EXTRA CUSTOM REQUESTS”), or because they provided information that was impossible to work with :frowning:

I’m cursed to have to cancel all big orders and only deliver the cheap ones, while my top competitor literally baths in orders :cry: