New Logo Idea

I have sent it to @RegiAdd - but it would be great to hear your thoughts too.


Here is how it would look like on the green background.

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I like it a lot.

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I LOVED it. :heart_eyes:

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Oh my gosh! That is so freaking awesome! I :heart: it! I like the black background better.

Do we still want the “'cause freelancer’s need a break too” under it or do ya’ll like it without?

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Here is how it would look like.

Perhaps, I should make the banner the same green color.

@RegiAdd more orange green like the logo, here is the hex code: ffac00

Ahhhhhhh! :scream:

I love it! :heart_eyes:

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On the black background, the bee looks good except he kind of blends into the background.

I like green too. Maybe because green and gold are complementary colors?

Dang, it! I have too much to do to be hanging out here. but you guys are like a :honey_pot: and I am the :honeybee:.

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@glacierlily that one is on a transparent background actually haha. :joy:

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So it lets the color from behind show through? I am using the “Latte” :coffee: theme now. I like it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Be careful, on the latte theme the logo isn’t visible in the header. I use the neutral one, I like it the most.

It isn’t? Then why can I see it? :thinking: Hey! Can we not take screen shots here? I just tried to prove to the Freakster that I can see the logo and it would not work!

Yep, you can’t see the word “MY” as it’s on a white background.

But I can see the word “My.”

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Oh, I changed it after you made that comment earlier. Now the neutral has a brown banner.

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I have tried earlier and it wasn’t showed. Except if @RegiAdd played a bit with the header color on each of the themes.


The banner is all there, except it does not streach across the whole top yet? @RegiAdd said she was working on that.

Ya know, I like the black background.

Mind if I use this one vice the orange one I have up?

Edit: OOPS! Nevermind. Time for me to get off the computer. I’m seeing things that aren’t there! Spooky!