🤑 ** New: Fiverr Buyer's Review ** Tips for Savvy Buyers 💰

:heart: Another awesome tip for Buyer from a Buyer!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

So, Fiverr is now displaying reviews on the Buyer’s profile left by the seller - or at least it appears to for the last 30 days or so. On my profile, it only shows the last two - which makes it look like I’ve only purchased two gigs since signing up over two years ago! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seller’s have been asking for this for a very long time! Well, they got their wish.

At first, I wasn’t too happy, since now who I purchased from will be neatly displayed on my profile, taking away any semblance of privacy! Now, I am thrilled!!!


. . . :drum: It can and will save us, buyers, $$$$ - if you do a little research!

As I was grumbling and rummaging through my long time sellers and other popular seller’s profiles; I realized I can also see their reviews as sellers & buyers.

Some of the Top Rated Sellers and highly successful Level 2 Sellers are nothing but ** RESELLERS **! Yes, you heard me correct! It started with one TRS that had several glowing reviews from someone he bought from, so I checked it out. This is what I found:

  • They both offered the same gig.
  • The TRS is from the USA, selling for to $35 to $95
  • The Level 2 is from Asia, selling the same thing for $5 to $15

So, before you pay top dollars or $95 in this case,

Scan through the reviews left by his seller. Ignore the reviews left by buyers (it’ll all be 5 stars & useless information).

Check out who he/she is buying from, are they selling the same gig, did he buy multiple gigs from them? Why pay $95 when you can pay as little as $5 to $15 for the exact same thing?

There are more resellers on Fiverr than you may think. You may even be surprised to find out that your TRS is just a reseller charging you more. Do some research and save yourself some money.

I guess Fiverr doesn’t do much research before initiating a new feature. Let’s be real, if we buyers save money, then Fiverr & the Reseller is losing money at the same time.


  • I buy from Reseller a $100 gig + $5 transaction fee = $25 to Fiverr
  • Reseller buys from seller2 a $10 gig + $2 transaction fee = $4 to Fiverr
  • Total made by Fiverr = $29.00


  • I go straight to seller2 and buy the $10 gig + $2 transaction fee = $4 to Fiverr
  • Fiverr loses $25 !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Buyer saved $93.00 :confetti_ball:
  • Unfortunately, the Reseller loses out too: $68 (their $80 profit - $12 reseller fee)

Buyer’s Review being Displayed is a Reseller’s Nightmare!!


I was looking at my buyers’ reviews today. Two of the buyers I recently finished orders for on my business letter writing gig, also bought a letter from a $5 letter writer in the last few days. (I charge much more) One of the buyer’s orders has been completed and she left me a 5 star review. Another I just finished today so they have not left a review. I was wondering why they would make purchases from the $5 seller a sell as me?

I also think the buyer reviews appearing on their profiles may mean less reviews in the future once buyers figure out what is happening.

So I went to look at the lady who has made huge $ on the F platform and she had many reviews as a buyer from the same seller in Asia. Now wonder all of her deliveries are for 7 days!


Imagine they hired those sellers because they told the “Sand sel pliz am new u TRS”. And that TRS wanted to help.

But yes, F is full of resellers which sell their work for higher prices on other platforms. However, I never thought that someone would resell on the same platform. :smirk:

I’ve been enjoying the Seller Success Secrets Exposed reviews, too. Explains a lot of Explosivesa’s poorer reviews…

This is a very interesting find. However, I have suspected this for some time. I’ve had a few TRS sellers rock up out of the blue and start bombarding me with orders. I found this extremely unethical. I mean, imagine being a seller yourself and knowing what a nightmare buyer is and how stressful Fiverr can be, before placing tons of bulk orders with a seller out of the blue.

In one case, a TRS ordering from me only had 300+ reviews. They started ordering 7+ articles a day, all which needed to be written to certain specifications, and all of which had to be delivered in one day. You just don’t do that. If you need to outsource, you communicate first. If I had done the same with them, they would have had a meltdown.

I’ve closed down most of the TRS and fellow buyers who order from me, as they seem to come to the table with an air of: “Right. Ready to be exploited?” One even recently ordered a 2-minute video which had to be timed to match a voice over they already had and needed to be made in a completely different style to what I offer. (Because the video style they offer in their gig is different.)

I offer 1-minute videos max and state clearly that buyers who want to include a voice over need to have this created later in time to the video I deliver, then I can sync the files together. (Doing things the other way round takes a lot more time.) Needless to say, they got a killer deal for $60, but I made it clear I could never work with them again.

What also irks me about this, is the fact that almost all my non-started orders and “I ordered by mistake” orders come from fellow Fiverr sellers. (Non-TRS).

In every case, the seller offers a near identical gig to my own which they obviously have no idea how to pull off. - I’m talking about writing gigs where sellers can’t even put together a decent gig description. However, they do net sales and they do net consistent 5-star reviews. My guess, in this case, is that they 100% outsource what they do and possibly place multiple orders with other sellers, always choosing to pay for whichever their end client likes best.

And now for the big reveal…

As much as I loathe on-platform resellers, I do plan to become one in 2019. I will not be reselling any of the gigs I offer now. However, I will be offering press release syndication and possible app or web design which I will be outsourcing the main work for. I’m just not outsourcing to fellow Fiverr sellers, as to be honest… Well, it’s the fees.


I figured it’s got to be stressful. Their success depends on your ability to deliver quality.

Now that reviews are displayed, all the negative reviews will show up too. It’ll make buyers wonder how a seller can have all 5 :star: reviews as a ** seller ** but really poor reviews as a ** buyer ** .

Resellers are either gonna get pushed out by 5r or they will no longer review - I’m guessing if the buyer don’t review the seller can’t either?


True that.

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Really, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of sellers being able to leave a fair and honest review?

Buyers will either leave great reviews or none at all, making 5r reviews into more of a joke.

I have not had a review since the reviews started appearing on the buyers profile, also all my orders have auto completed since then.

:musical_score::musical_note:Don’t forget the metric system is tied up with reviews! :musical_note::musical_score:

Everyone has to start over-delivering with added dripping sycophancy now! But don’t you dare mention the need for a review, or you’ll be sent to a small, cold, corner of Hell. It’s cold, because even the devil himself is bemused by how satanic it is.


Yes, higher fees led to fewer orders. Now needless messing around with reviews is leading to fewer reviews. Every month since the new level system came in, it has become harder to stay afloat due to the rest of Fiverr changing around it.

Did you get the Fiverr Elevate survey btw? It was all, do you know And Co and Elevate exist? Will you be using either? Will you use it if we add all this stuff? (Meaning discounts on health insurance etc for third party providers). Do you use other freelancing platforms? And finally, what stops you working more on Fiverr?

I felt like saying because Fiverr doesn’t exist anymore because of all the trying to sell me stuff fluff and swamp of new stress every month. In the end I just cited Fiverr as being to stressful.

I got the impression that Fiverr wants to be the Amazon of freelancing and sell a bit of everything. The problem is, who in their right mind starts setting up health insurance etc and buying courses which can only be used on Fiverr, when they could be indiscriminately banned one day, or demoted because of all the blooming new hurdles put in everyone’s way.

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I got the email! I couldn’t remember what Elevate was and deleted it.

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Give the man a cigar! :clap:

Frankly, if they are going to show review on buyer’s profile - then I think sellers should be able to review, regardless of if the buyer’s does or not.


Yes. That is the only true kind of blind feedback. Also, buyers leave blind feedback whenever orders ae canceled. I found that out when I had a buyer threaten to leave negative secret feedback unless I cancelled asap.

The fairest system would be blind feedback all round. - Or just go back to how thins were across the board.

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Me too! I have Medicare. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Enjoy, Cy! :wink:

Sadly I only enjoy cigars when smoked in Florida in winter on my friends apartment balcony with a warm glass of iced Laphroaig whisky. :frowning: That said, it is Christmas soon. If you want to forward all that on to Santa, be my guest.

P.S. Also put in an order for a clone to keep on top of work while I’m away. :slight_smile:

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I had to look that up. My son is a distiller/brewer. He makes pretty good whiskey made from all organic Montana grains. However, they are a small distillery and not yet 10 years old. They do have some whiskey casked to age for 10 years though. :tumbler_glass:

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I’m debating no longer reviewing.

I kinda don’t want people to easily find out who I buy from - so, since 5r gives me the option, I thought I’d opt out. Would you be perplexed or upset if one of your long time customer no longer reviewed you?

Just taking surveys.

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To be honest, reviews are like gold nuggets at the moment. As @Locusta pointed out, sellers now suffer when receiving fewer reviews. If you order from a seller regularly and suddenly stop reviewing, you make any buggy 4.5 app reviews and malicious reviews weigh more against them.

I was almost demoted this year for a run on 4.7 reviews. Also, despite what they say on the main forum, the math behind how seller ratings and metrics are calculated is insane. I have had nothing but 5-stars for the past 60-days. I’m still rated at 4.9 stars overall. I’ve also noticed how any negative counts instantly against sellers. I’ve had runs of 5-star reviews and suddenly been taken down to a 4.8 rating, after just one poor review. Yes, you then stay there for a while. However, it will take 10 - 20 (or more) 5-star reviews for you to pull yourself up again.

In short, reviews have never been more important. - Not just as far as ratings are concerned, but as far as morale is concerned also.


@RegiAdd , you always give such great reviews. However, you could just cut back to shorter reviews. If you are not happy with someone and do not want to bother with a poor review, no review may have the same effect as a poor review in the long run.