Now That Made Me Smile

For the first time in a while…

…A real smile, not a smirk or a grimace…which is rare for me these days…

We may yet become Venezuela, but let me celebrate the fact that India has never been better or more prosperous as it is today. Unfortunately, prosperity is always relative and not absolute, and brings with it more expectations and people start asking what’s in it for me. Well, anyway, it’s a Sunday evening…I’m off to a movie.

You were way more prosperous when you had the Brits squatting. :slight_smile:

Then absolute poverty was 90 percent…millions died of hunger every year…now absolute poverty is in single digits…hunger is no longer an issue. Abundant food. Anyway we have recently overtaken the UK in GDP too. Took a long while…but then Modi became PM only in 2014.

They always had the option to join the army. :slight_smile:

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India is historically a high inflation country…but under Modi we have a record low inflation of 3 to 3.5%. Was double digits, 12 to 13%, under the previous government. Our GDP growth rate is the best among large nations, higher than China, at 7 to 8%. Yet middle class wants to know what’s in it for me…and want to bring the opposition back. Well…just for your information…inflation in Venezuela hit 2 million percent.

But al least gas prices are cheap in Venezuela :slight_smile: Funny thing is 2 or 3 months back when oil prices were rising the media and opposition were mocking Modi…see PM, they said, petrol will be 100 rupees per litre in India soon…but in Venezuela it is just 1 rupee per litre. What a failure you are :slight_smile: This is the sort of stupidity/evil Modi deals with. So if you ask m9st Indians what they th8nk about Venezuela…they will tell you…wow…petrol costs just rupee per litre there :smile: Stupidity will cause the downfall of this nation.

The problem with India at present, though, is that like China, you fudge all the numbers. :slight_smile:

Dude…there are many malicious people like that who create fake news propaganda videos against Modi. What do you mean fudge the numbers? Which number? Tell me the number. Do you know who tabulates the numbers? Do you know what the World Bank tells about Modi? What the IMF says? What India’s foreign exchange reserves are? Do you know what the stock market returns are? What’s the EPSO data? What’s the WPI/CPI? I could go on.

Do you know how much rice, wheat and other cereals costs now and how much they cost 5 years back?
How much carrots cost now and how much they cost 5 years back?
Do you know how much eggs cost now and how much they cost 5 years back?
Do you know how much internet used to cost 5 years back and how much it costs now?
Do you know how much telephone calls cost 5 years back and how much they cost now?

You can dig up all the fake video sh… against Modi. But tell me one specific thing that is worse in the Indian economy now than it was 5 years back. Thanks.

Understand this - I am a guy with skin in the game, all my money/assets are in India, my life is in India. This is not some talking point to me. This is my life. I live this s… And I know all the facts. I am seriously smart, smarter than most people in the Indian media/establishment types and am richer than them as well.

These people are perennial liars and pessimists, or upset that Modi stopped their gravy train. I am someone who stays low and make money silently, taking advantage of the opportunities before me. I have become seriously rich last 4 years, not because I have anything to do with politics, or involved in politics, but because I stay away from that sh… and don’t expect the government to do anything for me.

Modi’s rule has been good for honest and smart people like me who pay their taxes, follow the law and start businesses or choose the self-employment road to success.

India was a large ponzi scheme before Modi. Modi stopped that. Lot of people are upset because of that. They want the ponzi scheme back. All these people, these video creators, etc. they are political entrepreneurs. They are brainless and stupid, but they are cunning and know how to fool the gullible public. Ask one of them to come here and challenge me on facts. That’s all I will say.

Also, I can go on this stupid YouTube channels or Twitter and fight these people directly, challenge them, and show them for the complete morons they are. But the problem is they are not morons, they are evil, and they act stupid on purpose, and indulge in half-truth on purpose. Instead of wasting my time on them, I prefer to make money by writing articles on real estate in Belize, which I am going to do next.

Think about it…there are like millions of Indians on Fiverr, millions of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, people from so many other so-called third world nations. How many TRS among them? Very few. How many TRS in the writing category? Just me. Why? There is a reason for that.

And trust me, I am a LOT smarter than you are, or our friend from Greece :slight_smile: One day you will realize it. But then I rate the two of you higher than most people I see on TV - the so-called experts on CNBC, business papers, etc.

Pro Tip: Read Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals.

I know these political entrepreneurs, as I call them, better than they know themselves. I know how their mind works. What they do, why they do, and how they do it. I can see how they play with the public’s mind. I just watch from the sidelines without getting involved. That is why I have predicted everything that has happened in the world last few years and I know which direction the world is going to take :slight_smile: No, it’s not pretty, but it’s fascinating.

As for the people, the public, the masses, or whatever you call them - they shall deserve every bit of what’s coming for them. There is no cure for stupidity. There is after all a reason why my people in particular were slaves for 1000 years, first under Mozies, then under Brits. They can’t handle freedom and prosperity and will want to go back to that. They can’t see a good thing when they have got it. They will pay for their greed, pettyminded selfishness an ingratitude. You can make up all sort of BS YouTube videos, but reality has its own way of biting back. I will still be there, watching from the sidelines, when that happens.

Even when Modi goes…I will still be rich and do far better than these idiots. I know their game and I can play it too. When crooks get into power, not to be a crook yourself would be idiotic. I in fact look forward to the challenge :slight_smile:

My goal in life is not to make X amount of money but to live well and thrive when everyone else is crying and whining…so that I can watch from the sidelines with a permanent smirk on my face :wink:

Over and out.

Just one thing - I’m not surprised at the low opinion that Brits/Americans/etc. have about India and Indians…I expect that from them…and expect no less…what gets to me is the low opinion Indians have about themselves and their country. No self-respect, no self-esteem. The effect of the 1000-year long slavery is worse than I thought.

Anyway, Cy, next time you put out a fake video shi…or motivated media report, please ask the original creator to come here. I would rather talk to them than with you about India/Modi/whatever. There’s no point at all talking to you about this stuff. Just give me 5 minutes with them, right here.

But to everyone else, you just come off as a bit brainwashed.

When people feel the need to tell other people how smart they are, they achieve nothing but eye rolls. :eyes:

And are usually sociopaths.

All you do is cry and whine.

Stop trying to play the victim. Neither myself or anyone I know has a low opinion of Indians. You on the other hand, consistently demonstrate complete disdain for anyone with a different opinion to your own.

You consistently feel the need to comment on Western political and cultural trends. However, you have a defensive brick wall which goes up whenever anyone dares present an opinion contrary to your own views on India. Then you cry like a baby.

Once again, I was not attacking you. I was exercising my right to have a contrary opinion to your own.

As far as the video in question goes, I do tend to trust the opinions of individuals who present well-researched information concerning any topic, not to mention establish themselves as a trusted authority on certain matters. Where is your blog or Youtube channel if you are so passionate and certain of the validity of your opinions? All you do is bring your opinions on anything India to people who don’t really care. - Almost like you are too afraid of ever being questioned by your actual peers.

If you click on that video, you will find that you can comment on the content in question. Moreover, if you are able to provide a balanced, evidence-based rebuttal, you might even get a reply from the content creator himself. :slight_smile:

Dare you?

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you too! :christmas_tree:

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As I said, I prefer to make real money from writing about real estate in Belize and creating things of real value.

If you click on that video, you will find that you can comment on the content in question. Moreover, if you are able to provide a balanced, evidence-based rebuttal, you might even get a reply from the content creator himself.

There is a fake news industry in India. If I start commenting on this stuff, or visitng these channels, that’s all I would be doing all day long. Then no time for writing about real estate in Belize.

Almost like you are too afraid of ever being questioned by your actual peers.

You, and the lady from Greece are my peers, not this lot. I have absolute contempt for them and their breed of political entrepreneurs. I started making money off writing in 2014 and since then I have avoided this lot completely.

What do you think I did for 10-15 years before 2014? I spent all my time arguing with this lot on the internet, wasting millions of manhours. Made $0 out of that.

Since I started ignoring them, I make $20k/year from my writing alone and much more from my stock market investments.

