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It’s not that. I like giving long-winded coherent reviews. I just don’t want the sellers to review me. It’s an invasion of my privacy for everyone to know who I bought from, when & how often.

Right now, they have to do some work to find who, etc.

Edit: If I were a seller, I’d want the glowing reviews to show up so everyone can see the number of satisfied clients I have. As a buyer, I don’t want everybody to know what type of gigs I buy, from whom, when, etc.

I suppose I can just tell seller’s not to review me. I dunno. I’ll think about it.


But that’s REVIEW MANIPULATION! You’ll be spanked and sent to the naughty room!


Murderer! Haven’t you heard what happens whenever anyone mentions the word review in an order? You might as well create a hit list of Fiverr sellers you hate. :slight_smile:

To be fair, you might be overthinking this. I have zero desire to review any buyer. I am forced to, as even though buyer reviews appear anyway after 10-days, I can then no longer reply to negative feedback.

When new to Fiverr buyers or people communicating in an odd way show up, sellers already use Google to search for the buyer username to see their past reviews. Otherwise, most sellers don’t have the time or give a monkeys uncle what reviews a buyer has unless something goes wrong.

That said, one annoying thing about this is that seller reviews now don’t appear under buyer reviews on order pages unless they leave a second round of feedback. I use my reviews to say thanks and things lile, “if I don’t hear from you before, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” This gives new buyers an insight into how agreeable (or not) a seller is. Now I can still do this but… Well, it’s just more time and fiddling about.


:laughing: :rofl:

Oh, come on! I’m smarter than that. I know you can’t mention the “R” word on 5r. I can be inconspicuous as much as Ms. Lily. :slight_smile:

I don’t have the flair that Locusta & you have. How in the heck can the two of you just whip up hilarious quotes, saying or the likes in an instant! :heart:


We’re just gifted. :slight_smile:


Speak for yourself, I prefer the term special.


Would you find it weird or suspicious if the buyer asked you not to review them? I mean a good, returning client who you know will give you 5 :star: or gave you a snapshot of their glowing review to you.

Then they ask you not to reciprocate . . . Would you wonder or would you say, “Hallelujah, I got great review & I don’t have to write one.” :man_dancing: :dancer:


To be fair, 99.99% of times when a buyer mentions reviews, they’ve usually transformed from a fairly normal person into a completely insane hellbeast, so I think it’s reasonably fair to say most buyers are a little jaundiced and suspicious of any mention of the word “review” - add in Fiverr’s own fun and it’s really just a toxic mix.


Just curious, not that I would but how would 5r know? It’s not flagged like the work “PAY” or “eMail” and such.


Were you serious about this?

Asking someone NOT to review is really considered manipulation?


Serious answer? OK, you asked for it!

It’s hard to answer. I removed all mention of reviews from my own templates for delivery (and it was a really benign “share your experience with the community” kind of thing IIRC) because I worried that they might do something.

One thing to remember is that one of the reasons bandied about when CS stopped removing reviews at all (unless your offer got banhammered - hello obvious loophole! Why did I not think of this before…) was the manipulation from e.g. your bog standard mek-sell:

Meksell: I will deliver something perfect that also makes you a millionaire in just 12 hours!
Buyer: Wow, I better take that, I am naive and this sounds amazing
Meksell: lol jk here’s something I did while watching TV, go away now thx

~ more than 72 hours later~

Buyer: Uh… this isn’t… this is… I want to be reasonable - it’s only coffee money but… ? ? ? Wat?
Meksell: Oh no sir, very sorry madam - if you promise not to review, you can have your $ back!
Buyer: OK, that sounds good! Thank you! :unamused:
Meksell: no problem bro :kissing::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::sunglasses::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::upside_down_face:

Obviously there’s a huge gulf between this kind of behavior and mine (and other sellers here, I hope!), but it seems like it no longer exists. I should tell you all about my ongoing battle with CS about a VERY SIMPLE BUG for 1-2 weeks in which no CS agent reads the prior ticket entries so I have to repeat myself, send the same screenshots - it’s minor, but it is very concerning, considering I have VIPTOPRO access to support. It’s fast, yes - but the quality has plummeted. New top people from offsite won’t recognize this, of course.

