Now That Made Me Smile


I don’t call that pride hon. I call that standing up for myself. This is the New India. You hit us, we hit back 10 times as hard. Deal with it.

Anyway, with Lord Bajrang Bali by my side, I have nothing to fear.






I wasn’t willing to be part of this discussion. But i just remembered two quotes that i would like to share with you.

" There are some things that money can’t buy. Like manners, morals & integrity. "

" Money can buy a house, but not a home. It can buy a bed, but not sleep. It can buy a clock, but not time. It can buy a book, but not knowledge. Money can earn a position, but not respect. It can buy blood, but not health. You see, money is not everything in life. "

The bottom line here is, nobody cares about how much money X is doing. Or how much money his house is worth. Basically, nobody cares about how rich or smart you are writer. But do you know what we care about? Knowing that our friend in India is safe and sound. Knowing what he’s up to, how his day been going, celebrate with him the good moments & stand beside him with the bad ones. Because after all, we’re your online friends who care about YOU, not how much money you made.

Anyway, i hope you get my point. Have a great day, writer.


Kid, it was more about “dude seriously, I’m not gonna go report your account and other freelancers accounts and go on a psycho-vengeful spree because I’m like a multimillionaire in real life and got better sh… to do with my time than go hunting poor freelancers”…get it? It’s more of a defensive strategy. Because of my wealth nobody can take advantage of me in freelancing, no matter who they are. That is why I have a largely incident free life in my 5 years in this business. It makes me fearless. If not for that, people would walk all over me in this business AND in my offline life.

Look kid, this is a brutal world, people will try to pull you down from everywhere. You have to stand your ground and fight back. People will use different strategies to put you down - it doesn’t have to be outright bullying. It can be humor, sarcasm, shaming, mocking. It can be you’re a psycho, you’re mad, you’re crazy, you’re prideful, you’re arrogant, you’re a racist, you’re evil, I’m worried about you, I’ll pray for you, etc. Passive agressive stuff. It’s all about asserting your dominance over the other. Well, in my life, I have seen it all and am still standing tall and proud. Anyway, I don’t know if you understand. But you are smart from what I could see. But doesn’t matter.

If you go through this thread, you will see how some people tried to pull me down, humiliate and mock me, question my abilities as a writer, integrity and everything I have achieved in this line of work, and even my sanity. You will see how they tried to threaten me, warn about the things they would do to me, etc. Logically speaking, what I did was the perfect response. Look at everything from a detached perspective. I always do that.

Pro Tip: Read Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.

Pro Tip 2: It’s not enough to be wealthy. To be fearless in life, you need to be wealthy and detached about money.

Pro Tip 3: When people attack you, when they are hostile towards you, don’t get flustered, and don’t get angry. Start thinking.

LOL. Anyway, good luck. Got an order to complete.


Guys, we should be friendly here. There is no point in calling names, bragging, or arguing for stuff that really doesn’t matter to anyone here. Also, there is no need to pour more fuel into the :fire:, it’s best to ignore discussions like this which are pointless. The time used here for arguing could have been used for finishing an order, going to the gym, running, walking, and doing other stuff that smart and intelligent people have to do. Honestly, an intelligent person would never bother with what other people think of him, or waste time arguing with people that you don’t even know in person. Just my $0.02.

Of course, there are some people here that I am more closer with, and there are other that I occasionally chat with them.

There is no pun intended, those are just my thoughts, and I don’t want to offend anyone here with this reply.



The time used here for arguing could have been used for finishing an order, going to the gym, running, walking, and doing other stuff that smart and intelligent people have to do.

Well, yes, senior member, but I’ve been running a viral fever since I went to a movie on Sunday night, so can’t do any of those stuff. This has been entertaining for me.

Anyway, who was bullying who?


Everyone was bullying someone. You bullied some members, and they bullied you back. I don’t want to name people. Okay, maybe I understood is as bullying.


Who started the bullying? I never start anything, but I always finish it.


I missed the party / train wreck :popcorn:

I still remember my first year, when I promoted my new gigs to past customers and got my account blocked for spamming like a true meksell would (of course, at that time there was no such concept to begin with, heck, I might have been the first meksell for what it’s worth, and I might just be the one who created the rest :eyes: )

We should all be merry on a Christmas day :blush:

…and be thankful for what we have and who we have around us :slight_smile:


Correct, you never started the bullying, but you encouraged some of the people on the forum to start bullying you. Also, not to mention the posts where you said we are not as superior as you are. Don’t get me wrong, I do still respect you, but man you gotta give respect in order to be respected, right?

If I didn’t know you, I would have been offended from a number of things that you have told.

Anyways, good luck on completing your order. I would much rather discuss politics with you, than this thing.


I was a mek-sel too, selling fake amazon reviews, stating that I am a native English speaker from the US, while my grammar and English sucked. Just read some of my old forum posts. Yes, I was 16/17 at the time, and learned a lot of things the hard way.

The point is, all of us may have started as mek sels, but look at us now.

#PeaceOut - I wouldn’t reply to anything further on this topic. I gave my two cents, and dropped the mic.


One person questioned my integrity and ability as a writer, made serious allegations about me. Questioned my sanity, made me out to be a psycho that took pleasure in banning freelancers and threatening their livelihood, based on a conversation with another freelancer he doesn’t name.

Seriously, you have to look at things in a detached manner. There were two ways I could handle this situation. Play victim, start crying…or act superior, project strength and show I don’t give a damm.

The first strategy is used more often by people these days. You can see how the lady from Pakistan uses this strategy effectively. She uses it time and time again and gets away with anything. Me, I prefer to use the second strategy.

And this is politics in action. See? Politics is a part of everyday life. You have to play it everyday to survive and thrive, else people will walk all over you.

To add to what I said…

Which strategy is more effective? Play the victim or act superior/don’t give a sh…

The first strategy, definitely. It always works, and wins sympathy from people. There are always white knights jumping in to help a damsel in distress or a poor guy who looks all depressed, helpless and down in life.

The second strategy not so effective. It gets you hate and envy. I have used both strategies. The first one in my early years. It worked, but hurt my self-esteem and left me dejected at the end of it.

The second strategy, I’ve been using it ever since I started making good money. It works and gets me what I want, but puts people off. Nobody likes a guy who projects strength and superiority. But you will be clearer in the mind. Like a soldier or a warrior. And have no fear.

Sure, using the second strategy means you will burn bridges and there is no going back. But if you have to use the second strategy that means the bridges are better off burned. LOL. Was fun, thanks everyone!

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