Q: What Is This? (A: It's The LAUNCH of a GLORIOUS New Era of Studios on Fiverr)

I was so bored today after work that I was messing about with my QRs and preening all over my lovely 5-star reviews and how wonderful I am - suck on that, negative reviewers! - anyway, while not feeding my monstrous artiste’s ego, I noticed this.

Is this that new agency thing or something else? Do you have it? Has anyone bothered you yet? How does it work? More questions that I didn’t think of yet!

I think it’s something else though. I didn’t get that email that the other guy did - you know, the braggy one who though that random spams about a beta program had graduated him to a top pro seller.

PS it was automatically turned on already. Thanks for co-opting me into a thing without telling or asking me first!

Edit: I edited the title like a DM editor might. Not clickbaiting, though. Much.


I think it’s that team leader feature they recently introduced to a select group of sellers - if it’s that, basically you get to play the leader of a team, the team consisting of other sellers that you pick to provide a bigger and better and more wonderful service.

For example, since I don’t do SEO implementation, with this feature I could create a big gig “I will do every frigging SEO thing to your site and touch it with my SEO healing” and be the leader of a bunch of sellers where one does the SEO analysis (me), another does the SEO fixing, another does the social media & backlinking, etc.

HOWEVER, and here’s the kicker that put me off: as a leader of your own team of sellers you only get more responsibilities and a :poop:-load of headaches from trying to deal with every seller in part to do their job on time and correctly, otherwise Your service and Your image will suffer.

For there are no bonuses for you, the leader, just extra responsibilities and headaches. The ‘bonus’ could be the happy client, at the cost of your suffering and misery should you pick the wrong team of members.

P.S. or it might be just a different feature altogether :sweat_smile: However, I received the above mentioned feature notice in my email just recently :eyes:

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I love this Gig title, but I suspect Fiverr will shout at you because it’s not “perfect” in length. :frowning: Also, probably a bit of a nightmare in terms of awful buyers who think everything means everything.

That’s the thing though, the only thing I can see on my account (I have not, admittedly, looked very hard) for this is this switch that I can turn on and off. So if it is that, I’m guessing it’s an open door for sellers to come to me and ask me to join their team. However, the only sellers that seem to have this feature currently - I think - charge quite a bit less than me. Which suggests either I need to discount my pricing for unwanted teamwork or be the super-pricey, potentially unpopular option.

I’ve also burned bridges with a few of my peers for being either rubbish buyers or inbox spammers, so uh, yeah. IDK. I wouldn’t want to be a team leader anyway. I’d probably be like Stalin, but worse. I’m pretty sure this whole agency feature is more for agencies in India or whatever and just a copycat of Upwork. Speaking of which, as I know you occasionally look at that subreddit from a post you made a few days ago, agencies don’t necessarily deliver on their ‘promise’ either.

I guess it will be interesting to see how it works out - do agencies/studios get more relaxed rules on ‘working on the same internet connection’, for example? At the very least, having your team in one location under one roof seems more sensible than virtual agency-ing across multiple timezones.


Here you go:


It appears to be the exact same no-bonus-for-the-leader feature I was talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Already had them myself :roll_eyes:

True, but you’d have to, otherwise you’d put your whole image at risk :wink:


Tell me about it :roll_eyes: I can’t even count how many clients I’ve had who wanted to check if their SEO agencies did their job, and most often they never have :grimacing: Sometimes I ended up in the middle of their fights, getting threatened by the SEO agencies themselves :eyes:

I don’t think so… the studio can have sellers from all over the world, or from the same country/city. It’s just delegating work to other sellers to deliver a bigger service yourself and not let the client know you’ve worked with shady sellers :smiley:

P.S. noticed the change from “I will … for $” to “Our studio will … for $” ? Oh, I think you also get a new profile page for the studio? :eyes:

I missed this notification apparently…


I got a different link, though - interestingly, I can’t see your link… let me just quickly screenshot mine in case that also returns everyone to the front page :thinking:

Also WTF

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Oh, you got the member’s invite, to be a member of a Stalin’s studio :smiley:

I got the Stalin studio link though: https://www.fiverr.com/studios-leads

No, the images are not missing. This is how it was put out :confused:

Do you see anything more on the https://www.fiverr.com/studios-leads page, though? Or does it just redirect?