Anyway, I’m done with this. Have to finish a couple of orders today. 7 articles to be done.

Well, I kind of imagine that you went around telling anyone who would listen that you were richer and intellectually superior to them.

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Nope. I wasn’t rich then. But yes, I did assert my intellectual superiority, not that hard. Anyway, have to go, this stuff is taking up too much of my time. Orders are coming again, looks like the Fiverr switch has once again flicked in my favor. Ciao!

Good for you.

Anyway, you will have to excuse me. I have to start cleaning and preparing for dinner tomorrow.

Nice having a balanced chat with you.

Anyway…my next few years will be about real estate and freelancing. I am already ready for the crooks to come back to power and am gonna get rich off them. Real estate will be back. Modi had clamped down on black money or illegally earned wealth because of which the real estate mafia was down and prices had become reasonable for buyers. Now the crooks will be back and I expect my properties to double in price next 2 years.

Today we did this

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By the way Cy, the fact that I am richer than them is no fluke. I am rich because I worked hard for it, made all the right decisions and took accountability for my life and my actions, and yes, because I am much smarter than they are. Far from being an entitled fool, I made something of my life. Didn’t depend on the government or someone to help me out. Those people you refer to, the YouTube video creators (not the creators, they are smart but evil political entrepreneurs. Their followers), they are the helpless entitled morons, not me. They think putting their government in power will transform their life, make them rich. That’s not how it goes.

People like me will win and succeed in any situation and under any government, because we don’t depend on any government. People like them, who you call my peers, they are the perennial losers of life, always looking for a government check or a government job or handout. They think their success or failure depends on which government is in power. That’s not how things work.

Think about it…in a highly status conscious country, where degrees are everything, I am a college dropout. In a country where everyone is protected and coddled by their family networks, I am all alone, and have been so for 16 years now. No support, nobody to rely upon. And today I am richer and better off than ALL of my relatives, even the ones settled in the US, professors in Ivy League colleges. There is a reason for that.

I support Modi because he is good for India. Not because I have got anything from his government. I have got nothing. Just a feeling of satisfaction that my country is on the right track, finally. If the crooks come back, my net worth will double in just 2 years. Why do you think I have this current focus on real estate?

If the crooks come back, we will once again move to a cash based economy, or the shadow economy, and already wealthy people like me will get richer as a side effect. Who will lose out? The poor, the middle class and the honest tax payers. Well, so be it.

If anything, the prospect of the crooks coming to power has woken me up and made me all the more determined to make more money and get richer. It’s like 2014 all over again :slight_smile:

I highly doubt that. Being rich doesn’t mean you are smart. Less work, More $$$ is what smartness is. And we all know how stupid it was of you for selling high quality articles by the only TRS writer from Asia for only five dollars. Come on, you admitted this yourself. :expressionless:

Rest of the essay that you wrote, I’ll try to avoid it as being a less smart person, I’d like to not indulge in that useless debate.


I make most of my money from the stock markets (replace stock markets with real estate soon)…as for writing, I have discussed why I charge less compared to others before. And I’m rich because I’m smart :slight_smile:

Anyway this is not going anywhere. Let’s forget about it.

Working hours for few bucks, still not so smart… :roll_eyes:

and this is a proof that you aren’t THAT smart. Otherwise you would have taken the decision of jacking up your prices long before. Do you have low self esteem problem? No offence but I have seen lonely people with low self esteem problem doing what exactly you are i.e self praise all the time. Because in the absence of other people’s validation they feel lowly. To buck up their deflated spirits they resort to techniques like posturing and projecting a false but exaggerated image of theirs with the belief that with self-aggrandizement they would be taken more seriously and regarded highly than they were without it … hence the self-indulgence of self praise :wink:

(just a bit of psychology that I took as a side subject)

P.S its fun to speak your mind without the fear of being flagged. I hope we got rid of flaggers… :expressionless:


Nope. I see this as some sort of an online journal. Jus5 me self analysing and trying to make sense of myself and my life. You are all anon people to me, so I feel safe here. In real life I keep a low profile and make money silently. Never show off.