People Per Hour - Is it Just me or is it a Dead End?

I feel kind of bad writing this. I used to love People Per Hour. However, as of this year, I find the platform unworkable.

To be fair, I am partly to blame for my own PPH horror story. A while ago now, I had an altercation with a client. She had ordered from what used to be my best selling writing gig. She was also a fellow PPH seller. Then after delivery, she asked that I reduce the cost of her delivered £10 (1,000-word) article.

I was very angry with this. This buyer had been a nightmare from the start. In this case, I held my ground.

As a review, I then received this horrendous mess:


A dog ate my computer? Why even if I was mad would I ever say anything like that? The book business, this seller had taken from my then profile to make herself look believable. As for the article in question, this was published on a page which I highly doubt the UK government thinks it paid less than £50 - £100 for.

At this point, I was also having problems with a UK person trying to get me to reduce the price of a £15 video, the likes of which I was already selling on Fiverr for $60. In this case, I thought F-it. I’m done with this reseller circle of ■■■■, and I deleted my gigs.

Sadly, this also deleted my gig reviews. In this case, when I returned to PPH later, I had to kind of start off at square 1. To me, this wasn’t a big issue. In the past on PPH, I had created gigs and paid to promote them. Within a few days, I’d have sales and repeat clients from those sales. However, after over $100 spent recently, I realized why gig promotion on PPH simply doesn’t work anymore.

These days, PPH doesn’t show featured gigs and corresponding images. Instead, prospective clients pay to promote profile images. This to me is madness. Why even bother creating gig images (which are still required), if these aren’t actually used as promotional devices.

To compound matters, ever since rebooting PPH, the only leads I have received are from other sellers wanting to outsource work. Either this, or jobs are advertised at reasonable rates, before successful bidding results in clients asking for abominably low prices.

As of now, I am considering closing my PPH account once and for all. To me, the whole place is like a reseller pyramid scheme. Before I do, though, am I missing something? Are some actual freelancers actually having success there? And if so, how are you achieving this success?

Well, as you know, I signed up for PPH just yesterday and had some minor problems. Today, it seems to be working fine.

It’s not exactly easy or user friendly as say Fiverr, Legiiit, or other writing sites like Scribendi, Firstediting, etc. Those sites are design for buyer friendly, easy one step. You know exactly what you are paying without much or any negotiations!

I have to play with PPH a bit more but I couldn’t find you this morning nor knew how to search for you.

On another note, I find it to be tacky that someone would ask for a reduced price. Either you like the work and pay full price or take a hike through the forest.

She admitted she is a reseller on the first line of her review.

I mean does insulting a seller, then asking for a discount really work?

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To be honest, the UI isn’t intuitive for sellers either. I have to click several times just to find my own gigs/offers.

This is what is now bugging me about PHH. It seems now that existing/established sellers routinely buy off new sellers. Last year I scored some big names like Superdry and on PPH. Now its, " you are new, surrender to the reseller slavery."

No. Because every time a seller has to cancel and order they have to trust that a new one will be placed. I fell for that bull poo 6-years ago. Now I don’t. To me, you have to be dead as a human inside to even attempt this.

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PPH wasn’t great for me, they made me CERT 3 without even a single order (as I have sent them my Fiverr) profile and a lot of samples. It is like a pay to play platform.

However, I never took it off there.

UpWork has been great for me, a couple of repeat clients, some perks. They even gave me the opportunity to host their huddle event.

I tried for Toptal, but they have a tough screening process and I don’t feel ready to go through that.


You know, I started out on UpWork but had one bad experience. After that, I left the place and worked for a site called Clickworker. Then I got banned from Clickworker because I moved to a country they don’t operate in.

I recently returned to Upwork but then they banned me too, In fairness, I must say that their CS listened to my side of the story and reinstated my account almost immediately. (I did nothing wrong, I was flagged by someone I wouldn’t work with.)

Now I feel more inclined to trust Upwork again. It has just changed so much that when I login, I end up… Well, here. :slight_smile:

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Upwork is a lot better platform for experienced freelancers. They are not “big brother” as Fiverr is at the moment, they allow you to talk with a client on Skype, and do whatever you like as long as the payment stays on Upwork, they are fine with it.

Plus, the tools on Upwork are awesome, you are truly independent as a freelancer, and you can chose whatever you like, a couple of options for the contracts and similar.

I started on Fiverr, as I found out on a local forum that it is a website to make “easy” money. My first gig was selling fake reviews for Amazon, Google, Yelp, and other websites. I was making $200-250 a month which was a lot of money for me at that time. Just a 16 year old dude making a lot more than the minimal wage, by working just 10 minutes a day.

Alas, what I wouldn’t give to be s child of the Internet. In my day, I had to do a paper round and a milk delivery job for £35 a week. Mind you, the exercise did me well.

Maybe tomorrow I will go back to UpWork and re-fathom it all out.

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I was considering joining PPH. How does it work there?

My Fiverr alternatives, which I haven’t tried are…

  1. PPH
  2. Guru
  3. Freelancer
  4. Upwork

Which of the above should I try first? I’ll be starting from the scratch there.

I’m also looking at job boards - ProBlogger etc.

I need only 2 or 3 large projects each month.

Give Upwork a try, but if you want to stay anonymous you can’t (perhaps you can use a fake name - Andy knows more about such stuff)

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