Pros & Cons of waking up 5:00Am everyday


A couple of months ago, i took the decision to wake up at 5:00Am everyday until my school term ends. As a morning person, this was a great deal for me! Well, yes i didn’t really stick to the plan, but most of the days i did wake up at 5:00Am. Anyway, since my school term has come to an end, i guess it’s time to share with you what i’ve learned through this whole experience.


After waking up at 5:00Am and heading immediately to work, i noticed that i get things done much faster and even more creatively! I honestly don’t know why, but it seems to work pretty fine for me. I guess my most productive hours starts really early in the morning till 10:00Am.

I always make a to-do list in the beginning of the day to keep myself focused on what i should be doing for the day. Waking up early gave me the ability to finish most of what i have planned for the day, while i didn’t even hit afternoon yet! This made me a bit relaxed and decreased my daily stress routine of not finishing the amount of work i need to and screwing up at the end.

More time with family & friends!
By 6:00pm, my energy starts to decrease and same for the amount of work i need to do! I usually don’t do anything that requires big mental effort after 6pm, so i end up either reading a book, watching a movie or enjoying my time with family & friends.

That’s pretty much it for the pros, i definitely have more to say but i thought to only mention my 3 main pros of waking up early which are. Being more productive, getting more things done and getting less stressed, and having more time for myself. However, i did face some cons too. Here’s the three main ones as well!


My main issue with waking up early was that the day was pretty long and i felt really bored to keep going through this daily routine for more than a month. I was tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

Despite that waking up early did really do a lot to me, but overall, i felt kinda sad. I don’t really want to call it depressed as this is a big word, but i wasn’t happy with the fact that i was treating my days like a to-do list. I wake up to cross the tasks on my list, and then find out that the day has ended.

Last but not least, i wasn’t at all getting enough of sleep. I usually slept around 11 - 12pm. Which is pretty dangerous for my health in the long term. Those 5 hours of sleep were good to keep me awake all day, but if i kept on doing it, i could already feel burnt out.

So yeah, that’s basically my experience with waking up at 5:00Am for a couple of months. (Not steady). For the upcoming months, i thought to only decide a couple of days per week to wake up early. And the other days to wake up on a reasonable time. Just so i don’t get bored neither i lose my mind by the end of the month :laughing:

PS: Happy Easter Y’all! :fried_egg:


My body clock wakes me at 1 a.m. & typically, I pray to let me sleep for few more hours. I do have my alarm set at 5 a.m. for week days because I start work between 7 to 7:30 in the mornings.

I am typically exhausted by 9 p.m. My energy runs low by 7 a.m.


Well as a night owl, it is VERY hard for me to wake up THIS early. I tried many times and I CAN wake up at 5 am but I usually pass out at 5:05am again… Thats the max I can do… :no_mouth:


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! :grin:

If I didn’t have a day job, I’d go to bed at 1 or 2 a.m. and sleep in until 9 or 10. I am more awake in the early afternoon than in the morning. Definitely a night :owl: .

I :broken_heart: my day job.


TBH, I’m more likely to go to bed at 5am (oh look, the sun is coming up :confused: ) than a reasonable hour unless I horsewhip myself to bed, which usually happens at about 2am. Getting up at 5am is a hellish trial that I would frankly, rather stay up all night and the following day.

I usually get up sometime between 9 and 11 and immediately start work so I can enjoy the rest of the day. As for planning, I make a loose roster and try to do as much as possible before I get fed up. Occasionally, this leaves me with scary deadline days when the odds are stacked against me. On those days, I go to bed early, get up early, and behave in what I imagine is how normal people with ‘proper work’ behave and I do not enjoy it at all.

Works for me, but may not work for everyone…


Vampire! If I get past 4am, I just stay up until the next night.

For me, I go through phases of eithe getting up super early (6-8am) or sleeping in until 10am. I can’t ever get past 10am, as that’s when general face scratching and standing on my chest starts from Chico to remind me he needs to go out morning bum sniffing.

I seem to be at my most productive when I start work at 8am. However, I have this bad habit of closing my eyes for 5-minutes at 10am on the sofa, before waking up late in te afternoon wondering what just happened.

From experience, if you cut out out caffeine and water fast for 5-7 days, your body’s sleep cycle resets completely. When it does, you find yourself getting naturally sleepy at 9-10pm, before naturally waking up at 5-6am.

I do this to reset my sleep cycle and in the process, relieve a lot of stress. If you want to get up at 5am to boost your productivity, you might want to give it a try.


Woah, I didn’t know that! But how possible could someone live without water for 5-7 days? :thinking: I could cut out caffeine but not drinking water will cause me major troubles. I had them before, my stomach starts hurting REALLY bad from the right side. I once went to the ER because of it.

Have you ever had something similar when fasting? I’m kinda excited to try out but little afraid if the whole experience goes totally negative.


Water fasting means you only drink water. Drink water. Don’t eat. Done.

Fasting itself works different for everyone. It isn’t easy or pain/side effect free. I usually do longer fasts and am fine until day 15. Then my joints seize, everything hurts, and feel like I’m dying. The good news is that by day 20, things lift and I feel better than ever.

Basically, if you have a normal diet of protein and carbs, your liver makes and stores something called glycogen everyday. This is what your body uses for energy. If you have screwed up sleep patterns, you might be eating late and even if you aren’t, your liver will be storing and releasing more glycogen on a consistent basis, because it thinks you are always up and always need energy.

After three days of water fasting, you will use up all the glycogen stored in your liver. Then your body will start burning fat for energy and this requires more energy from a metabolic standpoint. Gradually, you will start to feel tired and run down. The trick is to stay awake until the evening, then plonk your head down and reset your sleep pattern.