Q: What Is This? (A: It's The LAUNCH of a GLORIOUS New Era of Studios on Fiverr)

Well then, to sum things up: I’ll leave this feature to the mekstudios who live for the blood, danger bloody dang dang!


And I shall update this thread with my own exciting updates! So far, tumbleweed.


Some extra info from somebody in the know :wink:

The team leader gets a toggle to “create a studio”, with profile image, studio name, tagline, cover image and description.


Hello, dear studio overlord! I feel there is plenty of room for fake studio shenanigans! Does Fiverr need to approve your studio name so you don’t go on calling yourself by a trademarked name like, oh, IDK, F*ckJerry, telling people who are not sure if you’re not actually FJ that you are, they can just Google Fiverr and FJ?

If any questions are raised about the fact that JMedia is currently closed for bidnis on Fiverr (and technically never made a sale except, well, never mind) you’ll have your studio name to hide behind, won’t you?

I didn’t see a handvetted in there, and Fiverr is obviously putting its trust in sterling beta sellers who really exist and are successful, after all.


As I saw earlier today, it is fairly easy to set up a studio.

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So, what are you going for? Slav Strong Studios has a nice ring to it and could win regional clients. Your profile could be the best slav squatter on the team (in full Adidas gear, of course). Or you could be more professional and stuff with a nice name, profile picture, and all that stuff. I like my idea better right now though :thinking:


As I’m on Fiverr since practically their beginning times (which basically makes me the creator of all meksell, keeper of their realm, guru SEO healer & expart manufacturer), I’d probably create my own “The Originals” studio in a far distant twilight zone future :sunglasses:

Actually, I bet future me is currently looking through that awesome Nikon Coolpix P900 with a NASA-zoom level back into the past at this very moment, from his original gangsta’ K9 studio :eyes:


You misspelled it. It should be Slav Stronk Studios.

It would be really tough for me to build that team, there would be many meksells that would like to join my team just because they thought they were the South-Asian gopnik equivalents.

So, if someone wants to join my Slav Strong Studios, better find an original Soviet Adidas uniform from the Soviet Olympics team. Otherwise, form your own “I expart massage me studio”.


I turned my “Get Studio Invites” off just now! This discussion convinced me.


Nah, just make sure that they’re really from Slavic countries (nobody tries to fake those!), and possibly ask for their photo squatting like a true Slav. :smile_cat:


J#n B##s still at it? Will go check.

Expected better from you man.

What happened to your account? Decided to move on from freelancing?

Moved on from Fiverr, that is all. Have about a dozen private clients. Complete control over what I do, how much I get paid, how much I want to work, when I can work, or want to take a break from work. Work only 4-5 hours a day these days. But don’t even need to do that. My money makes money for me.

I remember how lot of people mocked me when I criticized the Fiverr rating system 3 months before it was launched. Since that system was introduced, Fiverr has become like a regular job without the benefits or the security/safety net. Imagine being judged for your last 30 days at a job rather than your last “x” number of years?

Anyway, no point in looking back or criticizing a platform that gave me so much. Have moved on. I will always be a fan and supporter of Fiverr. So when I am critical of them, it’s out of love, like an elder brother admonishing a bright younger brother for taking the wrong path and making a mess of his career.

What? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I just posted a funny swearing video… indian swearing is very fun to listen to when they make up the curse words on the go, so what gives?


There are all sorts of Indians out there. Let’s not resort to lazy stereotyping.

Sounds good.


Why does everything have to be some sort of hidden attack or smth? :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I’m sorry to see you’ve left Fiverr, I had & have nothing but respect to you all along the way, but you shouldn’t see everything as a weapon or attack :frowning:

I also wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors, and may you find what you’re seeking from this life we got :slight_smile:


There is no reason to be sorry that I left Fiverr. It was never going to be a permanent thing. I got what I wanted from it, far more than I’d bargained for, and then quit on pleasant terms. It was a deliberate decision. Only regret is I should have quit 6 months back when I first got into politics/gym/and stuff. Would make things much easier for me.

Why does everything have to be some sort of hidden attack or smth?

I’m now a bona fide (minor) local leader of the ruling Indian “nationalist” party. So obviously I’ll react to that :slight_smile:

And another thread dies a death because of the mention of politics, and everybody not being sure what would be appropriate to post next. :wink:

Rest in peace little thread.