Payoneer Reissuing Cards Ready for Brexit?

Is anyone else having their Payoneer card reissued due to Brexit?

I received this yesterday:


Now, this might not apply to everyone. I have a Payoneer card in Euros and one in $$'s.

However, after confirming my address, my USD balance now appears as linked to my EUR card, with the currency set to GBP. It’s all very confusing.

Has anyone else received this notification?

It must be a brits only thing. I haven’t gotten any email.

Nope - not me. :uk:

Well, I’m thinking that this must apply to just my Euro Payoneer card. However, I’m not sure why my funds on my Fiverr card which is in $$$'s, now appear as GBP. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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