You might be OK as a buyer, though. The site is a mess - I have a buyer right now who can’t see the attachments (this is really minor, but I have to refresh a page every time I attach now to see if it attached - my buyer doesn’t know this). Don’t forget, the CS deems any review of their own (FU’d) site as fair, even if e.g. a seller does great work but the technical screwed up. I did tell the buyer, of course. That particular job is going all to hell anyway for un-Fiverr related reasons so lol. Hopefully a no review, but god forbid I suggest such a compromise after bending over backward for “top CS” to avoid getting demoted over 1 job gone slightly awry!

I could go on. I would, but I’d rather do it in the place I’m not allowed to post for 998 years from :roll_eyes: lol

That’s not even including the new breed of YT meksell with their huge audience - now that is another can of worms altogether. Sorry for kinda rant, which went way off topic. In my opinion, hell yes, manipulation, even though it’s perfectly normal conversation.

(PS the writer’s block post has a typo in one of the first paragraphs - writer’s blog/block - plz fix as she’s v. talented otherwise imo)

EDIT: OK, maybe not so hard to answer… I may come back to clean this response up tomorrow.

EDIT 2: muh photoshops :frowning:


Thanks, Em!

Shouldn’t it be 997 years by now? :laughing:

I stopped going there for a long time because I was really, really mad about something that happened. I have been taking a peek the last few days just to see if any new information is posted but it appears to be dead in the water.

There is nothing but a sea of meksell post about making their first sales, :roll_eyes: ! You’re not missing anything.


Who knows? I was pretty mad (given how it happened) for a month, but I got over it. Now it’s… well. Shame, really. It was fun while it lasted I guess.


They watch everything. And even when they misinterpret communications, they shoot first and ask questions later.

To be honest, I’d just leave the whole review situation. Either that or contact Fiverr directly to raise your concerns. Literally any way you put it could get a seller in trouble. I mean just look at all the posts there have been about buyers asking if they can change reviews they have left in error, only for sellers to get account warnings as a result.

This is why I am finally going cold turkey from the forum. It is literally all “how do I mek sell” or “this isn’t fair,” or “CS is awful,” or “help I’ve been banned.” - All of which quickly see sellers gunned down by the same “see this post” reply or "no one here can help you."

At present, I withdraw everything as it clears, as you never know what might happen. I can’t help it if a file doesn’t upload correctly, a buyer asks me for academic work, or someone gives me the kiss of death by saying, "sorry, I meant to leave 5-stars, how do I change this?"


What about that odd post earlier about the no PayPal fees for withdrawing? Some popup (that looked scammy) and everyone was like WOO or “I prefer payoneer, actually”.

All a bit weird.


I’ve been working on my super amazing new freelance platform all day. :slight_smile: In this case, I’m not really hip with regard to the latest trending Fiverr news.


That’s good! I completed the 12 items on my to-do list by 3pm (and at least 4 of them were stealth added to increase my personal job satisfaction at being effective at doing things I just finished), so I feel you have been a more heroic freelancer than me.

(The PayPal thing is like there’s no fees anymore but maybe its rounded up but maybe not. IDK, it was confusing. Also, the popup screenshot was in Times New Roman)


Sadly, I’m stuck using the Payoneer highway bandits.

My website is still driving me nuts but I’m hoping it will pay off. Tons of work still to do I’m kind of getting to grips with it all.


Gutenberg (WP) today severely irritated me b/c I wrote a blog post in Word then tried to C&P into it, but itkept putting random wordstogether like this but its bad spellchecker nowonly checks your spellings by each stupidblock.

Shakes fist

I need a plugin to kill GB. Anyway, consider yourself warned if you’re doing that. Going to bed now, but the reviews from other disgruntled people (from the days GB was a plugin!) say it all.

Night all - sweet dreams, be safe from the nightmare clutches of global businesses messing it all up for the sake of “improvements!”


The most frequent posts on the F Forum today was of this type:
”Hello, I am new here. Welcome me.”