My Worst & Best of Fiverr Platform


As a buyer, here are the things I really dislike about Fiverr:

  • Administrative/Transaction fees on any “Add-On” & on Tips

  • All the secret review - let it all be public or nothing, I don’t like doing a sneaky, only seen by 5r reviews

  • Not having a shopping cart, having 8 separate Fiverr transactions on my credit card

  • The pesky give your seller’s a tip at the end of every order

  • Having no privacy on what I order and from whom I order

  • Not knowing the credentials of their TRS & PRO sellers. It makes it hard for me to trust their “Handpicked by Fiverr!” bragging that comes up on survey questions. Why do I care if you handpicked someone? I don’t know your freaking process.

  • The fact that practically every seller have 5-star reviews. If you read the forum, #1 advice given to buyers - “Look for sellers with 5 :star: reviews!” as if it was some rare occurrence. :roll_eyes: It’s like looking for hay in a haystack - it’s everywhere. I never know who really is a 5-star seller!

The things I actually like about Fiverr:

  • The # 1 platform for micro-jobs with many talented sellers for me to pick and choose

  • I can get great quality work at fraction of the cost

  • I can find practically anything I want and at price ranges, granted it does require some research and time but better to have a big pool to choose from vice a little one

  • Quick, easy, slick design that makes it easy for me to search for what I want quickly.

  • The videos (play button) are just freaking awesome on voiceover/animation gigs - I can quickly find the gigs I like to save without having to click and enter every gig (not all platforms have this and this is an awesome feature on Fiverr - Bravo! :clap:)

So what are your best and worst feeling of the most famous micro job site: Fiverr!


Ugh… pff… so many things to say that my brain just freezes and can’t compute anymore :eyes:

So let’s take it slow and start with the worst as seen from my side of the boat (I’ll also number them in no specific order since there are many and your eyes might skip some of them if it was a bulleted list):

  1. illogical rules (e.g. double charged fees on separate orders or late added Extras, tip fees?!, being affected by cancellations you have no control over, like really?)

  2. taking feature / implementation decisions that don’t involve neither sellers nor buyers, leading to some ugly consequences/results and TONS of infinite chain reactions on the forum

  3. too much an exaggerated amount of spam at every step of the way (see buyer requests, gigs, forum, dark forums, etc.)

  4. the constant meksel inbox harassment, phishing & fraud attempts, order-based attacks, etc.

  5. lack of real-life features such as working hours & vacation periods (especially considering that Fiverr keeps being modeled around the idea of a real life business but without the actual real life features :smirk: ), AND not being able to choose your customers like in real life, being handcuffed and at the mercy of your dear buyers

  6. a spam-filled forum that has become rather useless - it once was a place to hang out, relax a bit, find news, engage with other sellers, now it’s a heavy self-promotion & spamming place :roll_eyes:

  7. not listening to its sellers & buyers (if a large mass of people say the same thing over and over for years, that must mean something! heck, even Apple started eventually listening to its users after a while)

  8. the hidden reviews, which make me feel like I’m playing Russian roulette on a daily basis

  9. not giving any real reasons for closing someone’s account, and refusing to ever give a reason

  10. living in fear on a monthly basis because the big verification period is knocking at your door, making your work life worse than in real life

  11. trying to get on the same line with customer support when they don’t actually read your ticket and instead look for keywords then throw a canned reply, and if you keep at it you’ll get another CS member to deal with, going back to the start and making it feel like deja-vu :dizzy_face:

  12. too many duplicate gigs, scam gigs, illegal gigs, heck, too many gigs that lead to option paralysis

  13. too many gigs that put an entire industry / niche in bad light because of the poor / low quality (sometimes even at similar costs)

  14. the horrendous English skills of some sellers & buyers that make the whole buying/selling experience really horrible or even impossible (Fiverr keeps saying it’s an international platform and English is required, yet nothing is done about that)

  15. the really poor Skills Tests, which are outdated, flawed, written in poor English or simply copied from some other website

  16. the poorly designed revision system, which lets a seller choose how many revisions they allow yet the buyer is free to request an infinite number of them (not to mention those buyers who request a revision just to say ‘thanks’ or ask a question :man_facepalming: )

  17. the poorly designed gig Quantity system, where if the buyer picks 100 items of your 2-day gig, you’ll be forced to deliver all 100 items in the same 2 days (how hard can it be to update the delivery time based on the quantity? come on! :roll_eyes: )

  18. the poorly designed instructions form - if your gig has Extra addons that require additional information, you have to clutter the form by putting optional instruction fields that buyers will either fill out even though they haven’t ordered those Extras, or not fill them out even if they did order those Extras, delaying the delivery because of misunderstandings (how hard can it be to show/hide additional instruction fields based on Extras ordered? :roll_eyes: )

  19. too many buyers not reading what they buy (OK, maybe they didn’t scroll to see the description, although they should have on larger orders, but not even reading the gig title is simply absurd - who goes out shopping random stuff with their eyes closed?! :man_facepalming: )

  20. having to deal with copycats who constantly steal your gig video, gig photos, gig description, gig title, and every other darn thing about you!

  21. the whole Fiverr paranoia with talking about their competitors or using simple words like “money”, “outside of”, “pay”, etc., yet nothing happens when others throw at you profane words :man_facepalming:

  22. too many users with multiple accounts who try to mangle the system (even with all the verification systems!)

