Pacayo - from Spanish to multi language freelance market place

Freelancers in Spanish already have their place

Most web pages aimed freelance services are only available in English, however Pacayo is in multiple languages available and has many Spanish members

In today’s world, more and more people choose to work on their own, do what they like and live on it. Many have found momentum in a lot of web pages that allow them to connect with potential customers and customers to find the service they need, usually at pretty good prices.

Unfortunately, both those who offer their freelance services to those who want to hire them, they encounter a problem: most of these websites are only available in English.

While most freelancers and recruiters are perfectly handled in English, it is not so easy to find specialized native people of the Spanish language and this can be a problem when you want to hire services for websites, blogs, social networking, audio services, videos, etc., for Spanish speakers.

The good news is that there is already a consolidated website where you can sell, buy or request writing services, graphic design, music, audio, business, advertising, programming, video, etc. This is an online market that has various services for each budget, safe and easy to use.

Pacayo already has a consolidated community of people looking to generate extra income and companies looking for profitable products in the short term and without losing the quality of the final product. Pacayo is in multiple languages!

How Pacayo works

In most of the online services pages the procedures are complex or unclear due to what each project can cover, delivery times and prices. However, in Pacayo it operates under a fixed price structure so that the term and rates are clear from the beginning for both parties.

Freelancer should simply set and publish the parameters of their services and customers can easily find the service they want in the search engine.

Another advantage of Pacayo is the opportunity to create personalized orders with prices adjusted to the needs to be covered. Freelancers and companies can communicate all the time through the website to establish agreements and order details.

Pacayo uses the best known payment methods (PayPal and Payoneer) and internet insurance, so the buyer’s money is protected and secured for the seller.

This is a good way for the independent worker to organize and keep track of the priority deliveries. For those who hire, they have the opportunity to review the reviews of those who have used the service, which guarantees trust. In addition, all users are backed by a customer service team aimed at resolving any inconvenience that may arise. is easy to use, it is fair with freelancers since everyone has the same opportunity to earn money, and it is an inclusive tool because it works the same for freelancers or for companies, regardless of the size of the seller or buyer, all have a place

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