Nope, just goes to the (buyers) front page…

The “learn more” on mine is for a FAQ(u): https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/faqs-for-leads-and-members

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Lily Singh, crappy YouTuber, is a new Apple Guy, btw. How much? Unknown


Oh, maybe Fiverr is paying. Excellent use of money there :roll_eyes: - I expect Matt will be hyperventilating over this modestly over on the forum later tonight. It might make a small difference from dumb questions, though!

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Here you go:

Zoom to read the small type.

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Already did! Hipster PRO ron_miller does not exist! One of them does - webworld - but he’s a no-review, no pro buyer from India. In a blissful masterstroke of irony, webworld appears to be a blonde lady in that picture (bottom right).

I mean, OK, about 10 other people in the world will notice this, but that’s not the point.

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It’s part of the conspiracy - you didn’t think it would be this easy, did you?

They’re clearly angling for big bux pro collabs though. Thing is, my limited experience with some of them makes me not trust them - and that’s on top of the use of templates and whatnot. I can trust myself

Oh well, I will look forward to the inbox spam I suppose.

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You can just disable the feature to not receive studio invites, although I doubt it will stop mekstuds mekstudios to reach out to you :stuck_out_tongue:

And here we are, the new era, the next level mekseller: the mekstudio!

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lolwut (no milestones)

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Remember the extra headaches and responsibilities I was talking about? :eyes:

Could be fun on the forum, though:

Sad OP: i am lost $5 to bad bayer plz halp y fiverr is so unprotect me?

Mr Sheepy: Fiverr is glorious. You are wrong. This is your fault. Now go and spam the internet because that’s what I copypasted after this. I am very successful. You are not. Idiot.

Random Spambot: is great post tank yu i will be listen and do much

:crazy_face: Newbie: LOL MATE!?!?!?!? :heart_eyes: You shouldn’t have unlimited revisions :man_facepalming: I bet you had them didn’t you? Well, I don’t! And I’ve made :partying_face: 10 sales in this week alone :champagne: from mixing and matching with my friends here on the forum like Jason (13.5), Glen (24), and Miranda (31)!

Sad Studio Leader: Yes it’s bad. I lost $50,000 and I’ve already spent it all but there was a chargeback and now I am ruined. Also, I got demoted to level nothing because I lost $10,000 for Fiverr :frowning: I may commit suicide later as two members of my team have put a death squad hitman on me

Mr Sheepy: You cannot blame Fiverr for your own negligence. You must start marketing. As a professional marketer and an oddly-high ranked seller on Fiverr despite having some of the most hilarious bad reviews and ripostes on the platform, you should listen to me. No, I won’t tell you my secret methods, I will just bludgeon you to death to the tune of beige.

MEKSELL: u r qit rude dear sheep, he is much hurt. i ntice that u are not nice man.

etc, etc etc. Then the conversation got locked for being a circular necropost 5 years later when a meksell popped up to ask whay i get moneis stole?.


Wow, can you imagine the new lengths of a chargeback considering that the team members will get their own chargebacks (assuming they do)? Buh-buy team members, try searching for others ready for the next big-time chargeback :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT, what if team members don’t get a chargeback, and only you’re the one to be blamed for making that studio/service in the first place?

Which reminds me of this [NSFW, contains indian-grade swearing :sweat_smile:]

Why you f*** me? I f*** you bloody :rofl: :rofl:

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I like to think that Fiverr would take a $50k chargeback a heckuva lot more seriously than a $5 one - one is very irritating, the other is… well, I’d just walk away from the platform and start up a gigantic PR storm against the client and Fiverr. Which is probably even worse now what with them being on the stock market with angry investors and stuff like that.

I suppose it’s not one of the worrisome things you’re going to mention at launch though - you want everyone to be excited and enthusiastic before they get started!

Blastard lol - but still, it’s lovely how they kissed and made up at the end, isn’t it?

NB - there’s also the simple fact that a $50k job and a client discovering extensive use of undisclosed templates or assets is probably not going to go down well at all…should it come to that. Going to happen one of these days, though, at some price point in the pro/studio range. That’ll make a mockery of the hand-vetted claims.

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