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Yes, that is the phenomenon I was too lazy too look up! Having only seen one (forced, by school, for bad behavior - playing up in class out of boredom was the basic reason), I don’t plan to see one in my adult life as they seem to be singularly useless to me. Good for plot devices and a cottage industry though, so whatever.

I fear this is only going to get worse. On the other hand, narcissists tend to make for terrible parents, so in the next decade or so we may be able to look forward to a backlash. This does not account for the fact that we are now truly in the age of the iPad babies as adults generation, so we are all just going to have to grin and bear it until our alien overlords turn life into a dystopian Hollywood film for real.

Perhaps we’re already there. Perhaps we were always there and we’re getting old. Either way, life is traumatic enough without having an “expert” stick a moldy oar in the mind.


The backlash will be severe. There are several linguistic traits and emotional behaviors which if not learned early, can never be learned at all. You basically have a period when the brain is a sponge for information and new experiences, followed by longer adult lives where the emotional behaviors you learned are largely fixed and run as the software your brain uses to operate for the rest of your life.

These days, most kids are conditioned to expect instant gratification from Daddy Google. Empathy doesn’t exist anymore. Everything is about the individual, and actual intellect and an ability to reason is completely out the window. This is why I either won’t have kids or if I do, have them as far away from the Western world and the nearest cell tower as possible.

Preferably somewhere like here:


Ooh purdy. Bet it’s cold in winter though. I can see myself at the top of that tower (either one) with a roaring fireplace writing a 500-word blog post about ketosis, looking out the window into the beautiful, desolate landscape and wondering what I am doing with my life, as this looks more like a place to write a world-changing political manifesto chiding the civilized world for being a bit rubbish.

It’s half-romantic - I can settle. Also, in the summer, that’s perfect grounds for running around singing the hiiiiiiills are alive… (It’s Georgia, isn’t it) in moments of fancy.

Crete isn’t so far off that mind! Still, we’re all here for the show anyway, so let it roll.


Apparently, you can get there for less than $50 in a day from Tiblisi. (Yes, it’s Georgia).

My current dream is to knock the freelancing down to a bare minimum and grow marijuana. It’s legal in Georgia and will be in the EU soon. One can only imagine how big the potential profits will be. I’ll also be able to grow my crop organically and sell it for cheaper than the bigger distributors. (I’d probably target the CBD oil market rather than smokers.)

After setting up my legal Georgian marijuana farm, it would just be a case of sitting on top of my own fortified lookout tower, picking of Western millennial new age stoners trying to steal my crop with an authentic Georgian bow and arrow.

Alas, it is but a dream…


Hm, this is a good dream - and the beginning of many stories - but I’d also be considering the locals. At least where I am, even today, the locals don’t like it very much when Johnny Foreigner comes along and “takes all their business” (even if your business is nothing like theirs; it’s generic idiot xenophobia) and can “take actions” illegally to ruin you. I’ve seen it once and heard or it more times. It’s rare, but not unknown. So, I would be the dull one to add “find a local business partner to appease those guys” which may or may not exist in the hilly, tower-covered romantic landscape.

OTOH, you could just charge them $5 a pop to shoot the wildlife and overlook the YouTubers up the hills :wink: The bad PR would naturally be good if you play your PR cards right!


Same here. Here they also drive people to bankruptcy. There was a Hungarian guy set up a bar in my village. Everyone welcomed him. However, the silent campaign started to kill him with kindnss, while literally standing outside to steer his customers away. Now he’s not allowed to leave until he pays off a massive debt.

That said, all such problems can be easily avoided if you marry a local. All I’ll have to do to put my cunning plan into action is start showering a little less frequently. (At least that’s what I’m taking from the current weird news thread.) :wink:


The marrying a local trick and making him/her the boss works a treat, probably globally. The one business I saw ruined here was just from one family who were stuck in the past (aka German business owner, Cretan family, WWII memories not forgotten). But still, she left and had more success on another island without that :poop: going on.

The other business was a supermarket (we have too many, it’s a tourist place) and that strategy was more or less red tape here, there, and everywhere. They folded and went to work for a (Greek-owned) supermarket after a few years as everyone was very nice, but unfortunately too many little things happened that only happened to them.

