New header design - you decide


I was tasked to create the main banner of the forum, and I came with two ideas.

Suggestions are welcome!


Who wants to see a late 30s dude like myself in the header design…put some attractive female. Everything else perfect.

  1. is better.


Please, we might hurt the gay liberals. :joy:

Just kidding. I wasn’t able to find a photo with a girl that would fit into this mood.


Just put Gina’s Avatar or whatever you call it into that and be done with it.


Aye, aye captain!


Did you notice #2 has “No big brother” on the laptop? :laughing:


I also noticed the guy’s “just perfect” (“all okay”) sign…which the media says is wrong or fascist or whatever and is used only by the alt right. I’ve nothing against that, but some idiots could mistake this for an alt right website.


I will add a disclaimer “We are not alt-right! Though we are not liberals as well!”

Maybe I can add the “no big brother” on the first too.

@razvan @glacierlily @cyaxrex - What do you guys think about the banner concepts.


I like the first banner more. It seems more striking. I also think it is critical that you do not use an attractive female in the banner. Keep things casual.


Okay, that’s 3 against 1 so far, so unless Lily & Raz chime in - #1 it is!!

I’m in endless meeting all day, so be back in several hours.


I like #1. Instead of having a person there at all, what about taking the guy out all together? his bare feet and cut off head bother me. But then I have been known to be OCD. :roll_eyes:


His hair doesn’t look good when he is isolated on a different background.

Although, the bare feet are not an issue as they represent that he is relaxed and enjoys it here.


I understand that. I still like the banner alone though.


Actually, you are right the banner without a photo does look cool.

Writer’s idea is also interesting to try with Gina’s avatar, it might interesting.


I like the bottom one better. :blush: It is up to Gina about using her avatar. Actually she has had Miss Z make her a few pictures. Maybe there is one Gina would like better.


@RegiAdd -You have the last word!


Actually, I now like the new banner concept where the guy doesn’t have his head cut off.


It will be up to @RegiAdd


Gosh, it’s hard. I like them both.

Let me think about it. :thinking:


Sure, let me know in the morning. I would go to do some important things like watch a TV or something. :stuck_out_tongue: