New age Punctuation

We should start using these new progressive punctuation marks, they are the future of writing, period.

More info on each of them and their intended use cases here:


No no no no no no no no non no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

Leave language alone. Text and social media speak has already literary lobotomized most people. The last thing the world needs is those same people trying to ‘progressively’ change the rules of language to suit their self-inflicted linguistic disabilities.

No. Not happening. I will not allow it. :rage:

Edit: This is horrendous:

Today, email, text messaging, and social media are the primary means of communication for most. In fact, texting is the most used form of communication for American adults under 50



On a more serious note, these punctuation marks are a short cut, which means that lazy txt spkrs are going to use them in lieu of actual words and even storytelling. Why bother to express the doubt, wry sarcasm, or etc when you can just use a new-style punctuation mark?

Besides, smileys can perform most of that to the literate emoji crowd - which this is aimed at, to presumably draw them back to Real Language - so it is redundant. Finally, let it not be forgotten that that plenty of governments leverage memes these days. Those are the way forward, whether you want it or not. Not a font-lover’s fantasy of clarity via weird squiggles. Which means no adoption.

If 1,000 (Eng.) can be 1.000 (uh, most of the romantic languages?) depending on the language, then I invite you to consider a world where ever more pointless punctuation - which shares no thought, just an idea that is not readily standardized - can invite confusion like this. What you thought was clear…

So again, no. That’s not including ‘certitude’ featuring a cross (ooh, bit Christian), the interrobang (no adoption), the multiple rips of Spanish-style - and universally accepted - weird ? marks, and the ones that are clearly smileys that have been drained of cartoon humanity for the sake of a font. Or the ‘love point’, which… well.

Clarity comes from thought, clearly expressed in words. Not symbols for the lazy-of-thought. We have emojis for that (And for those who don’t speak your language well and you want to convey something. These are just emojis that have been further stripped of thought and humanity.

So there :slight_smile: I’d use one of those monstrosities, but my keyboard doesn’t support them…

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Woah, chill out people. Geesh! :sweat_smile:

Anyway, on a second look, I see that the “Irony” mark looks like a female breast, and the “Love Point” is more like a nice wide a$$ :smiley:

One could even make a short story with those marks :stuck_out_tongue:

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We writers are quite possessive when it comes to our squiggles, I’ll have you know!


Speaking of, people must have had a really hard time writing back in the days :scream: :

Just beautiful, but I reckon friggin’ time consuming, too!

And an activity guaranteed to make your local monastery plenty of $$$, given that apparently everyone forgot to read in the Dark Ages and so rich people gave fistfuls of cash to the monks to write big, expensive books to put on the bookshelf (and not read) to show off their bling. The best bit about these old books isn’t the writing - it’s the dirty margin notes.

Some of these are a bit rude. Or, as one of them says, “Now I’ve written the whole thing: for Christ’s sake give me a drink.”


Those are amazing!! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing these - I guess one of the perks of talking to a writer is that you know something about pretty much everything :grin: #treasure