Now That Made Me Smile


You’re very good. :slight_smile:


As for deflated spirits I’ve been down since the last election. Personally and financially I’m fine as ever…my spirits go up and down depending on election results. Anyway. So it’s really about me convincing myself to take the focus away from country and stuff over which I have no control and redirecting it to myself over which I have 100% control. Anyway…don’t worry about what I make or don’t make as a freelance writer…that’s just pocket money for me.


Proof #2 Being emotionally attached to politics, stupid af.

Note: I am less than 25 yo btw. still less smart


Okay whatever…not gonna argue with you.


You’re rich because you were left a tidy inheritance. Anyone with free capital to invest as they please, a free house, minimal outgoings, and no dependents, can make a killing trading stocks, Forex. or crypto if they are careful.

Smart? Sorry, I did see writing you sent to one of your clients once and it was a very messy cut and paste job. You are obnoxious, you are boastful, and quite honestly, you seem to get worse with every passing day.

If you had ever had to get qualified, get a job, and make something of yourself for yourself, you might be able to command a little respect on a thread like this. As it is, I’m sorry, but you really need a reality check.


That was a smart decision finally. :sunglasses:

I hope my age wasnt a factor for ending it…


What free house? I built the house myself 2 years after my dad’s death. Built it for 20 L rupees. Now it’s worth 6 crore rupees.

As for the client you speak of…he is one of my best friends besides being a top rated internet entrepreneur. Feel free to ask him about me. LOL. I have probably done many thousands of dollars work for him on variety of websites.

It’s funny how you seem to know more about me and my work than my clients do. LOL.


Boredom actually


It was a she. If you like, I can dig up the thread on Fiverr where you admitted the article in question had been written in your early days. Of course, you were already a TRS by then. As for being one of your best friends… Get a life.

A best friend is someone you lend a kidney if they ever need one. Not someone you pay 75% lower than market rates to be your jobsworth, just because they are located in a different country to you.


Prove them wrong in an argument and they goes :point_up_2:

Typical quadragenarian :expressionless:


LOL…see Andy…you are a frustrated conceited fool and there is so much you don’t know. I play in A different league. I am just indulging you here :slight_smile:


With your own bare hands? With money you earned for yourself? - I doubt it somehow.


No…that was all the money I got from my dad after his death. His PF and gratuity. Now I make 25L or more a year from writing alone. Forget stock markets.


Anyway this thread made me very happy :slight_smile: Good night…Merry Christmas…gotta go to the gym in the morning. 11 pm already. :slight_smile:


I love spreading happiness among smart sociopaths. :angel:


Not because of you…because it made me remember where I have come from and where I am today. All that nation and stuff is fine…but ultimately it’s all about yourself. It’s you vs. The world and it’s fun this way. I love hostility. Makes me happy :slight_smile: Reminds me what’s truly important.


Back to square one. :woman_facepalming:


Indeed. - And yet how many times now have you told your life story and gushed about how great you are to no one who cares? Maybe tomorrow they will, Investor. Maybe tomorrow…


LOL…you won’t understand Andy. Or maybe you do. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, was fun. See you guys around, nothing more to say.

What was different was the open hostility. That made me happy :slight_smile: I have experienced it before and it always wakes me up :slight_smile: Thanks.


Ahhh! Grow up writer. Nothing hostile here. Just a bunch of mature colleagues sharing their thoughts. Just because somebody negates your statement, doesn’t mean they are hostile, right?