My Potential TOS Warning - Link Below

I’m having a nightmare time at the moment. You can read why by clicking here:

I’m not super confident that I can survive this. I’ve read too many posts on the main forum which follow the exact same scenario. i.e. A buyer reaches out to CS to request that a review is changed (not a seller) and a TOS warning follows.

If that happens here (or worse) I’m going to throw a mega tantrum. In this case, fingers crossed I don’t have to.

Ugh on multiple levels…

I hope at least Fiverr is consistent about this kind of stuff wrt to buyers v sellers, because otherwise…

You might want to consider messaging Pete if this really does go south. However, that comes with all its own issues.

Either way, the buyer is a class A basshat. You could nobble them for off-platform contact, but then again. So - ugh, on multiple levels. I see a meksell is giving you wonderful advice, too :slight_smile:


Hey! What gives @RegiAdd. My reply to Andy was just hidden. I was told that it had to be reviewed? I do not believe there was anything bad. Unless I made a typo! :thinking:

Now I am getting paranoid. :scream:

But then I did say, “Shame on Fiverr.”

I’ve had some weird messages from this forum today - I imagine it’s just a temporary bug or somethng. Unless you mean the Fiverr platform?

I need to go to bed… but if that thread evolves into soon-to-be-deleted popcorn, I wanna stay up to see it. Decisions, decisions.

I don’t have time to help it turn into popcorn. I’ve got a solid 8-hours of work still to go. This is what I hate about this :poop:. One person with an ego convinces themselves that because they didn’t get the red carpet rolled out for $20, they can try and wreck someone’s career.

His Linkedin Bio says it all:

EDIT: Removed in case of privacy concerns.

I’m also firmly of the opinion that Mr. Neurosurgeon has tried to reach me on Linkedin to order more work, after finding that he cannot order from me on Fiverr.

It’s just like a sick joke really. I’m screwed if I do contact CS and likely screwed if I don’t. Thankfully, I have prepared for a situation like this.

If Fiverr punishes you for giving your honest feedback then shame on them.

I admit though that I gave a buyer a 3 who should of had a1 of fear of retribution. :confused:

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for Lily

I dunno, :woman_shrugging: it’s been happening quite a bit lately. I’ll have to look at the setting this weekend.

That’s nutty. The guy stalked you onto LinkedIn and thought you’d accept? What’s wrong with people these days? Creepy!

That newbie giving you advice is kinda suspicious - I can’t put my finger on it, though. :thinking:


This is actually the 4th or 5th time bad buyers have done this. Refuse a project, find me on Linkedin, unhappy that I won’t provide FOC revisions or discount an order price? Find me on Linkedin.

They’re either bots or Fiverr’s latest attempt at relationship management. - At least that’s how they look to me.

I actually do not, unless someone points out something. Most of the people I knew are gone except for a handful. It’s not the fun, exciting place it used to be when I first joined back 4 or 5 years ago.

LOL :laughing: wouldn’t surprise me!

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Well, so far I’ve survived. See my updated post on 5r if you are interested.

Sadly, I have not got rid of the increasingly crazy buyer themselves yet.

I may need to use black magic…:smiling_imp:

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I do hope you can get this sorted!

Bearing in mind how easily some buyers are able to track you down, would there be any benefit in asking G to make this thread private or something do you think? I know it goes against the idea of free speech etc. but I’d hate for anyone to be able to use your discussions here against you in any way, or indeed give them more ammunition to get upset with you, or find another avenue to contact you in a negative way.

Just until you get it all sorted out. :sun_with_face:

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I shook my head so many times reading it that I started feeling dizzy…
I cant believe fiverr has actually become a :poop: land… Sigh

Neways, Hope it gets sorted out.
Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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I edited the bits out just now, which I guess you might be talking about. - The thing is, if I meretriciously record everything, what’s to say somebody else isn’t too? :wink:

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Have you checked his Fiverr profile and what it says?

Not a meksell… A very confrontational and unpleasant (at least on the forum) buyer who claims to have friends in CS, friends who do what he tells them to, or something like that.

