Nag, Random Nastygram, Or More Pressure for TRS?

Note that if you lose TRS, it is now seemingly confirmed that it takes 3 months to regain it, based on some vague criteria.

I can’t tell if it’s a nag for all or a nastygram for me, as I had to cancel quite a few orders [2 obnoxious incomplete orders and someone I specifically told not to order, ordering, and one buyer sending me the wrong file for the job and refusing to update it] last week on top of the 3-star review, so it was, performance-wise, the worst week in years for me - and you’ll note the recurring theme there: bad buyers.

Anyway, have any other TRS had this message?


Yep, I have gotten it. I don’t think that is a coincidence, day after someone posted on the main forum, and two days after you contacted CS they come up with something like this. Quite frankly, it should be specific so we can know what are we going to be evaluated on.

What scares me the most is as I have used a couple of delivery extensions.

Who will judge the quality? In the creative field, that’s relative.


(I’ve just noticed the forum post on it, but nvm. Talk about it here!)

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I won’t lie, that part did flutter across my mind…

Perhaps there will be a new and fun Cleansing? Decimate the ranks just that lil bit more…

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Of course, it’s not a coincidence. In this case, all it likely means is that if you are messaging other sellers and outsourcing orders from your own clients, you might be given Das Boot.


Uncle Charles seems frightfully peturbed by these changes :thinking: (over on the forum)


Saw that. I just tried to stoke his fears a little. :slight_smile:

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Macbeth (not his real name, or indeed his Fiverr name) has just mentioned that it was a curious focus on TRS - It’s not like Fiverr’s going to say ‘(some) of our vetted Pros are a bit cheeky with the outsourcing, so we’re going to just do a bit of mass shaming instead’

I received it, too, but at the same time I’ve also been dealing with quite a lot of mistake orders that I’ve cancelled through CS :confused: What if it’s because of the cancellations? :eyes:

Yet they already know we have no control over all these mistake orders… they even told me countless times that cancellations are a part of any business, be it digital or IRL, and that they’ve heard us.

Probably they didn’t expect so many TRS… maybe they envisioned some 1-2 TRS per subcategory :eyes:

Well, there’s nothing in there specifically about cancellations, and it does place importance on managing your workflow (don’t have too many orders at once… except… sometimes one cannot control that, really, when all the limiting options seem to punish you?), so maaaybeeee the cancellations aren’t quite so bad? OTOH, of course, too many cancellations is bad. A 3-star review and 4 cancellations has put me firmly in tumbleweed town for now. I did get to catch up on a lot of housework today though, which was nice.


Really? I thought the whole vagueness of that email was very specific :smiley:

The beauty of vagueness is that you don’t really say anything, and people fill in the details with their own best hopes or worst fears. The forum thread is rather telling in that respect, perhaps…


So I’ll now have to change my delivery messages to regular buyers, too? I usually tell them “Here you go, X”, or just “Done!”

What if Fiverr thinks such a generic delivery message is not properly describing the delivery? :scream: I mean, the buyer already knows what they’re getting from me since it isn’t their first order.

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I am rather annoyingly having to ditch my template ‘go away’ response to 99% of inboxes and now write personalized ‘go away’ messages based on specifics, which is very tedious, but I don’t think delivery messages should be an issue. I have a stock QR for the initial delivery, then, with each order they become more personalized.

By which I mean I basically do what you do. LOL. They don’t care about the message! They want the work!


What?! :scream: The inbox is taken into consideration for TRS evaluation, too? I thought the email was all about deliveries :grimacing:

I have all sorts of skeletons hidden in my Inbox :smiley: :neutral_face: Basically similar “no thanks” or “go away” templates, each slightly customized to avoid making users angry :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it goes back to the ‘worst fears’ thing I mentioned - that’s the only chink in my armor (er, I think? :grimacing: )

I also got shouted at by someone yesterday for not just saying “NO” and for sending them a 'long sentence message to say no". I obviously sent him a 2 paragraph apology saying how sorry I was… while misspelling his name - just a harmless typo. It was very petty.

He didn’t explode with rage, which was a little disappointing, so I blocked him.


I always hate it when some user or meksel contacts me to ask me for stuff I don’t do, and when I refuse them politely they go all crazy angry about being impolite, like wth?!


User: I want this, give me offer now (note the lack of salutation, rude tone, etc.)
Me: Hi, unfortunately I don’t offer this service. For that you’ll have to search for “CATEGORY X” sellers.
User: that is irrespectable of you, I expected better from TRS.


I wish I could just tell them “What?! Go shut the front door!” :roll_eyes: They treat me like trash, I’m polite, they victimize themselves and I’m the problem?!

P.S. I hate how the internet turned some so many people into monsters :slightly_frowning_face:



Oh, the I expected better of people. I hate them.

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@Locusta, do you know anything about this?

It’s weird, and worrisome, too.

IDK, business as usual really, albeit incredibly slow.

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