All of the successful businesses run here by a foreigner (largely) are owned by a Greek, with the foreigner as the front-facing tourist person. Germans are prefered for their inherent Germanic abilities and aptitude for language-learning… unless, of course, you’re still irate about WWII.

You don’t even really need to marry, you just need to make sure that the community understands who the boss is (not you, obv). Perhaps Georgia is a bit more enlightened there, but it’s not really that different anywhere in the world, I don’t think - and having seen how the Pakistani migrants are treated (they’re from Kashmir, so could also be India), there’s definitely a “good” migrant and “evil” migrant system in place.

Which is a shame, really. Mind you, most of our Kashmiris ran off to Germany when Angela flung the doors open, so there’s a healthy selection of men from Chad and Nigeria now. They really all do stay out of sight in way that no Eastern European immigrant would, and in ways that the “rich” ones wouldn’t dream of.

Think about it - we can marry a local without any problems - can they?


It is legal to massively produce marijuana here in Macedonia too, however, just for “medical” purposes. There is a law, which has some stupid rules about either doing it in a basement with hydroponics or in a field protected by walls taller than 3 meters.

There is only once company that can buy your crops, and it’s the largest pharma company here. It’s a monopsony.

I don’t know if it is a good business to start here though. Although, I had discussed it with a friend. It is very easy here to get a UN grant for starting agricultural businesses…


Naturally. I mean you wouldn’t wouldn’t want any of that marijuana escaping and robbing a bank, would you? :slight_smile:

The medical deal is pretty much the same everywhere. I don’t like that, as while anyone who says that their emotional support goose is has a headache can get a bag of smokeable buds, they purposefully kill off all the actual health benefits when they refine marijuana into things like CBD oil.

I think the marijuana business will be the next Bitcoin-like investment opportunity. I actually don’t agree with legalization but it is coming. (Let the people eat weed and you’ll have less riots in places like Paris.) There are also already a lot of people who have made a killing investing in medical and recreational marijuana startups where marijuana has already been legalized.

The trick is figuring out how to actually get your foot in the door of the whole scene.


Heyyy! That’s funny!

Reminds me of the time Papostratos (Greece’s big tobacco company, a subsidiary of Phillip Morris) donated some kind of e-cig machine to the Greek customs. I don’t know if it was the fact a lot of people were switching to e-cigs and getting their juice cheaper from abroad, or if it was the fact that they were launching their own line of hybrid product(s)…

Such corruption… in any case, if Macedonia is much like Greece, you should be fine, but don’t step on the big boy’s profits :slight_smile: So no marijuana. They’re gonna take those profits by hook or by crook.

It really annoys me that nobody really cares about just how bad it is everywhere. These people don’t need more money!

I googled emotional support goose and discovered Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt:

That is not a respectful name :frowning: Nor is that red shirt that was clearly not designed for geese.


I think it is more like a barrier so few people can invest in this business. It’s so darn expensive, and if you are nobody, god knows if you are going to get your compensation from the only buyer.

True, I have read a book named “Narconomics” it had some fascinating facts about the marijuana industry in Denver.

If you are talking about tobacco, the Greeks are getting it from Gevgelija (it’s a town on the border). Smugglers buy the cigarettes for 1.5 Euros in Macedonia, and resell it for 3-4E a pack in Greece. It’s a big business.

There was on the news that on Bogorodica/Evzoni (the border crossing) - the customs officials started searching cars for cigarettes.

If you were talking about marijuana, Kosovo is the kingdom!

Far worse than Greece.


Electronic cigarettes and accessories (juice, atomizers, mods, etc), not tobacco or marijuana. I can believe that there are smuggling rings across the border though! The price for cigarettes went up a lot after the euro was introduced, and since the economic crisis they’ve just gone up even higher - yet all that money goes to the banks, not the people.

I would argue that all nations are corrupt, it’s just that some is more obvious than others. I don’t really know anything about Macedonian politics (other than the name BS) to say much, though.


Monty Python and Mr. Bean crossover on steroids - that’s what Macedonian politics are.


Mr Bean is super-popular in this part of the world, I’ve noticed!


This guy is a MP, now a presidential candidate from the Gypsy Party. In this video he explains how he is discriminated because he is black and Muslim. This is the first time for me to hear that the gypsy where black.

Once he said he was as popular brand as Coca Cola is.