That public profile is, frankly, disturbing, and yet another red flag that indicates that this is not simply a buyer and a bad experience, but someone who is… well, practicing what he preaches, or something very similar to that. Is that new? I don’t, admittedly, usually read profiles as they’re usually pretty boring “hi I’m blah” things.

(I did post earlier on a potential CS messge but it got caught up in the same issue as @glacierlily’s but let me just tag that onto the potential CS complaint when Reggie gets around to it)

I’ve not really been on the FF too much lately - too many meksells/same thread, different day posts that I can’t join in, so… eh. But confrontational, unpleasant, and with half a tongue up its corporate master? My, how the forum has evolved since all the good posters were (in)voluntarily ejected :slight_smile:

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Me neither. I’m not selling on Fiverr at the moment, and hanging out with nice and interesting people on the forum has been difficult for a while, for obvious reasons.


EDIT I wrote this message earlier but it got caught up in that weird block thing…

Looking at how today’s MR ANGRY wrote to CS yesterday (over on the other forum) - the screenshots were a revelation. Could there be any more of a cack-handed way to say “I have been harmed by a loophole in your system and I am upset - can you help me to resolve this situation?”

I’m wondering if, instead of tackling the review part, you start with a polite message that tackles the unblocking issue, before running into the original why you blocked them, then revealing their further terrible conduct, then pointing out that the seller wa violating ABC in the TOS (off the top of my head: external contact, threatening/manipulative behavior, and feedback manipulation) then wrap it up?

This would move the problematic feedback down to the bottom of your complaint, while also highlighting other problematic behavior from the buyer along with Fiverr “bugs” that are causing you great distress as a longstanding etc.

You could also leverage the systematic discrepancy of your feedback msg being highlighted while their merry-go-round of bad behavior has barely been curtailed, causing you additional stress on top of what was already causing you stress. You may want to highlight that they are stalking you, too.

The bio really did say it all - how odd, that someone of his profession should specialize in inflicting it on others. But still, there is one good saying about people who pick that profession in the first place! All of this assumes that you may consider writing to CS if Captain Crazy continues on his mission, but that’s how I would tackle it. It’s all a bit of a crapshoot though.

I still haven’t forgotten the time I got called a “sub-African monkey” (in Greek) by an inboxer because I refused to talk to them in Greek. They’re still on the platform. I wasn’t even angry at their insult, but it was worth reporting.

So, IDK. Maybe not worth bothering at all, but given his continued harrassing/stalkeryness, I’d want to get my own version of events in as well. I mean, come on - he got a bad review. As any seller whining on the forum would get today: “deal with it, bitch”.


The harassing / stalkeryness is bothersome. The buyers profile and apparent linkedin profile keep going through some pretty huge overhauls. One minute he’s an eco-warrior, the next he’s a brainsurgeon, the next he’s a lead writer for some project or other.

I’ve since received messages complaining that the article I delivered was littered with spelling mistakes. If this were true, it would justify the part of my review which said “you can’t possibly have read your article.” My behavior also apparently reflects very poorly on me blah blah.

I’m not responding. But I am double bolting the front door from now on.


Such a shame that unlike you he speaks 8 languages fluently - including English - so he can hit you with that particular Language Gold Star Expert stick (one of mine, who couldn’t in the observable language).

I maintain my point that his bio (ALL of them) is eerily prescient for all the wrong reasons. Does anyone use the “your behavior reflects very poorly on you” trick outside of school teachers, psychologists, deranged megalomaniacs, and abusive partners?

If the first para isn’t clear, I’m refering to a specific buyer personality type who suddenly transforms into a Grammar Expert; my withering contempt ran ahead of me.

They do say that psychologists have more personality disorders in comparison to members of the wider public. :slight_smile:

While speculative, it may be suggested that narcissistic traits include some important factors in motivating individuals to choose to enter the mental health care profession. In a psychotherapeutic relationship, the ability to influence and understand another person’s psyche may include features of “narcissistic gratification”.

Generally, this is quite scary if you think about it. It means that if you do see a shrink, you are potentially offering yourself up to them as a sacrificial psychological punch bag. This is why I no longer talk to mine. :wink:

Of course, the real problem is the increasing pervasiveness of narcissism in society as a whole, especially when it comes to the Internet.