Need your help

So as most of you know, i currently have a web design agency beside freelancing. A couple of days ago, i got a client who wants an 8 pages website to be created. After back and forth collaboration, the client agreed on my regulations and we managed to close a deal together.

Now as most of the web agencies work, an initial payment should be paid before the start of the project. The guy agreed to send rhe initial payment but here comes the tricky part.

I received a message from today stating the following:

So as he told me earlier, he wanted this website to be up and running before he comes back to the states which is why he is currently busy and can’t do it through wire transfer. Regarding the other part of what he said, my knowledge with these stuff is limited so i’m not sure if he’s trying to rip me off or if what he is saying is legit.

I told him that i accept bank transfer, PayPal or even if he would like to do this through a freelancing platform. I also told him that since he doesn’t want to link his card with Paypal or any related online service, perhaps he might know any connection that will be able to do so.

What should i do here?

This is his second reply after my message.

He’s scamming you. Sorry. You have to be a lot more careful when you have your own site than you do on sites like Fiverr sometimes. Your buyer is essentially saying they can’t pay and they are trying to lure you into a very common kind of check fraud.

I’d just cut off all contact.


Agree with Henry.

Cut him off. Everything about this screams “SCAM”!!!


Thank you, i honestly never dealt with a situation like this so i wasn’t sure of what to do.

He was asking me to manage his website as well and the project scope included me taking care of the hosting. So i thought like if he is not going to pay, i won’t send him the website anyway. His budget was pretty high for a work like this so this sounded a bit fishy too.

Where did he find you?