[🥁 Poll 🥁] Myth or Fact: Freelancers have no boss?

CON: One boss vs. multiple bosses.

On a regular job you get to know your boss inside and out, you familiarize yourself with their body language, and you will know how to approach them when needed, as well as how to engage them without stirring the waters or starting a conflict. What about freelancing? After all, you are your own boss, right? That’s just part of the story because, if you think about it, every boss has their own boss up the chain. So if you are your own boss, then who is your boss’ boss?

Well, it turns out that in the freelance world every client you get automatically becomes your boss, and the stress of dealing with tenths or hundreds of bosses every day of the month can easily play a number on your mental & emotional health. Imagine having a boss trying to contact you while you sleep because their time zone is on the other side of the spectrum, or several bosses nagging you at the same time. Think of a boss whom you need to carefully talk to because their cultural differences can turn your words or ideas into unintentional weapons, while at the same time working on several projects for other bosses who keep asking you about your progress. But you can use the freelancer code and simply replace “boss” with “client”, that should keep you sane for a while.

Agree or Disagree?

  • No, I’m my own boss
  • Yes, Everyone wants to be my boss
  • I need a vacation
  • Other (comment below)

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I have to agree after being bossed for so many years in my freelancing career - some people just can’t help it. Or maybe it’s part of their education…

Whenever I get a bossy client, my first reaction is literally rolling my eyes! And this can have some impact (or quite the impact) on your work at times, especially if the ‘boss’ keeps nagging you. But when the client acts like a client and not like my boss, then things work out really well, communication is relaxing and quite delightful, everything’s peechy!

Well, I have zero communication with my bosses. I only sell eBooks and at the moment only on A-zon.

I publish under three names and right now, I’m on my religious kick! I need to get something out for the other two genre before the two or three followers I actually do have leave me! :rofl:

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How do you keep track of your names, personalities and all that? :smiley: :eyes:

I’m curious: do you also have a male name? :eyes: You know, like Reginald (OK, might be a bit too obvious)

Oh, gross!

I don’t have gender identity issues! :smile: You spend too much time on a certain forum with too many men pretending to be girls!

I do admit I publish under initials, like G. A. Riley. I guess, it keeps people guessing. I haven’t published a romance/erom in over a year. I’m determined to get at least two naughty novellas out this year.

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OK, these gifs would have gotten me suspended from the F forum :rofl: :zipper_mouth_face:

But let’s see what the Mods in this forum do :eyes:

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The mods here will :heart: !

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Well, you might want to loosen up the rules and disable censoring those trigger words I mentioned above :eyes: Or not :thinking:

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On the other hand, regarding the OP, we have Betteridge’s law of headlines, which says that “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”

Being a freelancer is like being Batman. Technically, you’re self made. There’s just jokers everywhere who keep constantly trying to ruin everything.

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