  23. the degraded image created by so many low quality cheap sellers, and it feels like it’s constantly sinking towards the abyss of failure

  24. fear of getting sick because you’d have to enable Vacation Mode, which is known to destroy your rankings and your future sales, even fear of sleeping because who knows what might happen overnight (e.g. your account might be closed by mistake or for no reason as it happened to others before)

   25. and more, but this is starting to take too much of my day already :grimacing: :eyes:

The best, unfortunately, can be counted on your hand:

  • really prompt customer support (although probably only for specific sellers/buyers, like TRS, TRB, PRO, etc.)

  • no need for marketing skills to get some exposure and thus get clients

  • vast amount of great gigs to choose from

  • quicker to grab your earnings as opposed to real life

  • a great, quick way to make some extra cash on the side

There you have it! And I forced myself to stop before it would have become the next best-selling novel :eyes:

P.S. nope, I’m not complaining, just stating the obvious :wink:


Go on, say what you really mean!

But seriously, good post. I nodded my head for most of it. I think you should post it all on the Fiverr Forum under Bugs and Suggestions or whatever that category where we listen to you! (once every decade) is called.

I mean, I don’t think anyone official would take notice - least of all valiant community supervisor Matt who I consider responsible for the massive deterioration of the forum among other people (not the mod team, it must be said - their hands are somewhat tied) into a meksell paradise, but it could start off a nice debate.

That is, if it’s not quietly removed by a squadron of invisible flaggers who are shocked that you would dare besmirch the great company…

sigh Anyway, I think Raz wins this post!



Oh, and risk this :arrow_down: ?

True! Such a thread wouldn’t last a minute, and in that minute there would be a meksel telling me that no one is forcing me to stay and that I should close my account and make room for more newbies meksel, just like I’ve been told once by a meksel to use Vacation Mode more so that he has some chance at getting clients :scream:

It’s so fiery out there :crazy_face:

Well thank you!


Things I like:

  • I don’t need to write pitches to potential clients.


  • Two weeks wait period for clearing the funds;
  • Millions of bugs (lately, the “deliver” button is nowhere to be found);
  • Most of my messages are spam and clients just asking questions already answered;
  • It’s just India, Pakistan, India, Pakistan sellers spamming the :fire: out of me;
  • I’ve never made it to top-rated seller, been rejected for pro twice. However, there are many meksels selling Envato templates work at twice my cost and they are top rated. While in the pro sections there are a couple of 90’s comic sans style designers in my category.
  • In contrast to Upwork, there is no way for me to choose clients - only what F serves you. Although Upwork is the same now - the number of quality clients is a bare minimum. Haven’t scored a great sale in a while. It’s all job posts from Indian startups, which most probably outsource on different pages.
  • Every new feature is Upwork rip off made by Meksel. Honestly, Upwork is almost always praised for changes, while Fiverr never made a great sale.
  • It doesn’t matter that we are “mature” sellers.
  • Many clients who are bargain hunters and low balls.

Fiver’s community is starting to suck.


Seriously? :rofl:

What’s next, get yourself banned, or kill yourself, so that they get a chance to get clients?


Especially with their pilot program of serving you buyers who had bad prior experiences :roll_eyes:

It used to, in the past… now everyone is just as disposable.

They are taking over the whole digital world :pensive: And the real world, too, considering that my country is inviting thousands of them here to work.


I know, Romania has one of the largest worker shortages in Europe, among with Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and pretty much the entire region.

Yesterday we had a lecturer from Bulgaria. She told us that Bulgaria plans to “import” workers from Ukraine and Belarus. However, Romania inviting meksels is on a whole different level.

By the way, the biggest scam from foreign investors in Macedonia, was from an Indian billionaire. At the end he was jailed by the Indian government for various scams in India.


You know what the paradox is? Romanian people go abroad to work because employers don’t pay them enough and enslave them in multiple unofficial jobs with a low single-job salary, BUT then Romania invites people from India and other countries to work here, and the paradox of it is that the employers are willing to pay them what they weren’t willing to pay us, and if that wasn’t enough of a paradox, employers also give them lots of bonuses and advantages, but when it comes to our own people, the employers wouldn’t give a darn about us and would treat us like crap thus forcing us to go abroad :man_facepalming:



Darn, same here. Except we do not import any foreign workforce, yet!


Well, Razzy, how does it feel to get that off your chest with absolutely zero fear of being :black_flag: :white_flag: ! :slight_smile:

Let’s face it every platform has its problems but typically the "Leader of the Pack" get the brunt of it!

I typically only look at things from the buyer’s perspective since I’ve never sold anything on 5r so my post is just that!

I find the infiltration of Private Messages to be annoying as heck! If there is no profanity, rated x material or ugly talk about another member what reason does someone have to :eyes: & then take down thread?

All I can say is :skull_and_crossbones: :skull: !

Ya know, these folks make other reputable, honest sellers that much harder to get orders or even be trusted by buyers from Europe & USA.

I mean, take a look at OllyDave, he does a phenomenal job - everything from scratch - a true, honest businessman working for a living. There would be several people who would be hesitant just because of his country of origin and the bad reputation that is marked by the few that do dishonest things.

It’s a shame that the rotten :green_apple: always float to the top & gets noticed before the good :apple: in a barrel!


So true :frowning:

Similarly, I received so much spam, scam attempts, profanity and whatnot from people of specific countries that I, as a seller, have become wary about buyers from those countries - I question them, sometimes I question the heck out of them just to make sure they’re a legit buyer and not another attack like most of my previous experiences with people from those countries - it’s time consuming, it’s disheartening, and usually ends up in CS cancellations (read: dodged bullets) - but once in a while (months, even years) I get a genuine buyer from those countries who is honest, who is a pleasure to work with, who restores my faith in humanity for a few days at most until the next rotten :green_apple: comes.

Weird, I rarely write such long paragraphs :sweat_smile: